Mars Square Pluto Transit – Inevitable Transformation

By Jamie VanZuuk

Astrology of February

One would imagine-- now that the sun is in Piscean waters once again and the New Moon/solar eclipse will occur at the end of the month in Pisces- that the energy around you and vibe in the air would be calming, pacifying and dreamy... but that is simply not the case.

Back in October our planet of aggression, Mars, connected with our planet of destruction, Pluto at 15° Capricorn.

Something happened. You likely remember...

If you didn’t experience a breakdown, as my descriptive choices of words above infer, you likely were rewarded with an empowering breakthrough, as Mars is also the planet of instinct and follow through, Pluto the planet of transformation and change.

When Mars and Pluto work together, amazing things can happen just as easily as completely devastating possibilities occurring; honestly-- the choice, as always, is truly yours. These two energies are highly combusting and terribly and powerfully willful. You will come undone. You will come through your undoing a thoroughly changed individual. You will never be the same.

These details are hardly calm, pacifying, or dreamy. However, the sun will work toward a conjunction with both Neptune and Chiron through these celestial movements, inspiring healthy leaps forward and honest walks of truth, providing any backlash be tempered or avoided altogether.

Mars will point the way to where you need to address change in your life by where the Mars/Pluto conjuction occurred in your chart back in October, to the direction you’re going now by where Aries is found in your chart. Something in these areas of your life is no longer needed or serving its highest purpose, or possibly even keeping you down.

You cannot move forward with this baggage, whatever this baggage looks like for you, weighing on you and exhausting any efforts toward your goals.

By the 21st, Mars makes a square connection to Pluto, triggering any selfish ambitions, dynamics of power and control, and any other fears or angers or anxieties to the surface, to be eliminated or destroyed or transformed in to something constructive or valuable.

Use these energies to rid yourself of useless waste, rather than adding to your wasting weight in baggage, because certainly, you could run the chance of encountering or acquiring more. Be mindful of this. More is not always a good thing, in fact, it rarely is.

Whatever evils rise from your secret closets of shame through the end of the month needs to see the light of day, to once and for all be exposed, dealt with, and eliminated. Many of your ego roles will want to seek out the spotlight, too; for example, greed, lust, envy, bitterness, vengeance, control, jealousies, anger, and hate.

If you find yourself allowing these ego roles to play themselves out, through yourself and/or with others, this is a sign from the universe that you need to take a step to the sidelines and reassess the situation and reflect on your behavior. And I suppose that this is very Piscean fashion...

Are you responding, or reacting?

Are you reacting through an ego role?, or through your genuine self?

Are you harboring pain, hate, and useless weight for yourself to enjoy later?, or as guilt for someone else? And furthermore, either way••• why?

Now’s the time, the time is now to let it go. Largely. Wholly. For good.

Ego will not help you now. Only love. Only patience.

You alone need to do this. Only you.

Remember the two fish; give one away. Give away what you no longer need. Allow yourself to swim with the currents.

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