This Week in Astrology: Major Aspects for the week of June 19th to June 25th 2017

Weekly Horoscopes

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This week major aspects are:

MONDAY: June 19th - Moon enters Taurus, Sun square Chiron, Moon sextile Sun

TUESDAY: June 20th - Moon in Taurus, Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury square Chiron

WEDNESDAY: June 21st - Sun enters Cancer, Moon in Gemini

THURSDAY: June 22nd - Moon in Gemini

FRIDAY: June 23rd - New Moon in Cancer

SATURDAY: June 24th - Moon in Cancer, Venus trine Pluto

SUNDAY: June 25th - Moon enters Leo, Mars square Jupiter

MONDAY: June 19th - Moon enters Taurus

Weekly Horoscopes

With the Moon in Taurus you can expect the native to possess a highly creative nature. Taurus indicates the principles of devotion, common sense, and perseverance. Because of this influence he has a tremendous working ability and staying power but you should instruct him to endeavor not to become too rigid in certain of his conceptions and activities as this would interfere with his progress.

With the Moon in Taurus the native should, if all else looks right, involve himself in matters of a financial nature. The mental trends present are extremely beneficial in the financial area. Nobody will be able to defraud him in monetary pursuits. The Moon, Taurus combination gives the uncanny intuitive ability to decipher the future in such a way to promote financial interests.

The personal desire for affection and happiness is shown to be strong although at times circumstances arise that can temporarily or permanently interfere with the full realization of this desire. You should counsel the native to strengthen his quality of adaptability and to polarize his obstinacy.

Sun square Chiron

You are likely to be quite achievement oriented and intolerant of philosophies or concepts that are unconventional. You may feel them to be a threat to your identity and way of life. You allow no encroachment of perceptions that conflict with tradition. You may have some difficult choices to make regarding health care and treatment.

Moon sextile Sun

You like the thrill the original and you will continue forth without any effort. Gemini Sun makes a supportive sextile to the moon in Aries your channeled energies are building you a structure of which your energies flow well with your element and with which you feel natural to integrate. With so much energy and harmony you are a person who can satisfy its own needs, the needs of the family, and still continue to give, more than often more to those who need it, you’re forgiving and you have the ability to become self reliant and independent. You may have an abundance of growth within your inner world and the outside. This a great formation of energies, in fact you understand the energies of the group. Therefore, conserve the energy hold this energy to find your inner beauty, or began to find your niche. You have all the harmony all the energies to make yourself notice by authority or superiors, your actions are in harmony and are affecting the way others see you. This works well within your life, this bring peace harmony and you can face life’s trivialities with harmony and peace with all.

This aspect makes a good time to get around with people you love and understand you. Good time to make and build the friend support, this will in the long run favor for general success, financial support, favor general self esteem and good sense which can show you the self confidence, good fortunes, faithful to friends. You can have some good feelings around those people have a path, and are going rise in life because of the two luminaires sun the life giving force, and moon makes good home conditions, good people, faith, popularity, and satisfying conditions that will gain the recognition of other people. Harmonious time to seek others, and arrive to a wholesome change.

TUESDAY: June 20th - Moon in Taurus

Weekly Horoscopes

When the moon moves into the constellation of Aldebran (TAURUS) we feel more likely to appeal to others in the connection of material possessions Taurus rules the focus of values, matters of materialsm and represents areas of resources of how we can be supported. This is the fixed earthed sign where our foundation is fixed on earth and how we feel perfectly secured because this is how we are we have to be feeling secured and emotionally comfortable to others as well how we get others to like us. To spread love and cheerfulness to others.

Venus sextile Neptune

ASTROTYPE : Spiritual Lovers... the Love of Unity. And Path to Oneness.

Venus planet of romance, and affection makes a supportive angle to planet Neptune which symbolizes imagination, inspiration, spirituality, and Self-Transcendence.

Venus is the artist of the Zodiac, neptune affects our ability to judge the concept of love, affection, and our good aspirations. You have a sensitive spot for beauty, and you may be open to persons who are sensitive , people with a sense of universal communion. You may come across people with compassion, sympathy, love, and a concern for others is magnified.

Your heart , and your feelings come at a stable point where we hold compassion, or willing to inspire or have this greater potential for harmony in connection with others. Communication and any other difficulties that we have neglected, today we may show that we are assuming appropriate signs of approval, a taste of appreciation, and balance overall.

Imagination, art, poetry, and also music also appeal most to you now.

You will be involved with the arts music the more involved you become in the arts you will discover more beautiful things you are likely to have some inspiration, or some form of feeling that will unite you to the arts. If you are a person who is artistically inclined you will orient yourself more particularly with art, and beauty.

You are a person that is caring, sympathetic, charismatic, and shows good relationship with those around you. Venus rules Libra and Taurus you see that things, and the people situated in your environment will likely show energies that are in harmony with these Neptunian qualities, for example you will like to shelter, help , take care and comfort over them whether it be with music, art or some path that life is in that direction where one can always cultivate as life progresses.

For others, you may go into counseling, or a captivating story teller.

For those of you finding romance or to see the best in people, romance has this quality of dreamyness, or secret glamour, this is the undercurrent that runs through them. Your soul is seeking a highly spiritual mate, and it is highly possible that you may meet this person. These angles represent a good time to seek out others that will have this same reciprocity someone we will attract others that will lead us to a feeling that has brought this union together, though you may attract someone not in the material sense, but will likely see union with someone who is spiritual.

Energies which show compatibility such as people of the sea, and the mystical, Neptunian dimensions... and that live innately near a body of water, a river, the sea, people over large bodies waters.... You may have been devoted priest, or priestess in the not so distant past life... your past life may have been about comforting the sick, the needy, the underprivileged, this a lifetime where you may seek a spiritual bond... a rebirthing a process that will lead your soul be with someone else in another spiritual dimensions... or your partner may be in a very similar spiritual path.

You are finding your way to oneness.

Mercury sextile Uranus

Mercury planet of reason and communication makes a supportive and harmonious angle of a sextile to Uranus planet which signifies originality, technology and inventiveness. Mercury sextile to Uranus denotes good civic and governmental honours, expect the unexpected under a Uranus aspect. Expect benefits arising from the public, good fortunes coming from oratorical power or those with great literary power. Uranus will lead to industrious cleanliness, and perfection in regards to details and organization.

Mercury gives an independent and causing the mind originality. Success in mechanical industries, engineering, and transportation. New and unexpected fortunes the fetters of traditional fashion and the conventional nature is suddenly a challenge. This position is the hallmark of engineering, invention,and you yourself are a pioneer in the technology and electric employment. How your ideas are becoming progressive and such a person always brings a new path into the industry, these are ideas that are quite lofty and greater are your ideas because they are exceedingly creative and futuristic. The new ideas you share with people or ideas or messages of your groups you are receiving and the feelings that arrive among your own industry become so connected that the ideas you relate emotionally become so progressive. Some will come up with great a solution in the literary pursuits and which of course a Trine usually involves a degree on the level of creativity, invention, scientific and medical inventions and healing of the sick.

If the link is made with the air triplicity or the technology, airwaves, the message will be of great benefit in the electric car industry. Here is a somewhat easier time, with plenty of energy sparking new ideas, new experience, new discoveries and everything insightful and original.

Set against this will be a small army of details, each demanding your attention, and these should be dealt with, one by one, rather than just blowing them off. This will open the door for some real progress. An energy that is especially powerful the conscious decision we make in this period in time will keep you deep and interested for constant ferreting new ideas, ideas which are of course in fact very noble and one expressed can in fact be too much for people that have a low opinion on things.

Mercury trine Uranus this is a time for creativity, insights, and advances in our personal life which are natural and one does influence a lot of people in this time.

Mercury square Chiron

You might resist unconventional methods of health care despite a need for personal healing. You might even actively oppose those who attempt to introduce you to these possibilities. You have some difficult choices to make in terms of healing and/or philosophical options, and your mind tends to cling to the known and traditional paths here. Regardless of your choices, it is advisable for you to be very aware of your habitual thinking patterns and consciously focus on positive possibilities, as a negative attitude can adversely affect your health.

Moon conjunct Venus

You have a natural love of history, different cultures, and your own past. You can appreciate the emotional and psychological side of life, and working with the public will be highly successful for you. You have a strong sense of what the public likes, wants or needs. Others value you for your sense of appreciation and love.

WEDNESDAY: June 21st - Sun enters Cancer

Weekly Horoscopes

Moon in Gemini

When the moon moves into the constellation Gemini we feel like we are curious the energies represent the mercurial in alchemy of transmutation mercury is quicksilver a very mysterious substance at the base of which we hoped to create a potion of youth because Mercury is always associated with youth, adolescence, perhaps because it is enthusiasm and inconstancy. Gemini is a very busy Sign. Mercury in a developed chart would be very curious expect the unexpected with Gemini moon it is all over the place, it likes to network, change and mutable is his character. Gemini would be a very communicative during these 2 days.

Mercury conjunct Sun

Mercury planet of communication makes a conjunction in todays chart. Today we have displayed the Sun as Leo ( the powerhouse). When in conjunction which it forms to Planet Mercury: the memory and mental activity. It becomes increasingly intense which the burning of the sun’s rays in this exact conjunction can occur.

The Sun are the qualities which light is able to project and create a form, the sun expresses from the heart and whatever we have identified in our ego (sun) the mind (mercury) is then able to articulate and familiarize with that thought in mind.. As Mercury’s speed and movement is always moving from left to right there is always a particularly strong mode of energy today to which in the life experience of the person would signify a dominant change in their own consciousness, in the way they see themselves and the way they see the other.

There is definite change in the way we experience the world at a much higher level of consciousness and such the influence is always strongly emphasized in the literary field, short trips and journeys, making suitable connections with others etc is very effective.

Because you are involved with getting your ideas across today, this conjunction is preoccupied with your ego expression so it makes you go out and meet others, communicate in person, and discover a change of your own self-image , behaviour, and how others see you.

You have a strong ego sense and a basic viability, you may use this energy effectively and acquiesce what is best for you, which idea fits your personality and if anything what will you do about it?

This aspect represents to open up to people which can be reviewed in an increase of expansion of the mind and in the forming of the creative process.. which may take time to develop a skill if its anything you may satisfy one project and move on to the next

You can make decisions and make all the possibilities through the many connections you are making, which mercury represents mental mobility, you are willing and determined to explore this work with determination and clear headedness.

You have a clear mind you have a gift for learning and you need this constant mental stimulation, you need to keep active with your new-found wealth of energy which gives you a strong sense of what is right and therefore you should have this by conjunction, if this is in your natal chart you will know that you will be able to apply this onto others and create ease and fluidity in their life. This is a good aspect, which the will of man (the solar force) is working in unison with the effects we make with our intellect (Mercury).

In addition, look to where this is occurring in your own life sector (House placement)

When doing any work with agents, solicitors, persons who act in connection as intermediaries, Mercury’s ability to hijack conversations make this a positive time for such work. You are comfortable at work and you do enjoy the mental clarity. You do things with a considerable amount of high mental activity that you have marketed ability to describe your own occupation, or life-situations and the way you go about to do that.

You may have a renewed sense of clarity and mental stimulation, perhaps only present now as a deep impulse or insight that you can’t yet get your arms fully around, but you can feel and sense that it has a future, a destination , which will unroll in time.

You can see that it is vital or important, something you want to carry out to the world.’’

Moon trine Pluto

You crave emotional excitement and this gives a realization into the access of depth psychology and open to discuss the most intense and sensitive aspects Pluto represents sex death and rebirth and a transformation therefore occurring with a trine to the moon as a very natural adjustment in our life we are able to seek advice in counseling on the deep and penetrating question regarding our very own life. This a process of deep transformation and able to dissolve barriers and began to seek beneath the psyche and into the difficulties of what others have faced. A very hard task but this is without any effort the energies are built this way, quite harmonious.

THURSDAY: June 22nd - Moon in Gemini

Weekly Horoscopes

The sign Gemini indicates a bright mental outlook and a sense of emotional adaptability. The Moon in this sign will make the whole outlook of the mind seem brighter. The native will demonstrate good insight in decisions on matters dealing with the family or travel. The Moon here signifies considerable creative energy. There will be a peculiar blending of personal independence with a strong degree of sympathy for others.

The native will dislike routine yet he will have an uncanny skill to work with complex puzzling matters. He is constantly seeking variety, spice and change. Mental telepathy is part of his endowment of Moon in the sign Gemini. You should caution yourself to employ diplomacy however, and not speak about subjects harmful to others.

There is a definite capacity to operate through conventional channels and concurrently a desire to test new avenues for progress, thus, appeasing the natural desire for change. You must warn your client that there will be times when a mental imbalance can occur as a result of emotional tension. If he is not careful here the end result will be a harmful internal antagonism.

Moon square Neptune

You often enjoy dreamy times, times of inspiration and togetherness, where you actually feel and experience a more spiritual you, rather than just mouth the words. I am not talking church here (although that is fine), but you like whatever makes for spirituality in your life to manifest as an experience.

FRIDAY: June 23rd - New Moon in Cancer

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SATURDAY: June 24th - Moon in Cancer

Weekly Horoscopes

This sign rules our emotional receptivity this planet rules our domestic side, our emotional need indicated by the moon. The moon is purely instinctive, it is instinctive in our unconscious side of our nature. Everything that is shown upon the emotions is reflected back, this is the Moon in Cancer. The cancer moon is represented in home, the feminine quality and the maternal home, the female sex.

When the moon is in Cancer we feel receptive to our environment, the cancer moon is about going into our emotional house, the time to seek within and give nurture to our emotions. In a more developed chart this gives the energy precise of many emotions, the emotional concern in the matters of comfort creating it’s own environmental haven, root taken inward, creating the right conditions, that represents self nurture back in the intuition and feeling things more and gathering for watery use. This is a time to gather in memories of past times.

Venus trine Pluto

ASTROTYPE: Anything for Love

Venus planet of romance, seductiveness, and disposes feelings of love. Making a harmonious interaction with planet Pluto. This aspect of a trine between these two planets we have feelings and emotions we are met with the awakening of and intensification of sexual drives, and our mind awakens into our conscious awareness the desire and our instinctive for transformation and deep intensification of the other sexual partner.

This is a time of opening ourselves to another in the deeping of the psychological nature, you have the valuable skills and often with this aspect shows an increasing power where we become intensely loving. These feelings of love, and sensuality come to the life of the native which highlights an interest in domination, seeing the other drawing in the animal magnetism and attractive power now, you are feeling intense towards another with little to no interest. The energies have the potential which is particularly expressed in the basis of sexual urge, compelling an urgent quality.

A meeting waiting to evoke, sexuality, Pluto reveals the excretory organs and Venus the power of enjoyment, compromise, and can be best regarded as an established interaction waiting to happen. More than likely waiting to happen in the bed. Your feelings have a longing and waiting to embraceen and harmonize. Beauty and balance speaks to Venus. Power, domination, excretion represents Pluto

Moon conjunct Mercury

Moon is causing us to change how we can be causing duality and we can arrive with wanting for people to open up and be receptive to our ways. We speak to make a forceful change something can change us our direction that is why it should be regarded as important to take your voice, a skill and make the effort to teach it, people find you very resonant. You know your own emotions and you know where they can take you.

My advice is you have to flow where ever your thought, communications and intelligence leads you, it will be different every time you can take a new class, attend a seminar or you feel like researching information of the history of your family, your land and your upbringing a good time to take everybody’s viewpoint your search will be funny and will attract people of many languages.

Moon conjunct Mars

The moon represent our emotions, it represents the unconscious side of our nature, the receptivity between our inner world and outer world. The Conjunct of this since we indicate planet mars as the inert aggressive going forth in all of its sovereignty. The most we get from this planet Mars is you have to be balanced with its instinctive reactions, someone won’t like that your impatient and sometimes make people irritable if someone or something slows you down you don’t like when someone make you wait for anything.

You are secure with your feelings in your own actions and be a bit impulsive.

SUNDAY: June 25th - Moon enters Leo

Weekly Horoscopes

Today’s astrological theme we have moon void of course entering the constellation Leo and this symbolizes a playfulness the best indication from this moon in leo is taking the passanger seat, enjoy the common portrayal of a leo taking royalty siting and interacting with people of success and leaders, the combination of such upbringing can makes partake of some sweet times that can lead us into financial abundance, being generous in kindness and supportive ways to those that show light to the Leo energies. Leo’s are expressive, dramatic and they like to flaunt it the energies are expansive they will use this energy in their art, they like things to be warm, and are very romantic this is natural for Leo because the heart traditionally represents their vitality their grandeur they like to throw them selves out there and be the center of their own expression. Basically rise from any restraint.

Mars square Jupiter

Mars opposite Jupiter mars is an increase in the urge to drive with fire and clean the air and brush away everyone to get where it needs to be and get it done in a tremendous way. Mars is fire and is in here to help in a good natured and at a request to be at service. Mars enjoys physical strength and will have to learn to slow down and join to incorporate good-will in exclusion to the Self. Jupiter is here to make us expand joy and good nature and bringing this together in completion without hurting or going against otherwise you brace for an impact an could create dangerous hurt upon the body. And so you need to make progress and assert yourselves without hurting billions.

This virtually exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus strongly activates the Aries energy, the fighter or even the revolutionary side that lies within us. This is the right time to start something new to start a new process, Aries energy is there for that and this configuration activates in particularly. Our ability to act (Mars Uranus) is very strong, if we use the positive side we can achieve great things during this period in time. We must, however, remain vigilant not to remain self-centered (egoism), and avoid conflicts that could have unfortunate consequences in our lifes.