Jupiter Square Pluto Transit in 2017 - A Turning Point

Jupiter Square Pluto 2017 - A Celestial Turning Point

By Jamie VanZuuk

March 30th, 2017

Jupiter Square Pluto

Today sees Jupiter squaring Pluto exactly at 19° Libra and Capricorn, respectively, which refers to, again, that metaphorical hum you’re hearing in the background. The hum is something you’ll hear in your peripheral throughout the year, however, these exact connections will offer revisions, reflections, and reconsiderations.

The first exact Jupiter square Pluto was in November 2016 and the last one will be in August 2017.

Jupiter, our jovial planet of expansion and "yes yes yes" arm wrestles with Pluto, our intense planet of transformation, yes, but also, ultimatum.

This exact connection will ask you-- or, the hum in the background will reach higher octaves, like static on a radio station, forcing you to acknowledge your placements at the moment and mindfully move forward from the inspiring, yet incessant noise- to compare with yourself where you’ve been and where you’re expecting to go and where you’re actually currently going.

You’re in a pivotal place now. Definitely a turning point.

I should mention now, too, that Mercury will station retrograde in early April, so anything that you need to begin, and it would behoove you to begin, it would be wise to begin early. As in now. Not later. True, the retrograde phase will occur in Taurus, so, initiating whatever needs initiated early could be easily procrastinated... keeping in mind, the winged messenger will back track in to Aries, again, where it is now, so... that should be your practical, resourceful motivation.

If you’ve done your research and your homework and all the backbending groundwork, then this exact connection will offer new doors opening. However, if you’re late to the party, it may offer obstructions, inconvenient detours, or disappointments.

Still, it’s a continuing opportunity to join the chaos, despite how late you’ve arrived. This is a celestial opportunity to confront yourself, at the same time as getting out of your own way, and-- simultaneously, just for good measure because Jupiter adores taking things too far- not bullying, manipulating, or willfully testing anyone or anything in the process.

Jupiter can be nescient, and that’s one of many things Pluto will not tolerate.

Good luck *wink*

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