Astrology of February 2017, Part II - How are you feeling?

By Jamie VanZuuk

Astrology of February

February has been an intense month, - with its Lunar Eclipse, Mars in his domicile of Aries, Jupiter stationing Retrograde, and more (let us remind it to you: Astrology of February 2017 and Monthly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs)

There’s a lot going on this week and the next and throughout the closing out of the month.

How are you feeling?

What are you thinking?-- keeping in mind that you may have to put your thoughts to the side for now...

So, allow me to ask you once more-- how are you feeling?

Do you have an action plan?, even if that plan is simply to say "yes"?, that this action plan is fueled by your feelings rather than your thoughts or reasoning...

Are you able to feel your way through the day?

First of all, that vibrational hum in the background, the hum you’ll hear through the rest of the year remember, is Jupiter opposite Uranus, forcing you to pick a side, to speak your Truth and walk it, too; this distinct hum is urging you in creating a breakdown or inspiring a breakthrough-- the choice is truly yours.

Jupiter will oppose Uranus exactly once more in only a few weeks at 22° Libra/Aries, so the balancing hum may become a bit more intrusive. Mars, the planet of force and forward movement will continue moving closer and closer toward Uranus, the awakener, in these weeks before March, triggering the hum and its reactionary effects, soliciting courage, revelation, and the gumption needed to take your next step.

With all of this excitement, however, the sun moves in to Pisces on the 20th, plunging you back in to the blurry waters the waterbearer has been taking from since January. All of your innovative insights gained will now serve you intuitively, feeling your way once more through your thoughts, however illogical that may be. Sometimes thoughts only perpetuate the questions while feelings cut straight in to the thick of it.

You will also experience a New Moon/solar eclipse in Pisces at the end of the month, submerging you in to the deep end, especially so if you’ve only been tiptoeing in the shallow end.

That’s simply no longer going to cut it.

The universe is asking more of you, and it’s time to deliver... from the deep end.

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