The Lord of Karma Saturn Stations Retrograde

The Lord of Karma Saturn Stations Retrograde

By Jamie VanZuuk

April 6th, 2017

Saturn retrogrades occur just over every twelve months, lasting about 4 and a half months, and spanning 6° or 7° of the zodiac.. In 2017 Saturn is retrograde from April 6th till August 25th 2017 through 27° to 21st degree of Sagittarius.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn stations retrograde on April 6th at 27° Sagittarius until August 25th, moving back to the 21st degree of the centaurs sign, hand delivering your karmic gains, checking the balances still owed from karmic debts, and reminding you of everything in between.

In 2016 Saturn stationed retrograde on March 25th at 6° Sagittarius and stationed direct on August 13th later last year at 9° Sagittarius... what was happening-- or not happening- in your world at that time?

Saturn is our planetary Lord of Karma.

Retrograde cycles are a time when karma is sorted out; when you are celestially given a bonus or demanded to pay back a debt.

When Saturn moves retrograde, ultimately, this cycle will foretell how responsible you have been in the past, or will need to be in the future, to right any wrongs which may remain in your power.

Saturn retrogrades occur just over every twelve months, lasting about 4 and a half months, and spanning 6° or 7° of the zodiac. When Saturn retrogrades, times of limitation, restriction, anxiety and even fear (re)introduce themselves. It is during the previous months in these cycles which you will have been dealing with any issues involving your duties and responsibilities as they relate to your dependents and career that Saturn will focus in on. These issues should not come as a surprise to you, as it would with a Uranian cycle or uncover any hidden truths the way a plutonian cycle might.

Whatever area of responsibility you have been developing through this last retrograde season is so important, that when Saturn stations retrograde, the extra time is needed to take care and make sure everything is in order before you continue. You may be given tests to ensure your determination and commitment to these responsibilities, karma teaching you lessons along the way which will endure as time goes on.

This is Saturn at his finest: timing.

When Saturn retrogrades, if you have been struggling with something, this cycle will allow you to admit your struggle and provide you time to resolve, fix, intervene, or surrender before the problem becomes too drastic to handle. You could be offered, once more, a lesson you refuse to learn or are doled out a debt you owe from past grievances. This is also a period when rewards may come to you if you’ve done your work and learned your lessons and not trespassed any boundaries of conduct between you and the universe.

By the time Saturn stations direct on August you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase next year.

Because of Saturn’s heaviness, retrograde cycles tend to feel longer, harder, and, well, heavy. Saturn is the planet requiring more work, harder work, and longer hours-- he’s the employer you cannot quit despite what little pay you receive; it’s the blessings in moral mind and conscience that are well worth the reward.

Please understand that Saturn’s cycles do need patience and effort in order to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Saturn retrograde in the chart could introduce a number of symptoms, such as melancholy, depression, loneliness or fatigue. An overall lack of motivation can feel, again, pretty heavy when Saturn is behind it. Whatever in your life you are struggling with will be highlighted in very harsh lighting. Events or relationships will continue to reinforce the problem, especially during Saturn retrograde phases, until you learn your lesson. Remember, Saturn highlights the symptoms to an ailment, not always the ailment itself. The key here is to pinpoint the ailment, the problem, the sickness in order to alleviate the symptoms.

As I’ve mentioned, when Saturn entered his retrograde last March, you likely learned, realized, or admitted to yourself the details within your life that are in need of repair, new instruction or educating, or responsibility. Or, in other words, this is when you likely noticed the symptoms.

In these last several months, if you’ve taken efforts within your power to repair or respond to these issues or symptoms, your lessons through retrograde may be a bit more gentle than if you squandered opportunities to work on what needs attention. See? Karma. Timing.

With Saturn it’s all about doing the work.

This month Venus will square Saturn as she migrates back in to Pisces through retrograde and will linger a little longer in this aspect as she will station direct mid-month and begin back toward Aries while Saturn will appear suspended in time within his own orbit so very far away. When Venus and Saturn arm wrestle, our hearts can feel sore, our instincts to trust and love and give rescind, cautiously and coldly, and this is especially true when *both* Saturn and Venus retrograde, which will be a week’s worth of potentially frustrating energy, from April 7th until the 15th.

Because of this matching to begin the station, somewhat painful lessons may need to be endured through this retrograde transit.

If you’re recovering from an injury, healing from past trauma or pain, or moving onward from disappointments you may find this transit to be rather uncomfortable, potentially depressing, and somewhat of a slowdown in any progress being made so diligently previous to this station. Overall exhaustion could manifest, a hollow loneliness could surface. You may lose sight of the clear focus you had only weeks ago.

Please be mindful that this, too, shall pass.

Now, when Venus squares Saturn, your relationships with others, especially those with love intimately bonded or those where money is shared, are up for scrutinizing scenario, bringing out every problem you’ve managed to put off to deal with now.

The ultimatum is Saturn at work.

As much as you’d rather hole up underneath a rock and hide, this is the time to act, to work, to right any wrongs, especially in regard to those you love or owe money.

Despite this friction in energies that will inevitably play out-- for instance, if something needs to break, it’ll break- I am stupidly optimistic and must see the opportunity in everything... and with Venus and Saturn squaring, I see the opportunity being auspicious for alone time, time spent for yourself by yourself or with a very special Other that you’re comfortable with as they may see the harsher versions of you, and you them. Also, it’s an excellent time to really break through the fluff with one another, to be rigidly honest and reexamine duties and responsibilities, and... expectations.

When Saturn moves retrograde, it’s a time, again, as you would with any retrograde, to reflect. This Saturn retrograde, specifically, will concentrate largely upon past disappointments in both love or with money. Take the time to really delve in to this, folks. Really. You owe yourself this introspection. What are you really capable of? And once you’re to a point where you can honestly assess this question-- what is holding you back? Really.

Remember: it’s simple universal law that whatever goes up will inevitably come down, so, considering how down you may feel... there will inevitably be an upswing. In time.

And, in mentioning upswings, allow me to offer an overall upswing••• Saturn, through this retrograde, will make a happy connection to the transiting North Node, which represents a point of destiny. This aspect suggests strongly that by enduring what this transit is offering you you will be stepping that much closer toward your Truth, toward your fears, toward your own personal transformations. And finally, because it is Saturn, asking for help or guidance from elders or from those you sense a maturity or honesty from would only strengthen this process for you.

Saturn will retrograde next on April 17th of 2018 until September 6th from 9°-2° Capricorn. That’ll be a whole new bag, ya’ll.... wow... it would truly be in your best interest to get your ducklings in a row now and to rid yourself of all unnecessary and/or unwanted weight, strings and chains holding you back from the you that you came here to become.

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