Venus in Pisces Transit – “Love is Love is Love is Love…”

Venus in Pisces Transit – “Love is Love is Love is Love…”

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus in Pisces Transit

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She will take a swan dive into the transcendent watery depths of compassion, sensitivity, and empathy, and will swim like a fish until February 3rd, backstroking through boundaries and stigmas and holding her breath under water while absorbing each and every feeling being felt by each and every other human around you...

Do you feel this shift?

Maybe you’re feeling this by feeling more ’in tune’ with your own feelings? Or noticing those of another, being ’in tune’ to him/her? It’s normal to romanticize things now. It’s normal now, too, to be, or feel, emotionally open, available, or vulnerable. You want to feel.

You may be more willing to widen your parameters of acceptance in terms of others, and what they consider "baggage" to be. More willing to absorb, understand, or even••• empathize.

You may be more willing, through January, to feel beyond your own feelings, and to feel the deep and bottomless and very very real feelings of someone else. Allow this. If anything, you’ll learn something; something about him/her, maybe even something magical about yourself.

Most importantly, you’ll learn something about... I’m gonna take a stab here, and go out on a limb, and suggest that you’ll learn a little something about exactly what you’re in need of knowing.

And you simply cannot learn this on your own.

You’ve got to learn this one through the feelings of someone else.

It may seem as though Venus is chasing after Mars, at 11° Pisces, just past Neptune now, however, Mars and Venus will not connect until October 5th, at 19° Virgo; this will be a year of eliminations, opening up endless opportunities for variety in experiences and an openness to emotions you couldn’t imagine, even in your most imaginative dreams.

And this is when Venus learns the most...

The last time Venus was in Pisces was from March 12th to April 6th of 2016, opposing Jupiter in Virgo much of that time.

Think back to last Spring... what were your intuitions at that time?

I wrote a post at that time, insisting that when Venus is in Pisces, "love is love is love is love..."

Allow me remind my own words from this post•••

"It is in Pisces, where Venus’ love has an ability to transcend all saturnine limitations and can be found in the most beautiful ways, in a most ethereal kind of way.

Venus in Pisces gives us those moments where we cannot explain, but only feel. Those moments when, otherwise, you may not even believe it yourself. It is in these moments that we experience a new reality, even possibly within only several holy moments... and if no one else can believe it, pity is reserved.

This is a very auspicious time for artistic endeavors, as Venus represents all things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, the arts, music, and passion in these pursuits.

Because Neptune is found in Pisces, any artistic pursuits should have an added touch of imagination, inspired by the ideal.

Venus also represents romance and in Pisces, with Jupiter as a traditional ruler, going above and beyond in the most ridiculously bold and flamboyant ways and Neptune as a modern ruler, with only the ideal envisioned through a smokescreen of allusion-- who could argue that Pisces isn’t a romantic at heart?

As I’ve mentioned-- Venus loves being in Pisces.

Despite how normally un-romantic you may consider yourself to be, you may now find yourself a little curious of what you may be missing.

You may have glittery visions of love for all the wrong reasons, or hold faith in some otherwise unlikely scenario of love, unprecedented in every way though you overlook all of this and harbor hope for that Sleeping Beauty moment; that Sleepless in Seattle moment... only to wake up-- or, with Aries, be awoken rather rudely- with an abrasiveness better left to sheep herding when Venus moves in to Aries next month.

It was only just a dream? It may very well feel this way.

Ahh, but isn’t that what we’re all living for? The dream?

Venus in Pisces is like a muse; embrace it, chase it. But do question whether its foundations are solid.

The smokescreen is tricky, as the lens of a camera; we may only be able to see what we want to see now rather than seeing clearly, and thinking rationally, and feeling sustained.

Or, you may realize that you were loving deeply from afar, though nothing "real" had ever "happened". Is this time wasted? Yes, but no.

Red flags and vital flaws are almost guaranteed now. But Venus in Pisces loves on, for the sake of love; because love is love is love is love.

However, allow me to remind you once more, when Venus moves in to Aries, do not be too disappointed if the red flags appear loudly with trumpets blaring; you’ll see all too clearly all of the details you missed, looked over, or simply ignored.

Because you were looking for the ideal, and seeing the ideal in everyone and in everything.

Because love is love is love is love.

No one will judge you for these oversights, or shouldn’t. Love, in Pisces, is unconditional. And if you know this before you gallantly walk in to the Neptunian fog of Piscean smokescreen, then bless you for venturing in love.

It takes a lot of courage to love on love alone.”

...ah, I remember exactly where I was when I wrote that post, exactly how I felt... that’s Venus in Pisces-- it strikes you, like a rush of blood to the head or the way freezing water wakes you up when you dive in to it without thinking about it first...

Maybe you’ll receive flashbacks now from memories of last spring, or maybe you’ll pick up something where you left off? Either way, the memories you make now, and for the rest of the month, will be held in your heart for many moons... so choose your romances wisely, whether they’re with film, poetry, lovers, hot springs, music, or friends, the allure will wear off and what remains is true, and can then be fully trusted.

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