Mercury in Aries Transit

Mercury is transiting Aries from March 14 to March 31st 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mercury in Aries Transit

Mercury moves in to Aries today until March 31st, and where Mercury goes is where our thoughts go, and how we communicate is largely influenced, too.

Mercury is before the sun now, so our focus may not be up to speed yet, but we’re beginning to think about things in an Aries way-- actively (Aries) inspired (Pisces), you could say.

How you communicate this active inspiration may be much more forceful than usual, more clear, to the point, minus the details, and likely your volume will be much louder! Aries folks say what they mean, mean what they say and leave little left for interpretation or wonder. It’s rare to walk away from an Aries soul and ask yourself, "I wonder what s/he meant...?" No. Not likely.

Aries is brutally honest. Unrelentingly so. And with this, you also likely never question where an Aries was intending to go with their words. You’ll know.

While Mercury moves through Aries, Mercury needing details and Aries preferring to do without them as much as possible, it will be a challenge to keep both parties content. You may find that you’ll need the details when you don’t have them, and when you’ve done the research, you won’t need them.

Aries needs the big picture idea. A landscape of words, just the idea. Remember that Aries is cardinal in nature and wants only to begin things, not finish them. Aries plants the seeds and is off to plant more seeds elsewhere. It’s up to the fixed and mutable signs to take over after these trails are blazed.

However, this month could be ideal for instruction, placing orders, and making commands of others. Motivational speaking could really sway a group of people now. Anything that needs charge taken through words, ideas, and script, keeping in mind, of course, that your words, ideas, and scripture may sound or feel pushy or forced.

This said, confrontations are also likely, right? Mars rules Aries, and this aggressiveness may come out through words now rather than fists. Especially when your helpful and well intentioned orders, commands, and instruction are not warmly recieved. Aries can be bossy. And like with everything, there’s a time and place.

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