New Moon in Aquarius – Understanding What It Means to Live for Oneself, by Oneself

New Moon in Aquarius – Understanding What It Means to Live for Oneself, by Oneself

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Aquarius 2017

The New Moon event at 8° Aquarius occurs on January 28th, 2017 at 12:06am UT* and it will make no aspects to anything, but occur isolated, outside of all other planetary activities, sure to inspire an impact, an urge to break away.

This is the first New Moon of 2017, and if you live your life by the lunar calendar, it also represents the marking of a new year. And how deliciously appropriate, as this New Moon itches below the surface to emerge, to begin, to step one foot out beyond the other in order to realize and fully understand what it means to live for oneself, by oneself.

Saturn rules Aquarius by tradition, demanding structure, foundation, and boundaries, which, if you’re planning on either a rebellion or a revolution••• you’ll need plenty of.

Aquarius prefers to remain untethered, untamed, and unattached, so going it alone in a new direction by way of your own doing will be a loud and unrelenting theme for you now, especially if you have personal planets being piqued by this event.

New Moons are for planting seeds of intention toward future goals, and, when in Aquarius, these seeds are seeking independence and detachments. And as this moon moves across the sky, dark and absent, slipping between the sun and your view of it, may you see through this destined darkness a light from within.

Aquarius, preferring to go it alone, understands from a very early age the delicate difference between loneliness and being by oneself, being alone. One may argue that even when one strongly influenced with Aquarian energy or undergoing a Uranian transit is acting alone, quite naturally, even when surrounded by copious amounts of company in all directions. Looking out for oneself is simply a survival technique, not a personal insult. Aquarius prefers to strip away the emotional fluff of a situation, down to the brassy tacks and facts, and by removing, too, the ego, it remains constant the true motive of movement is simply to survive.

Maybe it’s a matter of survival to you now to go in your own direction, or possibly simply a need to surrender to your ultimate calling or inner voice. Whatever your circumstances, and wherever this New Moon event falls in your chart, you will likely notice a breaking away from something or someone, a beginning, a forging of personal energies to your own niche of interest, by yourself, for yourself.

For me, this event occurs opposite my 9th house natal moon placement in Leo, in my 3rd house, suggesting to me that new beginnings need to occur through way of communicating my needs and my dreams, through action and interactions in my everyday routines, and ultimately, movement will occur toward my long-term goals, as well as my personal philosophy, my Truth, by way of everyday adjustments. It is rather convenient, for me, at this time, as I find myself, yet again, at a crossroads and facing an opportunity to reinvent myself once again, to begin walking a path I’ve created for myself, by myself.

Mercury will be a step away from Pluto in Capricorn, Venus and Mars inching toward Aries in the last degrees of Pisces, Mars being in the 29th degree and final degree and asteroid Pallas Athene approaching Neptune in Pisces, as well, though lagging behind the lovers chase.

Pallas Athene wants to remind you of your unique gifts, gifted to you celestially at birth, that offer solace and comfort to both you and those you touch, in an effort to nudge you in using these gifts as you make your way. When she comes so close to Neptune, her efforts turn dreamy and inspired more by ethereal feelings and not so much by real manifestations. This will urge you to ask yourself what it is you need to be real and what can remain an idea, as these two may mingle and mix as the days unfold.

Mars in the last degree of Pisces is gaining as much wisdom as can be offered before trailblazing toward Aries, after the New Moon, which will provide you all the gumption and initiative needed to forge ahead, out beyond the horizon, toward your new visions.

As Venus moves as close as she will to Mars before stationing retrograde, in Aries, and before moving backward to Pisces, she has already begun whispering in our ears about what she plans to teach us about what we (think we) hold sacred, what we (think we) value, and who it is in our lives we (think we) love unconditionally, as well as what we (think we) need in order to survive on our own should we ever need to unexpectedly.

And Mercury... Mercury has much to say when located so closely to Pluto. Be mindful of what you speak, what it is others think you’re saying, and how you vocalize what it is you need, and who you need it from. People will hear you whether you’re whispering or shouting, so, keep in mind that your words hold weight.

*7:06pm EST; 6:06pm CST; 5:06pm MST; 4:06pm PST

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