Mars and Venus in Aries Transit and Love in 2017

Mars and Venus in Aries Transit and Love in 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Aquarius 2017

Mars has moved in to Aries. And Venus joins Mars in Aries on February 4th, 2017.

Do you feel this?

Again, the Piscean stellium energy is breaking apart for more urgency, more doing, more more more. We are no longer inclined to reflect, to think, to consider, to ponder what our next move should be, or will be. We’re now making those steps and moves toward our preponderances and decisions.

Mars represents action and intention while Venus represents what it is we feel when we want what we want. These two planetary movements will inevitably inspire you to consider your own actions, the actions of those you love, and the actions these take on the relationship itself, whether it’s new and developing or tried and true.

Who takes the Mars role in your relationships?
Who takes the Venus role?
Do you find yourself shifting roles between Venus and Mars within your relationships?

In any relationship, two individuals come together to take actions together. Or not. Some people prefer others to take action, some prefer to take the action. Either way, there is a struggle between action, inaction, and over-action at any given time within a relationship.

Mars may rule Aries, but Venus rules Aries opposite, Libra, a sign devoted to togetherness and mutual action, so, this suggests that these planetary energies are dancing, rigorously, but struggling, in ways, either with who’s leading or who’s initiating or who’s picking the type of dance you’re both dancing.

This would also suggest that Mars is typically masculine, Venus feminine, and therefore submissive, yes, doting to the likes of Mars commands or expectations. However, Venus, mythologically, was never expected to dote or domesticate or drop her priorities for the likes of Mars, or any god, for that matter. Venus, and Libra, represent objectivity and balance, mutual abundance and equilibrium. Unless two individuals are coming together honestly, with compromise in mind, mutually, to dance together, Venus wants no part.

Actions speak louder than words, especially within relationships, whether you’re taking the Mars role or the Venus role, and it’s the actions taken through these shared roles that drive the relationship forward.

Love and passion and lustful attractions are also stirring and stewing now as these two lovers are inching slowly together... only for Venus to station retrograde next month. The lovers will not have their kiss until October, when they meet again in the sign of Virgo. However, for now, enjoy the romance that begins. Enjoy it for what it is, for now.

From March 5th to April 15th 2017, it is not an ideal time to begin a relationship, and traditional astrology would even go as far as to suggest avoiding signing on the dotted line, marrying, moving, purchasing expensive anything, or otherwise avoiding agreements or legalities while Venus is retrograde. If unavoidable, so keep in mind that these will likely tarnish soon after Venus moves direct.

When Venus is in Aries, she’s spontaneous, eager, and bold. She takes what she wants without asking and makes no apologies. She is not shy, she is not lacking in energy, she takes aim and simply smiles. She need not even explain herself.

It may be difficult, with all the attraction, to avoid beginning a relationship under these steamy circumstances. But in my experience••• try.

I’ve recently posted on Mars in Aries, naturally placed and stronger than ever. With both Mars and Venus in Aries, you will notice fireworks. You definitely know where you stand with these two calling the shots, and only exciting will do. They both bore easily here, in both nativity and in transit.

Think about a mating dance between a species, almost any interesting species, in nature. The amount of work and devotion and ridiculous show the male puts on to show his courage, to prove himself worthy of hot, steamy mating pleasure... and the female needs only accept, or choose the next one. This is Mars and Venus in Aries right now, striving for attention, needing glorified acts of showy affection, with the very real and primal goal of copulation, ultimately.

Not necessarily love... not yet. It’s a work in process, truly.

The entire month of February offers this steamy show, this work-in-progress foreplay, these fireworks, the fun. Love will come in October, in Virgo, and be much more practical, emotionally resourceful, and ultimately useful to you than whatever it is you’re experiencing now. Until then, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I take a Mars role or a Venus role in my relationships? What are the reasons I take either/both roles in varying degrees, in different relationships?

Am I being treated fairly in my relationships?
Am I treating those in relation to me fairly?

Are my relationships good for me?
Am I good for those in relation to me?

Are my relationships an inspiring presence in my life?
Am I an inspiring presence to those in relation to me?

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