New Moon in Aries March 2017 - A New Vision, A New Opportunity, A New Love For Life

By Jamie VanZuuk

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon at 7°37’ Aries on March 27th, 2017* inspires newness, everywhere, all around. It is the beginning of a new lunar year! You feel refreshed, revived, and reinvigorated, and you’ll likely be wanting to begin something, initiate something with someone, or create something brand new and all yours.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and prefers to blaze the trails where even angels fear to tread. Any doubt? That’ll only fuel Aries to go further, faster, more fiercely.

Aries will always go, see, do.

Aries often jumps first and thinks later... and you may be feeling the pangs within to do just that.

When the moon is in Aries, a certain amount of independence is needed. Preferred. Craved. And though the moon placement often suggests where we find nurtures, when in Aries, this nurturing needs to be on yourself, for yourself, with yourself... even if it’s for Other.

Ultimately, you must know you need to care for yourself first if you’re ever to expect yourself to care for Other.

This New Moon event is connected closely to Venus retrograde in Aries, only days after her inferior conjunction at 5 degrees. This suggests that a new frame of mind is necessary now, a new perspective, especially in consideration to love, finances, and anything that makes your heart skip a beat.

The influences of Venus retrograde connecting to the New Moon event could potentially spark newness in relationships you’ve been committed to or a new love interest or devoted relationship altogether, as well as an investment you’ve made previously beginning to offer you profit. Keep in mind, however, the retrograde detail; retrograde infers reassembling any loose threads, a reexamination of how you give and receive love, or a rerouting of how you ultimately plan to achieve the extraordinary chance so eagerly presenting itself to you now.

A little reflection is always golden.

The contradictions throughout this New Moon event may have you scratching your head more than once; be patient... you want to begin something meaningful, and most probably-- with someone, yet you may feel the need to go it alone for whatever reason, or to take the next step slowly, delicately, and quite possibly due to the overwhelm you’re experiencing from all of the newness and seemingly endless possibilities while you simultaneously have so many opportunities to go either way. Choose these opportunities carefully. Mindfully. With patience and maybe, if necessary, with some strategy. Don’t go jumping first only to potentially regret later what you didn’t account for, didn’t anticipate, didn’t allow.

Now, for you Aries out there, jumping first is natural, and despite whatever disappointments you find, you ultimately make due and prove your resiliency by dusting yourself off and/or finding brighter fires. But for those of you who were not born in late March, early April, you should be more practical about your choices now, fighting any impulsivity as you may not be as nonchalant about a potential disappointment or repercussion.

Go as you will... but, all that glitters, folks, isn’t always gold. If you have any inkling whatsoever that your restlessness is connecting to the emotional or physical manifestation of pyrite, resist the temptation.

But if you know in your brave heart that what you see before you is gold... go get it. Allow it and accept it. Begin this new lunar year with a new vision, a new opportunity, a new love for life.

*10:57pm EDT; 9:57pm CDT; 8:57pm MDT; 7:57pm PDT

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