Mercury in Pisces Transit

Mercury is transiting Pisces from February 25th to March 13th, 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

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Have you ever tuned out to the beat of a song or the lull of someone’s voice or the buzz of some type of movement going on about and all around you, consuming your senses and swallowing your parameters, allowing you to transport, mentally, hell, perhaps even metaphysical-ly, surrendering to the awe that is: a daydream?

I love to daydream. I do it often. I do it well. And I have an underhanded advantage; Mercury was in Pisces when I was born.

Mercury, our quick-witted winged messenger, aloof and contrary, logical and stir crazy, represents the way we communicate, think, and learn. Sometimes even our earliest conditioning can be understood through where our Mercury is found. Where Mercury is will likely provide a cornucopia of detail and meticulous verbiage of information.

Details need not only cover the territories of facts and truths and trivia and figures. Details also exist in the feelings.

Details exist within the inconsequential.

Or, furthermore, what you consider inconsequential to be, as Mercury considers feelings largely to be.

What does a Chakra look like to you, in your mind?

Can you feel the color green?, and if so, what does it look like, exactly? Details are needed here.

Are you capable of imagining a fly’s perspective of the room you’re in right now?

Mercury moves in to Pisces today until March 13, and you may notice the finely timed and tuned details of information will blur or smear, your attention will fade away from the facts and evidence and rather swim through the pointless, more symbolic content, of feelings or colors or sounds... is this even making sense to some of you, more Gemini or Virgo types!?-- no, not at all.

Mercury, and therefore Gemini and Virgo, prefer facts while Pisces prefers premonition, feelings, and hunches.

Looking at things from the other end, the other side, or on the flip flop is more appropriate now.

Down the rabbit hole, I suppose.

Intuition is keen when Mercury is in Pisces, which is an advantage to you, if only you tune in to it, because what is real may not seem or feel so real now, and what is imagined or felt or presumed or willed or creatively contrived may in fact be the only real thing to you.

Pisces, remember, is the last sign of the zodiac, spiritually consumed by each of the preceding signs accumulatively gathered through instinct and lesson, absorbing both the pains and the joys, and still seeing the love in everyone and everything.

Pisces is interconnectedness. The very minute any kind of disconnection occurs is the exact moment energy is capable of dying... and energy never dies, right, it simply changes form. Interconnectedness is the secret, the way, the light of energy itself.

Pisces is mutable in nature, meaning that changing forms is natural, shape shifting a way of life. Adaptation is key. Going with the flow.

Living your Truth.

Truth remains, yet, your experiences embraced and lessons learned through living your Truth will forever change and evolve and blur around the edges of your perceptions.

That’s the point, right?!

Expect not the unexpected in the next stretch of days, but rather an illusion, yes? Neptune is the planet of illusion and disillusion, inspiring that everything is not always what it seems, that our ideals are not, in fact, always what’s best or real. It is now that we must recognize that our best laid plans can always be plucked, purged, or perfected even further. That it doesn’t always matter so much what is real or unreal, but rather how something or someone makes you feel.

Does that make sense?

Pisces knows no bounds, recognizes no limitations of this world, and imagines... that anything is completely possible. So, how then, can you expect to pinpoint the exactness of anything for the next stretch of days!?

You won’t. You can’t. Because the only thing impossible about absolutely everything being possible is having either doubt or allusion about it.

Sometimes, or shall I say, most all times... it just is.

Logic is not welcome, in the traditional sense, when Mercury swims through Pisces, instead, only the type of logic that supports intuition, that supports that which cannot be seen or felt or known. Yet, it is.

Or, is it?

That’s Mercury in Pisces.

So, dream away, dream yourself silly, dream through the facts and the data and the hardcore statistics, and notice the colors of everything around you and the sounds that fill your ears and the way the air you cannot see touches your skin.

And the buzz hum being made by the inconsequential fly cruising around the room you’re in right now... Because at this very moment, in to each and every moment you experience, these kinds of facts are the only things that are real.

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