Sun Square Saturn - Balance between Give and Take, Idealism and Realism

By Jamie VanZuuk

March 18th, 2017

Mercury in Aries Transit

Today the sun in Pisces will square Saturn in Sagittarius at 27° and this could suggest a more conservative attitude overall to avoid a potential ultimatum.

The sun represents your livelihood and Saturn represents your authority, authority in general, and the limitations put upon your livelihood.

It wouldn’t be a wise day to gamble, take unnecessary risks, or talk back to those in authoritative positions.

The sun is still within orb of the Piscean stellium between Chiron and Pallas Athene, therefore Saturn is actively squaring these, too.

With Chiron comes control issues coming to the front, as well as issues held previously with authority, and dynamics of restrictions and fear.

With Pallas, any resolve necessary will be slow and steady, and with a square, obstacles could definitely be thrown in to the mix.

Either way, with energies toward either asteroid from Saturn, making mistakes and feeling inadequate is overwhelming, and you may even feel as though you’re being held back or down in some way. Feelings of optimism or hope may be difficult to conjure, however, a little could go a long way now. Yet, this should not be over compensated, as any hint of a pompous outlook will not be taken warmly.

Today should be a fine balance between give and take, idealism and realism, and the overall battle between good and evil.

Back in early December of 2016, the sun was conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at 18°, beginning a new cycle of innocence upon this brave new frontier you’re facing. If you’re able to navigate through the obstacles confronting you now, the sun will oppose Saturn in June from Gemini, which will offer a peak of fortune and fun for you to enjoy. If you continue to avoid your reality now and the lessons before you needing learned, fun and fortune will not be a possible outcome through the opposition.

Let go of what no longer lights you up.
Let go of your fears.

Let go of that powerfully pathetic feeling that you could ever, realistically, be in control of anything, at all, beyond the scope of your own actions and reactions.

Look at your limitations now as blessings rather than a punishment, a restriction, or an inconvenience in any way. Face these limitations as if they’re yours, own them, respect them, and enjoy the fun and fortune in time that comes with a conservative approach and a mature outlook.

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