Full Moon in Virgo - All of Your Fears, Doubts, Insecurities Need to Come to Their End

By Jamie VanZuuk

Full Moon in Virgo

I’ve asked you several times this month to ask yourself what is real and what is not and to consider what these answers mean to you. Now is the time to really swallow those answers and allow them to digest... the Full Moon is in Virgo, after all. Digestion is sort of Virgo’s "thing" *wink*

Not to overwhelm you with some long winded medical explanation about what digestion involves, allow me to share simply that digestion begins with the breaking down of food, of nutrition.

Now is the time to begin breaking down and chewing, metaphorically, all of the influences in your life that provide you nourishment, be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Because these influences are literally used by every fiber of your being, because thoughts are things, folks. Everything comes back around, doesn’t it? You are what you eat, so, swallow nourishment. Not garbage.

The Full Moon was exact at 22° Virgo and is currently releasing all of the leftover frustrations, harbored tensions hiding out within the lining of your stomach, the gumptions of your gut, even inside the caverns of your heart; all of your fears, your doubts, and your insecurities or resentments need to come to their end.

You need to digest.

Remember, Full Moons represent endings, not beginnings, and this one will connect to both Chiron and Pallas Athene in Pisces. Chiron, our wounded healer, and Pallas Athene, our fearless, courageous goddess of strategy and skill. With the inspiration of placement of these two asteroids... quite possibly anything is possible.

Anything happens all the time.

Problem solving and pattern recognition may occur to you now after serious analysis or even daydreaming, as Mercury backstrokes through the final degrees of Pisces. But reality must be recognized now over maintaining the sweeter, much softer, fluffier side of your potentially preferred unreality. Virgo needs hardcore reality, and practicality, and things that make sense while serving an efficient function and existing within a place that saves time and energy for everyone involved.

Nothing but the facts, ma’am.

Just as the stomach works to route and reroute everything broken down and passing through to the intestines; everything has its place and its necessary function.

And so do you in this lifetime.

Allow me to now ask you what your reality looked like in November of 2016. What were your daydreams? What began, what came to an end?

This Full Moon event in Virgo is now asking you to realistically take careful actions and responsibilities toward a mature and sustained effort in yourself. Especially in regard to those in your life, those you share space with. For you. It all comes together in the end, doesn’t it?

Mercury urges you to ask others for what you need, specifically because Chiron’s influence may provide a rather daunting feeling that you yourself must take care of what needs taken care of, and this is true. You do. And only you. However, we all need some graciousness from time to time and if there’s something out of your reach, it never hurts to ask. What’s the worst scenario? No? Then digest and move on.

And moving on should be easier to accomplish now, as the current t-square energies are building between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, urging you to be on your way, far away from whatever is holding you back, down, behind or beyond your best interests. With these gas giants, the harder you resist the more cumbersome your circumstances will become.

These power players provide powers of influence toward whatever in your life now is causing the pain, the fear, and whatever else is working against you and causing you to stay focused on what is not even real rather than recognizing the light, and the real... in seeing the potential of what could be instead of what was or wasn’t. Does that make sense?

Because of Saturn’s influence now, you may feel gloomy toward any frustrations you remain fickle about. With both Saturn and Chiron pointing out the hardcore realities together can be somewhat suffocating and a little dreary.

And that’s OK. To a point. But then, beyond that point-- it’s not.

You must will yourself to get over yourself at some point and recognize the light of day.

You must recognize the function of yourself in your own life.

You must see the real through whatever fog or smokescreens you’re living within.

Daydreaming is an awesome way to spend your time, honestly... until the dreaming part overtakes the day. When dreaming is all you’re doing, then Neptunian influences have once again so easily consumed you, by either fantasy, dreams, wishing it so, or run of the mill laziness, and even narcotic influence, yes? Neptune knows no boundaries, that’s the point of fog and mist and allure.

This is where Virgo steps in. To remind you of where your feet are. To assure you that your feet are, in fact, firmly planted on the ground and not floating. To stress to you how necessary you are to your Truth and your fears alike, (that these are most likely one in the same that you must befriend), and that you yourself, ultimately, will need to take that good, deep look in to yourself and be brutally honest with yourself. About everything.

And this is where you digest that pill of reality, right?

This is when anything becomes possible for you.

Anything happens all the time. As often as you swallow.

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