Venus Retrograde 2017 and Your Relationships, Love and Money

Venus is retrograde from March 4th to April 15th 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus Retrograde 2017

This week the sun connected with Neptune at 12° Pisces, which, in turn, completed a solar cycle that began last year, on February 28th at 9° Pisces, when the sun last connected to Neptune.

What were you dreaming about at that time last year?
Looking back, what was smoke and mirrors, and what was real?
Taking what you’ve learned since last year, what truth are you now speaking, living?
How are your ideals being maintained or destroyed?
What inspires you now that didn’t then? Do you see any differences?

If you’re able to honestly reflect on these questions, you may begin to understand the Neptunian difference in influence when I refer to "real" and "unreal", "illusion" and "disillusion."

The sun will continue on, to move forward, leaving Neptune in Pisces as the sun shines upon each sign in a monthly sequence until again, on March 3rd, 2018 at 13° Pisces, the sunshine will illuminate Neptune’s Piscean waters once again.

Take this time to be clear with not only yourself, but with others. Neptune has a way of clouding the waters in a way that has you seeing things, not as they are, but as you would prefer to see them. This is not always a good thing.

Mercury connects with Neptune at 12° Pisces, offering a bit of a do-over, if you will, regarding daydreams and idealistic thinking... it is also an aspect traditional astrologers would warn one of against scandal. Be mindful not to take this too far, as something else begins to take motion, something I have been *warning* ya’ll about for some time... Venus stations to retrograde at 13° Aries.

The last time Venus was retrograde was in July 2015, at 0° Virgo and moved back through Leo and the last time she was retrograde in the sign of Aries was in March of 2009.

When Venus is retrograde, she is also closest to Earth. Venus retrogrades approximately every two years and these periods of time are important times to know, especially in regard to relations of love and money, both of which are Venusian themed ideas.

Venusian ideas embody everything we assign value to; love, our relationships with one another in love, marriage, commitment, devotions, romance, romantic love, people and places of beauty, comfort, self worth and esteem, abundance, and finances in general, including investments, collateral, savings, interest, and bonds, stocks, and 401K.

It is time now to evaluate what you value. For real.

Already, just in time, I myself am experiencing, and am hearing all around about, past lovers surfacing in one way or another, needing closure, resolution, or, more dramatically, seeking to reignite a flame that possibly never went out completely. Do what makes your heart happy, but, particularly now, with so much Neptunian energy abound, be careful not to feel too much in to it, as it could all blow over by mid-April.

Take these odd manifestations as direction to turn inward, and ask yourself:

What am I needing to revisit from my past?
What did I value at that time in my past?
What in my life holds much more value than I realize?
Does this valuable idea in my life presently fulfill me?
Am I capable of fulfilment?

When Venus retrogrades it is not a good time to move forward with finances, or in relationships. Again, a traditional astrologer would warn one against moving on to the next level in somewhat committed relationships, proposing engagement, or exchanging vows while Venus is retrograde. Likewise, any new financial investments made through these times are likely to flip or flop once Venus stations direct again on April 15th.

In my experience-- I must add here- I find it very interesting that this recent/current Neptunian influence precedes this Venus retrograde... what this suggests to me is that one should be terribly skeptical, and grossly realistic, before trusting in whatever memory from the past exposes itself presently, including whatever "opportunity" new or old, presents itself in the next several weeks.

This week also offered Jupiter opposing Uranus directly again, at 22° Libra/Aries, inspiring a restlessness. Mixed, again, with all of the Neptunian energy, this could imply a feeling of needing to get away, to walk, to embrace a nomadic lifestyle, going it alone, and leaving all behind.

To do something drastic. Daring. Or even dogmatic. Fancy free.

As fancy-free as you’d like to be now, or as drawn as you may be, magnetically, to find connection, and chemistry, and all that goes in to being with another human being, because when Venus retrogrades these connections made now can feel almost fated... you must keep focused, be practical and patient with yourself, and to only trust the facts now. Believe me, it feels almost sacrilegious suggesting such contrary ideas from what I believe myself, because you may deeply feel as though these ideas you hold now are real. And ultimately, all I want you to know now, is that they very well may be... but, they also may very well *not* be.

Beginning a relationship with someone new while Venus is retrograde can have disappointing repercussions once direct, such as dark secrets coming out or feelings being rearranged or one of you, ultimately, hasn’t been completely honest. Otherwise, these new blossoming romances can have an alternative effect, in that they tend to redirect the two of you, to teach you both something in life that is vital and affirming, to connect the two of you, almost deliberately, for better and worse, for a reason. The relationship may likely not survive, however, the two of you will be better for it.

In late April, once Venus has again stationed direct, you will notice more room in your heart than there is now. You will feel more gratitude, more appreciation, and more love than you do at this time. A deeper look in to your heart, in to your unconscious/subconscious patterning and conditioning, in to self-defeating behaviors you’ve developed over the years... because, well, mostly, you’ll have been through much, especially emotionally, but also because the Neptunian fog will have lifted, the blur will clarify, and the ideals you dream of won’t continue to feel obtainable, and you will be amazed at how much closer you are to putting the past in the past, behind you, and venturing forward, with new hopes, an openness for love, and the gumption needed to take your next step.

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