Venus Passages Through Aries and Pisces - Feel It!

Venus Passages Through Aries and Pisces - Feel It!

By Jamie VanZuuk

April, 2017

Venus Transits

Venus is the planet of our charms, the love we feel, and the feelings we have about, well, anything... Venus is there when we love, when we smile, when we cry, and when we feel passion or pain, and Venus can be credited for the twinkle in our eyes when we’re happy or in love.

Venus is still retrograde, but has now moved through the 0° Aries point, which is the beginning of all creation, the very first degree of the zodiac, and back to 29° Pisces— somewhat of an incredible, however daunting, experience, as the asteroid Pallas Athene was passing through this exact point of degree, from 29° Pisces to 0° Aries, at the same exact time.

This is a pretty big deal, folks, because it just doesn’t happen that often at all. I mean, the very first degree of the zodiac, folks! Are you feeling this shift!?

The strings have been cut, allowing us to feel a renewed sense of joy, and a fresh sense of perspective...

As of now and through the last several weeks Venus has been under Mars rulership, however retrograded, and will now be moving back in to Neptunian influences in Pisces. Quite also an altogether and different feel, indeed, Pisces of course triggering a very real, however unreal, sense of illusion and dreamy, lifelike possibilities.... however fleeting they may be.

Anything is possible, folks; anything happens all the time. And now is no exception. Well.... it might be a celestial exception, actually...

Aries loves a dare and thrives on impulsive behaviors.

Pisces dares to love and thrives on intuition.

Venus herself, or, Aphrodite, doesn’t actually *do* anything.

Keep in mind that love, in reality, through a sociological lens, is not actually an action, but rather a feeling, a fleeting feeling at that.

She waits and she hints and she nudges and she influences and she muses and she infers and she manipulates and she flirts and she consumes and she inspires and she draws in and she intoxicates and she lingers and she placates and she disguises and she acquaints and she impresses and she arouses and she summons... she herself offers many things to each of us on an hourly basis really, but never does she actually *do* anything.

Not directly.

In Aries, Venus retrograde has highlighted areas in our lives that need more attention in regard to our sense of independence, or where we need to put more time aside for ourselves, even in an extended effort for Other or relationship, or why we need to defend ourselves against those who trespass our boundaries, or when we do or don’t need to compromise.

These are Aries ideas, truly.

I feel that this shifting is somewhat convenient, too, considering that the asteroid Pallas Athene is connecting to Venus— Aphrodite— just yesterday.

Aphrodite is a goddess known for love and sex and allure and desire while Athene, their father’s favorite, is revered as a warrior and celebrated for more reliable characteristics, such as strength and wisdom, strategy and insight.

Athene is the female version of Ares, god of war and ruler of Aries, and what is Mars important to us for? What about Mars can we rely on?

Action. Hands down. Doing. Mars *does* and Mars will.

So while Aphrodite appeals and inspires and arouses us, yesterday she potentially passed the metaphorical torch over to Athene in a beautiful effort to act upon some of the energies learned and inspired and developed through the retrograde, the inferior conjunction, and now, the passage back in to Pisces.

Pisces has very different intentions intended for Venus. Indeed.

Areas in our lives, again, which we so easily disregard, neglect or avoid, such as our balance and need for spirituality or our fight for higher purpose or instinct toward intuitive guidance, or connecting to/with Nature herself will be reviewed, reassessed, reflected, and reordered in our list of priorities. And we can rely on Venus to inspire this, arouse this, connect this for us, back to us.

But as Pallas Athene moves forward, directly, with confidence through Aries, she will strategically urge actions toward a realization of much and a renewed sense of self-actualization, and most importantly, an actual and metaphorical brand new you.

How do these two influences, those of Pisces and Aries, Aphrodite and Athene, Venus and Mars, have in your life right now? How have these ideas and ideals been changing through the retrograde phase? And largely, what seeds are you planting, in spirit of these energies, in your life— how are you doing your love, or, what steps are you taking or ideas are you entertaining in an effort to do (your) love?

These two goddesses will meet back together in the heavens again on May 25th at 19° Aries, many weeks beyond Venus stationing direct once again in Pisces, as she will have moved forward back through Aries, backtracking her previous steps to catch up with Pallas Athene, and, ultimately will offer a celestial opportunity to confront both the goddess and the warrior within us all.

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