Cancer Full Moon, Wolf’s Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross

Cancer Full Moon, Wolf’s Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross

By Jamie VanZuuk

January 2017 Astrology

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The Full Moon occurred this morning before dawn on the west coast, at 22° Cancer, and falling in to place just so with Jupiter and Uranus to create a grand cross of cardinality.

Remember, cardinal energies need to initiate, begin, and a restlessness to change the scenery.

What’s more, is that this is the first full moon of the year, the wolf’s moon, and the synchronizations occurring still tonight are seriously...


Just wow.

Let me tell you-- this event had me tied up in a lobster trap four ways from sideways last night and much of today, forcing me to acknowledge some of the squishy feelings I was saving for another day.... many days away. (And this is why I was unable to post before the Full Moon, as I usually do.)

Please forgive me, and allow me to assist in reflection.

This Full Moon is still very, very intensely intact.

Trust me.

If you’re not feeling anything, I would trust that to mean that you’re exactly as you need to be, exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing.

If not-- you’re feeling this first Full Moon. Big time.

Another tidbit-- this Full Moon is insanely overwhelmed by the number 22, as in 22 degrees; the sun, the moon, Jupiter and Saturn were all at exactly 22° in their respective signs this morning at the time of the event.

Wow. Crazy, right? Does 22 mean anything to you? Think...

To look deeper, I find that the keywords associated with these degrees, assigned by Marc Edmund Jones, are curious, as always, and are as follows: expediency and recognition, (the sun), equanimity and criticism (the moon), solicitude and fervor (Jupiter), and seclusion and entrance (Saturn).

Curious, yes!?

Equanimity, as per, means to possess both a "mental and emotional stability, or composure, especially when under tension or strain". This word illicits a calm before a storm, a balance.

Fervor, again, from the words of, means to have a "great warmth of feeling". A seriousness of intention.

I’m pretty sure the other keywords explain themselves. And I realize that I’m being a bit literal, but, sometimes, that’s just the way it is.

What I need you to take away from these words is that, even since the Neolithic Age, humans have been referring to this full moon of the year, as it is, in essence, a hinge between the last year unto the new year-- as the Wolf’s Moon because Diana, Greek goddess of the moon, who kept the company of wolves, as they were/are nocturnal creatures, living their days by the light of the moon, connects itself to an idea of confrontation, as wolves are either howling offensively or defensively; and either way- a confrontation is inevitable now.

Allow me to remind you that both cardinal energies AND grand cross aspects in the skies represent confrontations.

This confrontation in particular will be one-- or, has been one, to remember; will effectively put you in your place; could incite intention; should be a new beginning, set apart from an old way that you’ve more than outgrown.

Many Native American legends consider wolves to be medicinal, associated with courage and strength, and success.

And it may just be a little bit of courage that’s needed to pull you up from the doldrums to face your own demons, to demonstrate balance, to confront yourself, to intend will, seriously, to your own intentions.

Because this event centers around Cancer, the mother, all prominently placed connections with women, and the feminine energies abound are of highest importance. With this, too, family, the way family nurtures, how you find nurturance, as well as how you nurture, are all themes. Your home and living space, how you seek security, how you feel safe, these too are critical now. Emotions are high now and memories, extra nostalgic. You see clearly that you are at a dramatic crossroads with closures and entrances all over. Which way do you go? Because you’re being pulled in four or more directions, yes!? Such is a grand cross...

Should you stay here or go from there?

All of your vulnerabilities now truly do want to harden. These weaknesses are where the light will get in. Sometimes, even healing hurts. And that’s OK. Allow it.

Because during this Full Moon we must remember that weakness is acceptable, that we only ever have "now", and that everything is occurring exactly according to plan.

It is also important to ask yourself the following:

What inspires me? Do I inspire others? This is the fire.

What motivates me? Do I motivate others? This is the air.

What foundations in my life am I relying on? What is my plan of action if these foundations crumble, inevitably? This is the earth.

What nurtures me? In what ways do I offer nurturing, nourishment, or security for others? This is the water.

As Saturn is part of all this activity by way of degree, know that your feelings are vulnerable now. And fair game to all, for all.

Expect disappointments... or, and this is a theory of mine, expect nothing, and avoid disappointment altogether. This allows you the much-needed time to allow-- to allow for new, for love, for acceptance, for forgiveness. Just allow.

If you just allow, a balance can more efficiently be found.

Find your center. Find your foundations. And then do yourself a huge favor and take neither of these for granted, as one day, they too will change, and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.

These cardinal energies are preparing you, redirecting you, challenging you, and ultimately, connecting what needs to be reunited, reconciled, or reflected upon.

Through this confusion, and inevitable confrontation, howl like a wolf, in that by simply stopping, processing, and asking for what you need, so shall you receive.

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