Jupiter Retrograde 2017 – Prepare to Experience Muchness

Jupiter Retrograde 2017 – Prepare to Experience Muchness

Jupiter is Retrograde from February 6th, till June 9th, 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Jupiter Retrograde

On February 6, 2017 Jupiter, our planet of good fortune and abundance, stationed retrograde at 23° Libra and will retrograde until June 9th, 2017 at 13° Libra.

What a cyclic coincidence, if there was such a thing...

The last time Jupiter stationed retrograde was on January 7th, 2016 at 23° Virgo, and stationed direct on May 9th, 2016 at 13° Virgo.

Do you see it?

What does this mean?

Jupiter retrogrades are a regular cycle, as everything is, occurring approximately every 13 months and lasting about 4 months.

Jupiter retrogrades represent a time of philosophical reflection and/or spiritual introspection.

Through the spring season of 2016, before Jupiter moved retrograde, you may be/have been dealing with larger issues involving growth and development, happiness and success. This is largely because anywhere Jupiter is found, what we find is large, so, wherever Jupiter is found to be transiting your natal chart is where you can expect to find specific growth.

Overall, when Jupiter turns retrograde, it is very promising, suggesting plenty of personal, spiritual and material growth to absorb.

Whatever area of growth you are/have been developing in your life, via gifts and blessings from Jupiter, is so important that extra time is needed-- to take inventory and make sure everything in order before you continue- much like when Mercury is retrograde. However, when Jupiter retrogrades, you may be tested in an effort to make sure that you are ready and available to receive good fortune, or the new bold romance, or the increased wealth or health that you seek. Not so much in readiness for review, reflection, or revision.

Ask yourself the following questions•••

  • What area of your life is begging for more fulfillment or attention?
  • Where in your life do you need blessings?
  • Within what areas of your life are you experiencing frustration or expansion?

What you seek can be yours. Just ask.

I must be honest, however, the actual retrograde itself *does* present a challenge involving your self-control.

Jupiter tends to overdo, well, everything.

Jupiter can acknowledge, honor, and fulfill good fortune, success and happiness.


Please be careful what you ask for here... you may get it.

When Jupiter is blessing you in his brightest light, you are broad-minded, in every way.

You are highly happy, really comfortable and so very content.

A healthy Jupiter is always growing, always expanding, always continuing, in both your philosophical and spiritual outlooks.

Our highest aim through Jupiter is to be carelessly charitable, gregariously generous, unfailingly friendly and whimsically welcoming to all people-- simply smiling at strangers- regardless of social status, religious constitution, or cultural and ethnic background.

However, when Jupiter is overwhelmingly gracious without boundary, the lower qualities receive a green light.

We go on green and may not even realize. Until we’re unable to slow down.

Qualities such as selfishness, gluttony, extravagance, wastefulness or self-righteousness is what you could expect.

Addiction to anything, intolerance of everything, bigotry, ignorance or even simply showing off would be holding you back in more ways than one.

Moving on.

To review:

Jupiter went retrograde last on January 7th, 2015 at 23° Virgo; think back-- you likely experienced areas of growth in your life and now, as Jupiter is retrograde no longer in Virgo but in Libra, you will experience abundant influences within relationships with others, especially romantic partners or professional, and through commitment, with the joys of life taking off, possibly, from which were introduced or through what was expiring in May, or beginning anew now.

A major transformation in your life was occurring, and is again occurring now.

  • Since May, how have the changes you embraced, endured, or experienced transpired or transferred through your life?
  • Are the details or themes you’re embracing, enduring, or experiencing now resembling those details or themes from May?

By the time Jupiter stations direct again, you should come to terms with the relevant issues that your life has created, as well as the issues your life is currently creating for you.

Jupiter made connections to the sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and asteroid Vesta.

The Sun and Jupiter together shine upon you, brightening your inner light and outer glow.

Jupiter with Mercury brings a grace to your words, your socializing, and your thoughts. You may meet new people, and you won’t be suffering from a loss of words.

Jupiter and Saturn may arm wrestle over "yes" and "no", as Jupiter is a natural upper while Saturn, the natural downer, Uranian influences will inspire profound new ways of tapping in to your inner you, and Pluto will demand a transformation.

When Jupiter connects with Vesta, your focus on the bigger picture, and what is necessary to keep your fires burning, be they spiritual, personal, professional, or sexual, are jovial. Jupiter maintains its connection to Vesta throughout the retrograde period, suggesting that something from a spark may manifest from your bigger pictures, through the fires you’ve kept and nurtured.

Journeys made now, especially overseas travel, will also greatly transform your outlook on life, and be remembered as a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.

Prepare, in a large way, to experience muchness; either through extremely overdoing it or extremely under-doing it-- you’ll likely have to deal with much of it this season in to the next.

If you’re curious as to where exactly in your chart these powerful transits is occurring, and what you can expect from it, contact us for a reading if you have any questions, or simply book the preferable reading below.

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