Mars in Taurus Transit – Keep Pursuing Goals Patiently and Practicality

Mars is transiting Taurus from March 9th till April 21st 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Taurus Transit

Mars moves in to tame and tethered Taurus on March 9th, from aggressive Aries until April 21st, 2017 slowing you down a bit in terms of bulldozing toward what you want and pursuing your desires, rather, patiently and with a persistence and practicality.

Several Taurean ideas: earthy/earthly passions; physicality; slow and steady wins the race; permanence; sensual pleasures; possessiveness; commitment; steadfastness; worthy, valuable, and accomplished; efficiency.

Taurus prefers to touch, see, and claim rather than feel, imagine, or wonder, as Taurus is of the earthy element, a solid and stable security is one that can be stood on. Taurus isn’t idealistic or hopeful, a daydreamer, or even very wishful. What is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t. Simple.

Once a Taurean mind is made up, it is final. Have you ever tried to charm a cow? Flirt with a bull? If so, it’s not likely you had much sway in that situation...

What this should tell you is that until/through mid-April (you should already know what it is you want or need and have already forcefully bullied down what it is you want or need, and now) you should be slowly and steadily staking out your claims, visualizing the victory of your goals being met, and committing to a practical and efficient course of action toward these goals. Your goals should be worthy of your time and energy and valuable in terms of consequence and conquest. Your feet should be permanently planted on the solid ground, stable and secure, digging your toes in to the soil. Stubbornly.

Like a bull.

Also, do not allow yourself to become distracted, swayed, or charmed by physical pleasures or passions. Do you have any idea how curious cows are!? Very.

Wait-- what was I talking about!? *wink*

Or, another Taurean fall... laziness.

Venus rules Taurus, but, uh oh, Venus is retrograde through Mars’ stroll through.... so laziness is a real creeper-upper now, folks. It’ll be all too easy to say "f*ck it" through these transiting motions.

Rise above. See yourself through. As the Revlon commercials boast••• you’re worth it.

Make plans, go after what you want.

Another Taurean slight is that owning *things* can become too important. Try to rise above on this note, too, as *things*, to Mars, are of little value.

Taurus, either way, prefers to hold out on anything until they’ve obtained perfection. This, too, could prevent success, but, go ahead. Give it a shot. Again, especially as Venus moves retrograde, perfection is simply unrealistic, as if it ever isn’t. Accept it.

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