The Sun in Pisces Transit - Spiritual Growth Through Solace

By Jamie VanZuuk

Weekly Horoscopes

The first degree of Pisces represents a spiritual commerce, conveniently I feel, symbolizing the Waterbearer plunging in to the great sea, ultimately, to both cleanse and sanction the coming of the Fish.

The sun has now moved in to Pisces from Aquarius this weekend, announcing the beginning of Nature’s welcoming of an approaching spring while slowly drawing the days of winter to a close.

Pisces represents two fish swimming in opposite directions, bound by a cord.

The dualism here is one of weakening principle, because the fish strain and fight against each other, struggling to be free, rather than supporting each other’s motion in collaborative effort.

Much like the transition from winter to spring in many areas of the world.

This element of vacillation charms the way a Piscean thinks and acts, and lives from day to day. Piscean instincts are keen in understanding that in most worldly matters, in order to gain here, one must suffer loss over there.

Like Gemini, our Twins, another dual representation, Pisces is always two fish, never just one.

As Greek myth so quickly explains: the evil monster Typhon, descended from Mount Olympus, and threatened all of the gods and goddesses. Aphrodite, and her son Eros, in particular, found themselves in need of escape. Two fish approached the goddess and her son and swept them away to safety. These two fish were later honored by being placed in the heavens. The constellation of Pisces represents two fish with their tails tied together.

It is believed that this legend is the reason why some religious ruling sects, Pisces ruling spirituality and religion, refuse to eat fish.

The relevance of the mythology of Pisces is often questioned in reference to Christian mythology. The fish symbolism is popularly used in Christianity to represent Jesus Christ and makes for attractive and simple automotive decals for windows and bumpers.

Furthering this connection, there’s a little thing called the "Precession of the Equinox". Every two thousand years, just as the sun moves through each of the twelve signs within one solar year on earth, so to does our world implore a new age.

As above, so below. Truly.

At the present time we are going through a transitional change; transiting through to the Age of Aquarius.

About six thousand years back was the Age of Taurus, when they worshipped a bull-- which is the symbolism of Taurus- a bull they called Apis.

Deuteronomy 9:21 states that Moses took the golden calf and "ground it into dust and threw it into the torrent that flowed down the mountain," ending the Age of Taurus and beginning the Age of Aries, four thousand years or so back, when sacrificing the ram-- which is the symbolism of Aries- was all the rage.

As you can see, the Precession of the Equinox works through the zodiac backwards. If we even survive through the Age of Aquarius, another two thousand years, we will move on then to the Age of Capricorn.

Christianity entered the scene at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, some two thousand years ago, and lending me back to my initial point: fish symbolism and its direct connection between religion and myth.

And so, the Age of Pisces was called the “Age of Deception” by some. Piscean symbolism does include deception, and schemes, illusion and the hidden parts of all things. Confusion. Fraud. Mystery.

However, Pisces also invents, realizes, and inspires; continuing on and contributing to photography, cinema, film and most eloquently, the silent films before talkies were introduced. Magic and magicians. The fantasy world of make-believe. And dreams.

Pisces takes on the entire spectrum of the subconscious, consciousness, and REM; religion, philosophy, and spirituality, including mysticism, devotion and monks; and then there’s yoga. And namaste...

We all have two fish.

It is where you find these two fish in your chart that you inspire through fantasy, suffer toward strength, and sacrifice all of your everything’s for the betterment and salvation of those who you do not even know and for those who you will not ever meet.

One fish for you. One to give. Sacrifice. Devote.

It is here in your chart you will find spiritual growth through solace and it will be here that you will seek out all things unknowable.

Whatever that looks like to you, blessed be.

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