Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius - Making Room for New Opportunities

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius - Making Room for New Opportunities

Lunar Eclipse of February 2017 in Astrology

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon/lunar eclipse occurs at 12:32am UT, February 11th* and falls at 22°28’ Leo/Aquarius, and will adroitly demand of you to let go of anything, or anyone, no longer inspiring light, love, or livelihood in your life in order to make room for new opportunities for just that••• light, love, and livelihood.

Eclipses are game changers, and if there’s something, or someone, in your life bringing you down, keeping you out, or holding you too tightly, chances are these adjustments will be made for you if you’re unwilling to do it yourself. These are all examples of energy being blocked from you, which is never a good thing, and blatantly goes against universal law. Truly, it’s hard to give some things up, it’s difficult to let go of the familiar, despite how unhealthy it may be, and it’s overwhelming to think about all the unknowns should you make such decisions and act... but, consider the alternative.

Ovid suggested "pluck[ing] with quick hand the fruit that passes," which I associate here with impulse, yes, however spontaneous fulfillment that may or may not sustain itself. Spontaneity may just be enough to move you now, but actions made rashly are often rashly reacted.

It is probable to expect that the more restricted you have been, the more tied down you have felt, the more rebellious you’ll be in order to break free and start over. This eagerness can be excellent, but do be mindful of repercussions.

And chances are, you already know exactly what needs done in your life, what needs changed, disposed of, ended, or finalized. And so on.

This event is asking you to trust, completely, that the changes you make within your life now will produce and inspire good, eventual success, and a fated happiness to enjoy and share.

Leap, and the net will appear...

Haha, my grandmother used to say, "s/he wouldn’t know how to pour pee out of a boot if the directions were on the heel..." implying that s/he were an idiot, of course, but if you skew your perspective of this statement, you could also look at it as an invitation••• to pour, essentially, in true waterbearer fashion, all of the waste you’re holding on to, and without guarantee of anything, to trust in the universe, for as you pour, you’ll be granted with further direction on the heel.

Everything always tends to fall in place exactly as it needs to.

Maybe that’s a little farfetched, but I adore a good metaphor.

Consider the changes and energies this eclipse season is offering you, as celestial opportunities for self-assertion and self-improvement, and that even the obstacles you may stumble upon will offer you lessons that will endure and nudge you to evolve in ways that are necessary, possibly even vital to your well-being.

The last six months were laid out before you through intentions you planted during the last eclipse, in September 2016, and intentions you set this week will blossom by August, later this year, when the sun highlights the Leo in your chart.

A refining in enlightenment is required of you now.

Because Leo and Aquarius are hosting this event, things may occur more dramatically than usual, as Leo prefers, or possibly from out of the blue, thanks to Aquarius. With these two energies working for you, as the universe-- I am convinced, truly is conspiring to provide you with each and every one of your wants and needs- is offering you a chance to stand up for yourself, to stand on your own two feet, to stand for something you believe in.

Sometimes, depending upon our perspective, we do not notice these goings on as opportunities, but as obstacles or inconveniences, pain or setback.

Again, these changes and adjustments you should be making in your life are likely necessary because the resulting energy manifesting through whatever it is blocking you from your truest potential needs to be eliminated before any honest progress can be made, let alone considered.

This Full Moon is definitely fueled by fire and cardinal energy, charged, and potent, and encouraging initiative. Go, see, do. And feel.

A Full Moon always asks you to reflect upon your relationships, to put your feelings in alignment with your truest intentions, and to trust instincts you have despite however inconvenient they may be.

As the sun opposes the moon, the moon will connect to Saturn by grand trine, and Saturn will be a key player in all angles of the drama playing out in your world.

Saturn will offer stable foundations, patience, and the wisdom necessary to nudge your movements. Whenever you fear making a mistake, despite whatever learning habits you’ve been taught, been conditioned to absorb or have simply adopted, Saturn is there. Because Saturn represents boundaries and punishment, we are informed from a very early age that repercussions exist through our actions and behaviors and are, indeed, very real. However, good behavior and intentions are always rewarded, and therefore••• limitations are lifted, while past guilt becomes eventually expunged.

Likely, too, these changes needing made in your life are out of bounds, in essence, to your comfort zone, reaching out further than you’ve ever tried before to pluck the most delicious fruit you’ll ever know. You’ll need to go about your movements in a way that is totally unknown to you, out of your element, possibly, in an effort to expand your horizons in healthy and honest ways.

And should the fruits you pluck now in patience be seeded in intention for future endeavored harvest. May you be sturdy and safe as you trust in the balance of the limb you’re out on and may the wind take you should you fall. And finally, may you take the fruits of your labors and share this love of sorts with those you love and share space with.

*February 10th, 7:32pm EST; 6:32pm CST; 5:32pm MST; 4:32pm PST

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