Weekly Horoscope: January 23rd – January 29th Major Aspects

Weekly Horoscopes

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This week major aspects are:

Mercury sextile Neptune - MONDAY, January 23rd
Moon square Mars - TUESDAY, January 24th
Venus conjunct Chiron - WEDNESDAY, January 25th
Venus quincunx Jupiter – THURSDAY, January 26th
Venus square Saturn - FRIDAY, January 27th
Mars enters Aries – SATURDAY, January 28th
Mercury conjunct Pluto –SUNDAY, January 29th

Monday: January 23rd

Moon in Sagittarius

Today’s astrological theme we have the moon in the constellation of Sagittarius. The moon in Sagittarius when it enters this sign we give a quick and alert personality, a love to seek someone that will to spend time with. The Moon will spend it’s two days here in the sign of Sagittarius you and everyone around you will find out the current trends happening in the world through travel, Sagittarius is the sign at times you will seek philosophical thought. Sagitarrius is out of the 12 signs the zodiac of the free spirit, your goals may be around groups and you will find it hard to only stay in one place. Sagittarius moon is fond of travel to foreign countries, a fond of animals especially horses, the study of law, philosophies, science occultism. Your need to seek given answers given that Sagittarius is also analogous to the 9th house relates to your higher wisdom and philosophies. You have a strong sense of optimism, good humor, and your the jovial of the sign.

Mercury sextile Neptune.

Astrotype: "A New Vision Into Manifestation."

Mercury 10 degrees in Capricorn and Neptune in 10 degrees of Pisces.

Mercury planet of communication, ideas, thoughts, and intellect makes a supportive angle to planet Neptune. This is a time to be open to discussions where imagination and creative work is being expressed this also a period in time where you are more adept in communicating in a mystical or in a sort of mythological way of expressing yourself. You could choose this day to get into mediumship, or spirituality, the interest to teach about the occult arts and sciences is most important to you now.

Where one can develop our spiritual aspirations and continue keeping in touch with either groups of people. This aspect and astrological phase is where the vibrations passing through you and may play an important role in the land you are in, this is also good aspect involving both planets Mercury and Neptune of finding any possibility into the mystical, the poetic, and arts do show signs of great genius, and lightness of humor cultivating in to his/her life. You have a sensitivity to tap into and grant access into the understanding of your own subconscious mind. Therefore, to harness this ability is bringing about ideas that can be manifested during this time. Your mind will bring an understanding of the unity and into the world of clairvoyance, the world of the mystics, intuition, the mysteries of life and the world of dreams and magic. Your imagination has the ability to tap into the unseen, the dream world. You will arrive with great peace and serenity sometimes bringing all the forces into manifestation for you and any subjects such as metaphysics, astrology, or such occult and mystical visions arrive quite powerfully.

The sign of Mercury and Neptune today does run very smoothly causing the mind to have some very pleasant ideas and connection to higher source, in some cases even a humorous period in time while this aspect is in operation..one is able to make of this time to communicate with thoughts and words to enchant your subjects (viewers) whoever comes to know you.. your understanding with words fancy a lot of your people... you may integrate this Mercury element with all things mercurial you may learn a new language, you may take a new course of study to better understand what speciafically is your entourage feeling.. you will put a great amount of use these specific energies to build up and bring them into someone else’s life, and make them into reality by bringing your rational, logical and conscious communication in your practical day-to-day implementation. You are more open to this Neptune energy which in astrology it has always symbolized clairvoyance and mediumship and mercury will give the mind it’s quickness, also an ingenious and fertility of the mind.. giving the ability for music, salesmanship with the native with Mercury ASC and if the native has Neptune transit the 9th house in Pisces the native will usually succeed in a the occult arts and sciences and often develop a supernormal faculty. Your mind is open to reveal your wittiness and your mind brings inspiration and other elements of pisces.

Tuesday: Moon continues to be in Sagittarius ( sextiles Jupiter, squares Saturn, and a conjunction Saturn)

Moon Square Mars

Today we have moon planet that represents our emotions which causes and vacillation the moon is our very own unconscious, the formation of a square sometimes involves the element that calls upon some fear, and emotional outbursts a fear of opening.

The moon is the emotional interface which we interact with the outside environment and from within, mars is prone to be assertive, martial, and has the quality of action and initiate or start something. If a square involves the opportunity of losing our temper, this exact aspect or energy holds the expressions to be loose a bit patience, physically, emotionally and psychologically. One does more than what we can do, it could involve ourselves bringing energies which are not very significant and therefore denotes a sense of reflection and self nurture. The emotional nature and our interface into the environment is likely to be quite foolish, and on the other hand the individual should seek peace, equilibrium and become aware of any aggressive behavior, or having a competitive edge. You should learn to handle the problem by cooperating, and have the sensitivity for a strong need to be of help to someone this amount of hard work is to channel your energies, your need to reflect and keep things at peace, and be as sensitive as you can be.

Restrain from passions no matter what you are focused but if whatever quarrels, or destructive behavior comes along, you will benefit from these imposed restrictions and may go on through life within the firey influence of mars that you stood up, you made a quiet remark and you keep your head cool.

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon represents our emotions and unconscious side of our nature. Planet jupiter highlights expansion, and broadening of the mind. Today’s aspect makes us feel likely to connect to empowering people, successful and people willing to go the extra mile these people have a wider vision and can cause us to experience life abundantly. A moon sextile to jupiter will always bring optimistic, cheerful and generous people often people play an important role in society your best teacher could be a Sagittarius Rulership of planet Jupiter.v

Today’s chart represents you keep harmony with those people close to you and people that are willing to work and play together the relationship is honest and you respect greatly other’s ideas. People may demonstrate the way and direction to tell you about this new job opportunity and the way forward that fits perfectly to your ideals.

Wednesday: Moon enters Capricorn ( sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Mercury)

This moon in Capricorn represents a sense of duty to society, in the professional and private life. This sign is dominant in the success of society. We could display the Sign of Capricorn with the ruler ship of Saturn with its strong endurance and perseverance, with organization and structure. The willingness to achieve your objective. We can come to represent Capricorn as the ultimate goal, in Freudian Psychology it is the boundaries of the (superego ) and the boundary between the conscious (the ego) and the unconscious (the id). We connect with Saturn with the duties, the exaltation, and destruction of whatever we have built. Intellectual plans and long-time planning. When the moon is in Capricorn this can make us responsible to society, the home and family dominate most of our attention and how to fulfill this obligation that we owe to society. In a more developed chart moon in capricorn can give abundance and help from people who are higher in the social scale it is best noted as the sign of which brings success and glory also whereby we are connected with others persons which in turn draws back into withdrawal, many people who have a detrimental affect to this aspect do remain reclusive and force themselves to live a lonely life, melancholy turns the mind into itself and therefore in the most practical environment things of this nature also come to affliction.

Venus Conjunct Chiron (Wednesday)

Venus planet of love and affection makes a conjunction to Chiron. Chiron in astrology is known to many astrologers as a kind of the mediator of two planets Uranus and Saturn. It symbolizes wisdom, patience of time, wisdom through maturity, and the faculty that releases people from their own suffering. It is known as the "wounded healer" of the zodiac. In a conjunction we have the full and developed angles that helps to fully express such energies. The energies help to release a softer more caring, vigilant way to personify these energies. Todays instinct is to give a strong influence to connect strongly with someone in the feminine aspect the nurturing side and on the other hand the aspect involves us becoming the paternal or father figure in the relationship, there is an intense upbringing of leadership, when someone operates in these feelings one works to ensure hard work and at the future progress is resembling a good and bright future. You don’t fancy what is conventional anything that is considered as dogma and tradition will definitely not be you. You pay a lot more of your attention and emotions to the spiritual wisdom and the ability to express a higher more creative way of how relationships really should function. You have a determined way to express these energies in a way that is connected to a true artistic and creative way. You may, like any paternal aspect become understanding in a very sensitive way and to become a successful leader.

Thursday: Moon continues in the sign of Capricorn (conjuncts Pluto, square Uranus, and sextiles Venus)

Moon sextile -Venus

Moon represents our emotions our interface from the outside world from within, the moon symbolizes our receptivity, our unconscious side of our nature, the moon is very instinctive and impulsive in its action. Venus symbolizes pleasure, aesthetics, which symbolizes feelings of love to our relationships and all that we meet into the outside world. Moon sextile Venus this is a time of feeling secure and you should therefore be open to new people and be open to interact with the world you are appreciated by your aesthetics, you are left open to all the Venusian qualities in today’s chart.

You will find that planet Venus you can recreate the home, and beautify your surroundings, you fear rejection and you will ether experience yourself with a inner balance that you are emotionally fulfilled already or you can give great expression through music, which can then strengthen your appeal to relationships to the opposite sex. You are very artful and this can lead to a new sense of beauty. You have learned how to balance your emotional needs so that you no longer have the desire to neglect those you love. You have a lot of beauty you should not feel downtrodden and that life isn’t fair, you will have enough abundance reserved. This aspect guarantees freedom to find love in his own natural home and sometimes you are rewarded with physical and material wealth.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Moon planet of emotions, makes a good flow of emotions for today, you will often be feeling a bit quite intense you feel you can manage to find out the hidden things, like secrets, but most importantly the need for self renewal and the need for intensity. You find yourself reacting and you do things only for shock, you do things for betterment of the group to guard yourself and improve your inner space. Your instincts run deeper often stronger in psyche and therefore if you ever find yourself fighting for the rights of the group, which will probably have a dominant effect it will make you forceful and dominant with great inner strength and intensity.

Friday: Venus square Saturn (Venus 24 degrees of Pisces and Saturn 24 degrees of Sagittarius)

Astrotype: Public Order/ Love for Truth.

Venus planet which denotes romance, affection, poetry, the demotion of Venus is wisdom which cannot be mere intellectuality expressed.

Venus in this demotion could mark a time where you may take a minor role in relationship this could mean you find something and looking and seeing things not in a personal way but you will realize the difficulties you have met have a different shade, a different look.. a more objective view and a way that you can view a situation that will need more maturity, determination, but also in regards to Saturn it can demand a lot more responsibility, and experience with the people we meet. This can probably mean you begin to take a sober outlook in values like relationship, work, and a desire to self indulge all take a different view for you in this period of time.

Saturn in astrology always has been represented by the father, and those of authority, here in this demotion of Saturn would signify clearly more significance since all your energies need more development and you can enjoy the fruit of that labor after you have gone through the rings of Saturn... during this period you may have undergone feelings of coldness, separation of the father or probably difficulty with elderly people.. Since Saturn is the hard disciplinarian wanting you to face this by looking for hard work, concentration, planning this may have occurred during a time when you were affected during more pleasant time. A personal planet which involves the beauty of Venus and highlights her youthfulness, playfulness it also addresses flexibility.. which you may have showed to Saturn an attitude or an emotion of rejection to that matter, particularly when dealing with a square Aspect.

You may have discovered because of Saturn wanting to set themind in discipline and structure and reality of his material existence, here one may experience Saturn inharmonious dissonance of disapproval, rationality, cold logical explanation of decisions that don’t make relationships possible.. usually through dissonance and hard work we can expect a new change and after you have allied to the Saturnine energies you soon realize that at the end you have already personalized this Saturnine background of identity and distinction at this phase. Venus Square to Saturn expect to see changes in business, property, other peoples money, money in any large investments made during this period can experience a decrease of anything that relates to both planetary bodies.. (money, authority figures, marriage delays)

This is where we don’t want to face not just yet... but here this influence of Saturn is concerned in all these mentioned above. Saturn likes to look at affection, romance, and brings all emotions by time and will likely want to relive an experience in this case planet of Sorrow "Saturn"and Perseverance. emotions can cause us delays, misfortunes in love, scandals, irregularities, feelings have a shade of disappointments, therefore causing the mind to go in sadness and grief... Saturn planet of confinement will look at old love attachments, affections of the past with a new look this also affects our relations with public, which can cause scandals to matters of the hearts.

Many astrologers have always called a square aspect as a Saturnian discretion therefore this aspect is more of a Saturnine aspect than any of the others.. this is what we have to deal with in all relationships one may generally come through relationships, personal or private relations with a hidden scheme which also undermines our roots to gratify our own senses this may head to one direction and not another.. one my clarify our self indulgences in sexual relationships one often comes to light about our sexual preference but may find a playful way to come honest and speak what is their true intention one may go in one that will only crave emotions that are passionate, unusual a strange desire, and this may create desires that go against the younger crowd this usually takes an irregular match for marriage one may enter into the person’s life that burdens them with responsibility, sorrow, and things that need time.. on the other hand one marries with figures that are older people more mature.. one may lack any method of planning while the other partner can takes a more mature outlook with the other persons.. values that permits no frivolity.

Your finances may also take a downturn as it is more difficult for us to concentrate on one particular source of income and neglecting the other.. this is the source needing to spend and a need to cut our own expenses and this can create conflict and an imbalance in our own finance. Meaning one may exceed the other... one chooses to marry with people this is a time where much careful planning usually involving people with this position.. one needs to understand that money can’t buy you love.. you simply need to change your own attitude and emotion about money. You are careful and reserved person who appears to others as cold logical, a feeling of hatred, a cartesian method... and just people that like to strike a balance of not denying one or the other.. to learn.. and not denying the other.

The influence and the truest nature of Saturn here is what holds in this respect we may take a closer look of the things that you do care. friends, family... one may put more concentration on the material worth the vibration are coming from patience, steps that lead you to long serving relationships.. Where Saturns demotions here in Sagittarius we are admitting be completely open to someone that can admit to our own flaws but also may specialize in complex subjects like philosophies, travel, and study, subjects from a less self-control aspect one might enjoy this more than usual. And this may not be true for other relationships that you have within your circle, you see the true fruits of one aspect from people and they may make you feel sad and can cause some sorrowful feelings.

This could mark a minor turning point on your part, taking something less personal, and suddenly finding a more objective and impersonal way of viewing the situation. Your powers of observation and appraisal are heightened and you find yourself able to take a cold, hard look. You love being frugal at this point.

Moon sextile Mars

Moon makes a supportive aspect to planet Mars planet of actions, self assertion, self-defense and sovereignty of the area. Moon, makes us emotionally receptive to the outside world and mars makes us defensive, Mars gives us an excellent vitality, energies that adds to great health, and emotional well being. These emotions will bring in the same signs of emotional well being if our emotions are well structured, balanced in such a way that we feel the same energies around our environment. Thus the person gains confidence, courageous acts, you give great sense of yourself from within which is good and balanced.

Saturday: Moon enters Aquarius

Today’s astrological theme we have the Moon in the constellation Aquarius. Let’s look in to today’s chart. Well we have the Moon in Aquarius which can also represent the Rulership of Uranus. Aquarius is commonly referred to Future projects, they are defined by their futuristic goals and objective to support our dreams wishes and hopes.

We are more open in the vision of the groups, working with social groups, long terms gives our way where we can reach them; how we can turn our dreams into reality.

With The Uranian energies of a more developed chart in his or her astrological portrait. We have someone connected with opened mindedness and is able to venture into the unknown and the unseen. Uranus is just the beginning of the world, the primary embodiment of the spirit into matter and therefore it represents the portion of humanity that incarnate, tearing the chaos and nothingness, the beginning of life a new worldview. Uranus we can see it wants the person to be inventive and able to think, it symbolizes originality. We can see the innovation we had in the age of Aquarius as laptops, washing machines, and of course Astrology.

Moon sextile Uranus

Moon makes a supportive aspect to planet Uranus there is harmony between Uranus and the emotional receptivity towards the outside environment which symbolizes the moon. This aspects brings everything that is great, original, and which highlights novelty, and independence of the individual mind hence bringing you excellent intuitive insights that you may feel that some form of structure can come to you and make better adjustments in your life. The energies are keenly attuned to people with mystical, scientific, or has this very inventive and original ability that could come out during an invention. Such people are endowed with superb magnetic attraction or hypnotic powers when used as an intuitional ability and staying power when it comes with the right side of the brain such people in the science, astrology, or occult practices. When you create this you will be endowed with endless power in the areas of breakthrough, progressive thinkers, and hence are often granted to become successful leaders in their own field of practice.

Sunday: Mars enters Aries ( Mercury conjunct Pluto) at 17 degrees Capricorn.

Mars in Aries

This is very powerful since January 28- March 10 the planet occupies his home. So it would be the best position of Mars. It suggests dynamism, strength, power, virility, the ability to act as lightning. But all this is quite relative because one must consider the relevant House and aspects that Mars forms with the other theme of planets. Indeed, in case of difficult aspects, strength becomes tyranny and violence, and the action may be misdirected: insane or suicidal daring. The boldness and energy topic Mars in Aries demonstrated in all circumstances earned him success, but also setbacks. Success is often in companies claiming reaction speed, quickness of mind and decision. The setbacks are often linked to the relationship that the subject has with the world and when emotionalism is stronger than reason, and anger and violence link.

Mars in Aries Home

With Mars in Aries activity is impulsive, thoughtless but in need of a goal. There is also a taste of emotional release by physical effort or confrontation. Mars in Aries still evokes contempt of danger and courage, as well as alternating between enthusiasm and despair. Finally, Mars in Aries is the opposite of diplomacy, it is even a total lack of tact that characterizes this planetary position.

Who Mars in Aries taste for showdowns where the craziest Courage finds expression. For Mars the activities are endless: sports, race, physical exertion. It’s a foolproof resistance. Looks like it has in its theme Mars in Aries meets a maximum of obstacles to his desires, his plans, his will, he feels more stimulated.

Passion, energy, constructive will, entrepreneurship, dynamism, assertiveness, sense of leadership, impulsiveness, daring, courage, devotion, impatience, conquest, excitement, aggression, adventure, physical exercise, violence, accidents, including the head: these are the words associated with Mars in Aries.

From a health plan that has Mars in Aries often experiences severe migraines but rather short. And of course, impulsiveness, lack of patience or aggressiveness of Mars in Aries predispose to head injuries often with facial scars.

Mercury conjunction Pluto.

Mercury planet of communications, thought, and the master communicator of the zodiac forms a supportive conjunction to planet Pluto planet of sex, death, rebirth, Pluto highlights those who are involved in the occult, an intervention of mercury and pluto since this in our chart should be ragarded as one of the most intense, and penetrating of the planetary energies. Pluto indicates those who are deep, causing change from the darkness seeking to penetrate deep, your mind with Mercury is one that cuts through enables you to see that which is hidden for such are the influences in todays conjunction. Mercury the planet which is the master of words you are fierce, independent, you are the one who goes quick you do, you’re intense, you create change and self renewal you trust that by moving forward you must start from within to cause change.

Mercury likes research, rational thinking and surface mode of thinking you bet you can move forward with anything you start the most powerful delivery of words, you go that which is forceful, you are able to draw in people within and win them over. the most powerful of all signs is and planets is pluto the emphasis is on the other person’s life. You love a good mystery novel, subjects of all kinds, sex death, you the natural ability to dissolve the barriers and with mercury which is excellent in soaking up all the information you break through any facade, you are open to any secret information in order for you to utilize the skill tat can serve others, your field of psychology, scientific research, you are well in the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, counseling in general.

You great power of communication great power of analyzation you may be able to learn any kind of subect if you wish. You just know any subject there is upon your learning you may influence other people you give a certain thing about you that doesnt escape te eye of anybody. You have great power.