New Moon in Capricorn –Do You Really Know Enough to Worry About?

New Moon in Capricorn –Do You Really Know Enough to Worry About?

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon occurs at 7° Capricorn and connect with Mercury, in conjunction by retrograde, either late late the 28th or very early the 29th, and it is, let’s say, an imaginative, sort of dreamy, if not philosophical, way to bid farewell to the year of 2016.

Mercury is the trickster, a messenger of the gods, a conduit to each and every realm or world, welcome everywhere and loved by few, a god of many masks.

This New Moon event is initiating in energy, as Capricorn is cardinal in nature, however the moon is not comfortable in Capricorn, and with such a tight connection to Mercury in retrograde... your initiations may be met with, or created by, anxiety or worry. This type of initiated movement could be helpful in some ways, productive ways or mechanical means, as, it is movement, after all. Still, worry and anxiety are often impacted heavily, overall, by a largely inadequate amount of information, further, misinformation, yes?

What’s the use of worrying over something you know so little about? Furthermore, what’s the use of worrying... at all?

Try to imagine how Capricorn regards a useless waste of time.

Seriously. Ponder this...

Capricorn finds it outright criminal.

When the moon is in Capricorn, though, despite an uncomfortable feeling, especially natally***, one tends to have more control on one’s feelings. And this would be to your advantage now.

Allow this.

Allow whatever may come or go, whatever may fall or land; allow, and keep your wits about you.

Most, most, most importantly-- keep your wits. Keep your cool.

Reflect back on everything after several days, maybe, when the moon rolls around to Pisces, and save any action necessary for an Aries moon, more appropriately, if at all.

Also, and I only recently heard Mercury referred to in this specific archetypal manner, but Mercury, being the trickster and prankster he is, has been accredited to-- or held responsible for- taking your dreams away upon waking. Isn’t that a clever way to think of it? And it’s only appropriate to consider your dreams would be more detailed, more animated, more illusory, more outspoken-- more more more- when a new moon falls so tightly conjunct a retrograded Mercury!?

Try making a deal with the trickster then, make some sort of arrangement in order to remember these dreams you dream, as they may be a very reassuring, and interestingly essential, detail to you now.

In an effort to save time, let’s say *wink*

Establish now a relationship with your dreams, if you haven’t already, and never suffer from boredom ever again.

What’s more interesting, if you delve a little deeper still, is the connection to a loosely conjunct Mars/Neptune in Pisces by sextile.


Mars in Pisces prefers rather to reflect than get-up-and-go, and Neptune here is glorious in symbolism and illusion, begging to know what’s real, what’s not, and what’s just in your head or heart. So, my two cents would argue that, again, sleeping on it would be your best bet when faced with an urge to act-- on anything.

And by delving a little deeper still, you find that both of these connections connect, too, to the North Node.

Remember that the North Node, symbolically, directs the way. And that way, right now, is Virgoan. And what does Virgo do best? (Well, everything... but) worrying is up there, so, again, worry not, as that’s a shadowy underside of Virgo.

Virgo shines brightly when details are shared, collected, or found, and, I’m feeling really drawn to the idea that you can approach your worries by asking your questions and finding your answers through your dreams.

In connecting all the dots and reading all the signs, there simply isn’t enough actual information yet to worry.

So, unless you know the smallest, most inconspicuous details...

Sleep on it. And sleep well. And dream sweetly, it’s in the stars.

*December 29th 2:53am EST; 1:53am CST; December 28th 12:53pm MST; 11:53pm PST

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