Astrology Forecast for the Rest of January – It’s Time to Treat Yourself

Astrology Forecast for the rest of January – It’s Time to Treat Yourself

By Jamie VanZuuk

January 2017 Astrology

The Virgoan moon opposes the Piscean activity that has, and will continue to, gently demand you actively participate in healing hurts, mending old wounds finally, and to confront anything you’ve repressed. This process, despite how truly painful it is, will continue to be, and will always be, is to your truest advantage.

You have the celestial comforts of Neptune, in Pisces it is his natural and preferred placement; Venus truly shines here in regard to love, healing, tenderness, and delicacies supporting an ability to feel through grief, resentments, and pain; Chiron has been here for some time and has been really burrowing through some of the issues and memories we tend to put out of our mind for the sake of our mental health because they are simply to painful to embrace... when, if we only processed these things immediately, slowly, and truly, we wouldn’t need to repress. At all.

Easier said than done, yes?

And Pallas Athene is here, too. Pallas in Pisces represents the healthy need for spirituality, dreams and the unreal, as well as everything linked to healing.

Pallas and Chiron are also currently opposing the North Node, which suggests that, if only you’re willing to work with yourself at this time, ultimately, a path will be provided, and therefore direction, comforts, and faith.

Take this time to treat yourself. To sit with yourself before moving too quickly forward.

And because Mars will remain in Pisces for two more weeks before charging boldly forth in Aries, it’s a prime opportunity to truly utilize this time to think, feel, and dream as Mars here is dropped to his knees and debilitated in effectiveness toward actual, physical pursuits but rather courageously charge forth through those dreamy details, the stuff that makes the stuff we cannot touch, and the layers of our memories long forgotten.

This week looks to be much more productive in getting to the heart and depths of your hurts, whereas, whether you actively confront these things in yourself or not, next week will find you forced to do so, as Saturn squares both Mars and Venus. Better to squeeze your eyes shut even and hope for the best as you stand up to yourself and brave what comes to you than continuing to run away.

Remember, your dreams may tell you much through these transitions. And meditation. And prayer, whatever that means to you; be it down on your knees, circling a bonfire, going to confession, or asking spirit to guide you under the wise moonlight.

It is so essential now to uncover some of these ugly truths about yourself now before the instant propellant of Mars moving in to Aries January 28th, which is the day directly after the New Moon in Aquarius, the first New Moon on the year.

Start your new year on a fresh, clean note. No baggage.

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