Venus Retrograde 2017 Part II

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde occurs every year and a half-- approximately- and does so for six weeks-- exactly. This adds up to five times every eight years-- precisely. And these retrograde transits occur in the exact same places-- obviously.

You can’t make this stuff up!

If one were to map these cycles out, one would see-- clearly- that the orbital cycles which Venus moves forms the five points of a pentagram; sped up in a time lapse, one would see that this pentagram resembles a starfish, or flower.

More commonly known, and infamously feared, is Mercury’s retrograde; the planet of communication stirs up a frenzy of miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstandings.

When Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde a different sort of disorder occurs within our relationships; all partnerships, love interests, and relationships on all levels, and the feelings these connections conjure are fundamentally frenzied and feverishly fuzzy and freakishly frazzled.

However, because Venus is so generous, she provides an antidote to the fuzzy fever and heavy haze of emotional hangover. All the emotional contradictions, passions and confusions are all auspicious antibiotic to introduce new connections, and more importantly, new ways of making connections, as well as keeping them. Please note, the relationship between you and your self is a perfect place to begin.

As Venus moves through in retrograde, and then back again to where she left off, our patterns of emotional attachment will become more and more transparent, to both yourself and to others.

First, an erratic eruption of emotional energy will exude from the core of our innermost feelings. These feelings may be dark, most likely private, and deeply held in the security of our own psyche. Whether our feelings are a source from something or something we’ve learned to feel-- the truth is currently being exposed in a most independent way, as Venus shifted retrograde in Aries at 13° and will move backward as far as 26° Pisces, from March 5th to April 13th in totality, but the Piscean side of that will inspire further healing from your heart. If you’re willing.

Also being highlighted are all flaws throughout our current structures of security, only to strengthen our immunity, as well as our character, and, ultimately, to transform us. The healing process will break down all of our weaknesses, through the process of elimination, if you will, to raise awareness. An awareness we can embrace, to grow, to evolve, to fully conquer those vulnerable places within ourselves.

Ultimately, when Venus moves retrograde, a celestial opportunity exists to retreat for a bit, to reflect and reevaluate our values, our connections to others, and our commitments to/with others through both love and finances. It is a time to ask yourself if your inner needs are being met through your outer means, if there is a balance occurring there, and, if not, what needs to be tended to to make those very necessary adjustments?

Is the energy and love and time-- all valuable resources- that you put in to this, that, or them worth the energy and love and time you receive in return?

Yes? Awesome. Blessed be.

No? Why not? What needs to be addressed?

And if it’s not fixable, if no compromise is offered or possible, how are you able to disengage from the relationship between yourself and this, that, or them in order to redirect your energy, love, and time toward something viable, more valuable of your resources, and worth your efforts?

Either way, despite your own personal circumstances through this retrograded celestial evaluation of value and balance, two very Venusian ideas, your internal feelings will change or adjust or realign as needed or your external situation will need to. It’s simply universal law, folks.

The choice is yours, always.

But first, Venus will reach her inferior conjunction on March 25th at 4°57’ Aries; this is where she is between the earth and (conjunct) the sun, like when Mercury is cazimi, or within the sun’s light, and will therefore disappear from the sky for roughly five days. Venus will reappear in the skies, but as a morning star, representing to us down below that the focus we give to our most inner needs can be fulfilled if we first simply recognize that this is where we must begin.

Use this time to begin. Begin to get out of your own way and allow this personal interrogation you’re participating in to pave the way for new choices, new options, and new habits in behavior. Also, new values can be created now, grow happily and flourish, opening many new opportunities for happiness in time down the line. Quite possibly, your happiness hinges on a very archaic belief or innane notion about love or value or devotion that could easily be reevaluated, updated, and refined to align more appropriately with who you are at this point in your life and with who it is you wish to become.

Inferior conjunctions occur in intervals, as does everything, and these occur in the very same zodiacal position every eight years. The last time Venus went retrograde in Aries/Pisces was in March and April of 2009.

Reflect back to this time in your life.

In what state were your emotions, and how healthy were your emotions within your relationships?

As I stated above, because Venus is in Aries and Pisces, freedom and truth will be the theme. Freedom and truth at its finest. The truth shall set you free, as they say, but they also say that first it’ll piss you off. This will be no exception. Aries is powerful and emotionally independent while Pisces is emotional and powerfully resilient. You’ll likely not be too eager to learn what you’re inevitably learning about yourself and others now. But hold tight, it’ll get better. It always gets better...

This transit is asking us to consider, specifically, to ourselves, what it is we want to project to others, and then, more importantly, how it really is that we project ourselves, from the Others’ perspective.

How can we better identify to ourselves, to others?

What (un)intended message or mantra are we sending out in to the world?

And then, of course, ask yourself:

What is most important to me?

Is what’s important to me valuing me?, worth my energy, love, and time?, appreciating my energy, love, and time?

What, truly, is in my best interest?

By May, if you’ve used this transit’s energy appropriately, you’ll have broken barriers and bridges to start fresh on new foundations; you’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll accept love... all the better to love others with by October, when Venus and Mars finally connect in conjunction, an auspicious time to begin a new relationship, a new way, a new life in love.

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