Daily Moon Phases – Moon Moods for Everyday Life

Daily Moon Phases – Moon Moods for Everyday Life

By Jamie VanZuuk

Daily Moon Phases

What’s the use of astrology if you’re unable to apply it in your life from day to day? Honestly.

Let’s make astrology personal to you, shall we!?

Let’s start with the moon and where it is from day to day.

You’ll keep a journal of your moods-- in particular, but also your routines-- and if or how they’re working for you; intimacy issues; and day-to-day comings and goings overall. Also, the beginnings and endings of things.

In a months time you’ll be able to look back on your month and associate each day with a zodiacal placement.

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June 21st 2017 MOON MOODS•••
Taurus Waning Crescent Moon, Part 2

The Taurean moon is currently conjunct Venus and making connections to both Mars and Juno for much of the afternoon, so... it should be a deliciously lovely day.

All around.

Your dealings with others, any comings and goings, either business or personal energy... you should be able to enjoy an ease, unless, of course, your personal context prohibits or disallows this.

Later, Neptune and Pluto come to the party casually late and add a dreamy (Neptune) seriousness (Pluto), suggesting that if you dream it or think it you can make it happen.

Release, release, release your burdens, your weight, your fears, your excuses, your denial, your guilt, your drama.

My advice: prepare for Solstice salutations tonight as the sun moves from 29° Gemini to 0° Cancer at 9:29pm PDT* to welcome light and love-- and the manifestations of your wildest, nurtured dreams!

*12:29am EDT June 21st; 11:29pm CDT June 20th; 10:29pm MDT June 20th

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June 20th MOON MOODS•••
Aries/Taurus Waning Crescent Moon

This morning began with the moon, still in the last degrees of Aries, applying a conjunction to the conjunction between asteroid Pallas Athene and Uranus at 27°/28° Aries, and thereby connecting to the sun and Saturn.

Remember that the ongoing conjunction between the asteroid and the planet of awakening represents daily solutions through outsider or beginner’s mind perspectives, involving insightful ideas or controversial concepts that could invite upset or, at the very least, seem or appear strange at first. But, nonetheless, a solution is just waiting to be noticed and applied. The moon’s illumination through this conjunction could manifest more metaphorically here, although, I wouldn’t be too surprised, either, to learn that you enjoyed a moment of eureka this morning, the moon’s light guiding your way, allowing for you to stumble upon the solution.

Do try to get a large bulk on your responsibilities fulfilled and your work load tackled before later this afternoon, while the moon still moves in Aries and there’s a feeling of impatience lingering. Something like a frantic frenzy before a big fade. It will not be until 3pm PDT* that the moon will plunge from urgent and busy Aries to much more relaxed and satiated Taurus, moving void of course for the remainder of the day.

Taurus loves nothing more than to not be rushed by anything or anyone, and you shouldn’t be... If you are, likely what you’re being rushed to do won’t come to anything anyway. So just breathe. Go home and enjoy a delicious dinner and feel fulfilled in a busy, productive day.

*6pm EDT; 5pm CDT; 4pm MDT

June 18-19 MOON MOODS•••
Aries Waning Crescent Moon

Cardinality represents initiations. All energies including Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn each exhibit a varying degree of go get’em, establishing each step in accomplishment, through independence and courage in Aries, by perseverance and strategic moves in Cancer, with compromise and partnering for strength in Libra, and in going above and beyond all traces of doubt with determination and drive in Capricorn.

The Aries moon today will move through 13° Aries and will square Juno in Capricorn at 13° and oppose Jupiter in Libra at 13°, thereby forming a t-square energy with a void in Cancer at 13° however, Mars very close at 9° Cancer... potentially challenging any progress being made or attempted in the way of accomplishing true inner self assertiveness.

Yet, there’s much more to it... and the choice, always, is yours to choose.

Consider for a moment that this inconvenience or delay or whatever it is could actually be a celestial blessing, averting your attention away from this or that might delay a disaster or obliterate the opportunity for one at all. There’s at least two ways to think of it, aren’t there? You could choose to consider any inconvenience as a personal affront or... a heavenly gift.

This circumstance will only be exacerbated with the Jupiterian energy, and compromising, even with the universe, may simply not be an option now. Still, by harboring even the slightest amount of hope should guide you through knowing the difference.

Again, a cross would fall at 13° Cancer, while Mars is currently moving through the ninth degree of Cancer, suggesting the possibility of solution through an assertive acceptance of what you cannot control. This might look like going against the grain, or like compromise, but nonetheless, it just may work.

This may all be an early-to-mid morning predicament, and the moon will quickly move through the thirteenth degree from around 9:48am to 11:33am PDT* and will then begin to dissipate in intensity.

The moon will move on and connect to asteroid Vesta.

Remember that Vesta represents a space within us all that fulfills us, and we endure much to satiate this need, to supply this demand, and naturally, if there should come a time when this cannot be so, we react the way one would when hearing of a loss, rather than an affront or an attack.

If you’re unable to accept what cannot be changed, a loss may be the result. To keep the fires burning, simply accepting should not be such a sacrifice, but a surrender to your self and your ego urges.

Later, much later in the day, the moon will connect to Ceres, allowing for time to nurture, both yourself and those around you, and to protect those ever-burning fires... choose that inner, sacred space within yourself, choose to release all that burns, choose to maintain the flames of your fire. And choose to accept what you cannot change... which is a very assertive, however gentle, way of releasing whatever is holding you down or back.

June 16-17 MOON MOODS•••
Pisces Moon - LA DEE DA

Blah, blah, blah... la dee dee da, what a dreamy morning, yes!?

If not dreamy, maybe illuminated? Maybe boundlessly whimsical?

The Pisces moon has been moving void of course all morning and has only recently made its first aspect, to Mars in Cancer, making the declaration that you’ll likely feel a jolt of energy, or, likewise, an urgency to accomplish something.

Remember that Mars is currently ruled by the moon, so "action" is not necessarily what one would ordinarily connect to the idea of action, but rather a movement in mood or behavior or routine. It’ll be a good time to begin a new routine or habit, or quit an unhealthy one.

The energy today is quite watery, suggesting that swimming with your feelings and your thoughts is desired... maybe even exigent. Listen to your inner voice today, it’s a day to communicate with your inner self on all levels.

Later in the day a connection to Venus will also be made, and whatever efforts you’ve made thus far should all fall into place quite nicely for you. Otherwise, ask yourself, your inner self, if maybe there’s a reason it’s not.

June 14-15th MOON MOODS•••
Aquarius Waning Gibbous Moon - BE HERE NOW

What do Saturn and Uranus have in common?

Saturn is detached and determined and strategic.

Uranus is detached and determined and strategic.

What does strategy, detachment and determination have in common with Saturn and Uranus?

In a word: Aquarius.

What does Aquarius represent, above all? Utopian like ideals... if it doesn’t work for everyone involved, then it simply won’t do. C’mon, it’s not impossible.

The Aquarius moon asks you to remember that both Saturn and Uranus rule the lunar energy today, indicating both extraordinary hope and a mature dose of authority to guide your hope along.

Saturn is simply a bit more safe, stern, greedy and conservative about an idea or goal or game plan or arrangement or commitment, whereas Uranus is daring, unapologetic, humanitarian, and unorthodox.

Still, these tactics you’ve been demonstrating may be going against the flow, in one way or another, as this moon squares Venus, potentially alienating those around you or working directly with you. This, in turn, may leave you feeling ambivalent, as the Aquarian moon may not lend you much in the way of fleeting feelings or elusive emotions.

Universal law dictates that anything going against the flow will not flow, yet, isn’t that what Aquarius does? Goes against the flow? Yes, in ideals (Uranus), but not in action or procedure (Saturn)... consider electricity, aerodynamics, and the central nervous system within the human body.

This cool disseminating moon may scatter your focus in several directions; you’ll have much on your mind and many ideas to illustrate as much. Attempting to collect every random, brainstorming detail in an effort to strain these into only one, collective focus will do more for you now and tomorrow than it will by Thursday.

Once the moon moves in to Pisces you’ll be bound to the (dis)illusions of your weaknesses, your notions of grandeur, and your sensitivities... which, now, let’s be honest, are only a distraction. The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on Saturday will ask you, while squaring the sun and connecting to Chiron exactly at 28° Pisces, to decide upon what the ultimate validation would need to be for you to embrace your own loveliness, your own charms. Your Truth.

So, back to today, in what Uranian ways are you able to test the many saturnine foundations all around you?, which is likely what you presume to be in your way, yes? All of those good’ole boy systems, corruption of whatever kind, tried and true traditionalist ideas and beliefs and the cold, steely, stern, stoic, secure symbols of success or faith and goodness, or righteousness, such as economics or religion, politics, or even the entire system... when maybe, just maybe, these saturnine structures aren’t actually in your way, but rather, a tool you either haven’t needed before or never learned how to utilize to your advantage.

What are these things, really? Just that: things. They just are.

Work/live your life around them.

From 4pm EDT* until 10pm EDT, the moon will apply an exact grand trine in air at 13° with Jupiter in Libra and Mercury in Gemini; indicating both enhancement and achievement, however, you must identify with that which you cannot necessarily explain... yet again, thoughts are things and your worries will only wear you down.

You must identify with your tools or they will continue to work against you.

If you’re seeking out a change you should possess a sense of wonder and see everything around you as an advantage, a solution, and a gift instead of focusing your precious energies upon everything in your world that’s "wrong" or what rules you’ll need to break.

You are exactly where you need to be at exactly this moment in your life.

Do you believe this to be true?

Do you put your faith in to this theory?

If you do, this in itself is a sacred tool for your survival.

Be here now.

When you’re given the tools you’re able to use them to your advantage, even if they aren’t the most appropriate tools to be found.

What tools do you find sprawled around you? Tools that would otherwise look differently, but now appear to be helpful, strategic even.

It’s truly amazing how creative the human spirit can become when cornered, threatened, deprived or depleted... and maybe not to such a dramatic degree have you found yourself in these predicaments, heaven help you, but you also understand at this point in your life that you are at a crossroads and there is no turning back now.

What are your tools?

How do you plan to carve out your future with these tools?

May your vision be clear, and your whimsy boundless.

*3pm- 9pm CDT; 2pm- 8pm MDT; 1pm- 7pm PDT

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June 13th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••
Capricorn Waning Gibbous Moon, Part 2

Tomorrow the moon continues through the later degrees and makes a cranky connection to both Uranus and Pallas Athene before moving in to Aquarius, suggesting that, despite your best intentions now, your mind wants to delve into your heart matters and your heart wants a say in your mind matters... and sometimes these two matters won’t blend.

As much as you need to feel free you also need to think you’re supported emotionally.

You may be feeling somewhat alienated, far-fetched, and strange.

Tomorrow may be one of those days that feels untouchable, or that you’re unapproachable, or maybe you’re feeling invincible?

It’s intimidating, regardless.

Tomorrow will be a day for you to remember your body, your flesh, and your presence, because you are most certainly not invincible. Yet, you want to enjoy a safe place, somewhere you can go to really, truly feel like yourself, unapologetically. Somewhere, outside of yourself, beyond your flesh, to blend yourself in to. To become a part of...

You’ll really need that tomorrow.

Go out of your way to feel this.

June 12th MOON MOODS•••
Capricorn Waning Gibbous Moon

Earlier today, the moon opposed Mars while also reaching out to Venus, lightening the mood exponentially from yesterday’s somber tone, and opening up to more optimistic volumes.

Later, the earthy Capricorn moon will connect with both Juno, then Pluto, though still applying toward a conjunction with each until noon tomorrow, and later tomorrow evening, respectively. As the hours come and go, you’re seeking out the truth of something, however, keeping your own Truth private, or at the very least, still only tipping your toe into the bathwater before plunging in.

That’s fine. Take your time...

Since the full moon event, you’re driven toward, forward, now closer more than ever to the goal, to the prize... to the ultimate destination in living out your god-given gifts.

It’s only a matter of when at this point, though it might not be as immediate as you previously planned, as we’re constantly in motion, ever-reaching for a larger idea, a better ideal, a higher reality.

This moon is asking you to distribute your energies, even if it means delegating your responsibilities to those that can see them through better than yourself at this time, possibly within the familial boundaries, and to focus your attentions, instead, to the hard decisions that are now in front of you. These decisions involve emotional attachments, extreme choices, and an urge to connect your love to the love of something much larger than yourself... again, in time.

Luckily, Capricorn is unendingly steadfast and forevermore diligent in patience, pragmatism, and power. This is to your advantage, truly. Take this time. If there’s one thing Capricornian energy knows best is timing.

Use this.

Other joys of Capricornian energy is duty, authority, reputation, and function. And above all, kinship, legacy, and the hard work both of these demand.

Remember from where you’ve come, cos as far as you go from there, you’ll always hold it within.

June 11th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••
Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon

The moon is a degree away from Saturn as I write this... ya’ll feeling a weight upon you?

There’s a heaviness, for sure, upon what is likely the question.

This conjunction also makes a connection to Uranus, very closely connected to Pallas Athene, suggesting that it’s your own questions, your own thoughts, and your own strengths that are weighing down on you in strange, extraordinary ways.

Delays, inconveniences, unexpected disappointments, and/or frustrations can be expected.

The waning gibbous moon asks you to focus now... focus on your weight. Really feel it. The solution is always found through the chaos, your strength, through your weakness.

The day is yours. Do with it what you dare.

June 10th 2017 - Sagittarius Full Moon

There’s some unique differences with this lunar event. How do Sagittarius and Gemini stand out among the zodiac? The Twins are human, the centaur, half-human, with the brain and voice of reasoning within the human portion of the creature. Straight away this implies a more inward feel, a more logical stream of processing, a more mindful experience.

Read the full post: Sagittarius Full Moon June 2017 - VENI VIDI FECI

June 9th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Sagittarius Waxing Gibbous Moon

It wouldn’t surprise me if you experienced some sort of breakthrough or personal epiphany or serendipitous type of eureka moment today... something of the tone and depth you feel when you’ve really learned a lesson, when it hits down deep, this unbelievable understanding.

Do you know what I mean?

Until just before 9pm EDT* the moon is still moving through the very last degrees of Scorpio, one could argue are the most wise, most relevatory (yes, I just made that word up) degrees of the scorpion, when one is beginning to understand, really understand the lessons of transformation, metamorphosis, and spiritual rejuvenation, and, wouldn’t you guess, making a connection to our wounded Chiron.

These awakening experiences today will be healing. Truly, they may hurt. Still, despite the pain inflicted, it is wholly intended to heal, to soothe, and to rebuild your brokenness, wherever that should be.

Keep in mind that vulnerability is of the essence now. We’re all broken, friends. We’re all in constant transition of becoming healed, whole, and reborn again. As soon as you heal one wound, you’ve gone and injured yourself again, metaphorically speaking; because we love, and love is vulnerable, and love hurts. Love, even when it feels so good, and you’re overwhelmed with it, by it, for it... you’re lacking it somewhere else.

What are wounds, but our bodies way of restoring.

Uniquely, the energy of our own love, both physiologically and metaphysically, heals our wounds. This really isn’t too complex an idea, yet, many of us continue to starve ourselves of this magical source, the antidote of ego, and for what reason?

You’ll likely stumble upon the reason today.

Don’t be embarrassed. You’re a work in progress.

Then, after this hour, the moon moves in to Sagittarius and opposes Mercury, encouraging a social security after several days of inward stewing, and reflecting, and analyzing over your soft spots and scabs... a celestial opportunity to confront both yourself and your vulnerabilities... what an opportunity to tell your loved ones all about your newest revelation.

*8pm CDT; 7pm MDT; 6pm PDT

June 7th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Scorpio Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2
This Little Light of Mine

Last month’s Full Moon in Scorpio on May 9th introduced, first, a Scorpio Waxing Gibbous Moon, and this moon made a connection to Vesta... when a Scorpio moon makes a connection to Vesta it’s suggested that an instinctive urge is beckoning you, yet, as it’s a square connection, you may be continuously denying the need to address whatever it is.

Reflect, if you will, back to last month’s Full Moon. Because quite likely today’s flame will grow more fierce from that spark, if, of course, you’ve been participating in your own fire.

What’s new? What’s the same?
What light does your fire provide you?

Remember, where Vesta is in your/a chart is where you must keep the fires burning as there’s always even the smallest spark of a light within that never, ever fully goes out.

Your emotions need to connect to your Truth, and this connection needs to be nurtured now through the connection to another. You may even be asked to make a decision, a difficult decision, or choose between one or another this or that, him or her, etc. This, truly, is the least of the matter, whereas how you approach and apply a solution, or make an honest decision based on truth and honor, is what needs to be focused on.

What’s also important of this moon is that it will make connections to its modern ruler, Pluto, strengthening its potency and allure. This connection will be felt throughout the entire day.

Auspiciously, you’ll understand those around you in a far deeper, more emotionally intelligent, way, almost instinctively. If you can expose a vulnerability about yourself to others, they’ll reciprocate this truest exchange of connection with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if strangers approach you to tell you tales of yesteryear or you yourself sharing more personal thoughts or feelings with the most unlikely of characters. There’s just a particular vibe in the air. Perhaps, under ordinary circumstances, all of this would have you feeling rather naked and insecure, but not today. Today it empowers you. And if you participate, you’ll likewise be empowering others to empower themselves.

Because Juno is still so close to Pluto, the moon will, too, make a connection to Juno, suggesting that by sharing your vulnerabilities, your decisions, your allure, and your light with your Other, be it a wife/husband, fiance, life partner, or significant other, you’ll be gaining the most from these energies, allowing your light to grow brighter.

And you know what they say about a flame... it never goes out, even when? especially when? you share it.

June 6th MOON MOODS•••

Scorpio Waxing Gibbous Moon

Today offers no major planetary aspects.

And the Scorpio moon is void of course.

This morning the moon made a connection to Mars, in an effort, possibly, to charge forth and get done what was in need of getting done, too prepare for late morning...

Since then, the Scorpio moon has been moving through the motions, without contact, deep sea diving the mysterious depths of human complexities and fears, as we do with a Scorpio moon, in search of meaning, intimacy, and connection.

May your connections be healthy and holy and may your meaning be true.

June 5th MOON MOODS•••

Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

Today the moon continues through lovely Libra, making connections to Pluto as I write, then later opposing Pallas Athene, Uranus, and finally Venus, all the while touching base with Saturn, to keep emotions grounded, I’m sure.

All the buzz around Pallas Athene, Uranus, and Venus still lingers even as Venus is moving on, Pallas following, though much more slowly, and as the moon triggers these feelings once more you may notice, much like an electric charge, something of a zap, or zirp, or zplat!

Now, it’s completely likely you’ll be unable to choose words, legible words, to assign to your feelings today, despite the logical balance of Libra. The Libra moon opposing the Aries stellium is imbalanced and unequal, lacking the equilibrium Libra so prefers. Luckily, the Libra moon holds a tight grip upon Saturn through the day, reassuring a sense of stability among all the zaps, zirps, and zplats.

Today is also an excellent day to do something out of the ordinary. Spice it up, mix it up, just even a little. With the opposition to Uranus, going with the flow of trying something new helps balance this imbalance and will appease both Uranus and Libra.

Since the moon is in Libra, may I suggest something relaxing, something that makes you feel pretty, or handsome, whichever, something that makes you smell nice. A spa, a soak, or maybe yoga or painting or window shopping?

It will likely be quite refreshing for you, too, to mix it up, and could allow you a sort of respite in that through a new activity you could begin to see things in a new way. Possibly even an ability to put words to your feelings by the end of the night.

We are still among a big beginning, friends, and we’re working toward, and building for, the Sagittarius Full Moon late Thursday night, and will see a gibbous moon through both Scorpio and Sagittarius before then. This represents gaining an understanding of how you must evolve and transform through these lessons and find your vision. Also, Jupiter will station direct in Libra, while Mars will move in to Cancer in an hour, emphasizing the bigness of it all and needing to protect it.

You’re slowly walking toward a realization, and ultimately, a true understanding of how you live your truth. So take a day to breathe.


June 4th MOON MOODS•••

Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon IT’S ALL HAPPENING

The moon enjoys moving through Libra, despite Libra being an air sign, and therefore more logical and rational than the emotional moon will allow, our feelings have a much more comfortable way to be analyzed and assigned meaning, without the overwhelming application of mood swings or emotionally charged and erratically simple feelings.

So, our feelings make more sense in Libra. There’s an approval, for the more logically-minded, and a certain kind of resolve, promising a new awareness, a different perspective, a brave bearing of initiative.

Maybe even a breakthrough of some kind?

The Libra moon moves in application to a conjuction with Jupiter the entire day, finally connecting exactly at 9:45pm EDT* at 13° Libra, making connections also to the sun, Saturn and Pluto. It is curious, too, to realize that by tomorrow the moon will be opposing the very recent Venus/Uranus conjuction.

When the moon combines energies with Jupiter, in particular, it is with much more ease you are able to feel optimistic, to believe in good fortune, and a primal, genuine feeling of generosity, in and of yourself, as well as toward others, friends and foes alike.

It is, most appropriately, the time to begin!

It’s important to harbor a good attitude and intend right action on all cylinders, as what you’re doing now is planting seeds to be tended to through the remaining months of the year. Because Jupiter is currently retrograde and will station direct again on the 10th, when Jupiter is still making this friendly connection to the sun, this jovial energy will be strong for another two weeks or so, but most intensely, in the next few days.

The thirteenth degree of Libra represents a sense of wonder; it’s truly the little things in life that make the largest impact, and it’s the most courageous thing to dream those "impossible" dreams because it is these dreams that inspire the manifestations necessary to sustain the reality that only exists now in your imagination.

Truly, this degree is not in support of mindless, careless, or frivolous chasing of an idea that is beyond ridiculousness, as these energies make an awkward connection to Neptune... but if it holds your attention, continually, unrelentingly... maybe you’re on to something. Just be mindful to ask yourself if you’re really seeing things as they are and not as you wish them to be.

Now’s the time, the time is now to feel the unapologetic force that is You. Hell, you’re almost being beckoned by the energies of the universe to pursue yourself and your dreams. As hippies reassure, "it’s all happening..."

This transit is all about falling in love with who you are, with who you are becoming, with what you share of yourself with the world.

*8:45pm CDT; 7:45pm MDT; 6:45pm PDT

June 3rd 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Virgo Waxing Gibbous Moon/Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon

Yesterday’s t-square energies actually form a mutable grand cross today between the Virgo moon, Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Gemini, and Chiron in Pisces before the moon moves in to Libra by 8pm EDT* and breaking the cross intensity, yet, lingering still.

It is important to include here a little bit of astrological rule: when the moon makes connections to both Mars and Saturn by square, as it is, it produces quite "combustible" and therefore agitated conditions. Astrologer William Lilly referred to this relationship as "besiegement" and it means, literally, to be surrounded by potentially agitated circumstances, isolated in between, but fortifying in effort and in strength nonetheless.

What this means, then, essentially, is that today may create some situations where you feel locked in between a rock and a hard place, but overcoming this circumstance is the point, not necessarily the rock or the hard place. Appropriately focus your attentions and avoid reacting harshly or severely. Chiron’s influence will assist in your follow through and endurance.

At the later degrees of Virgo, the moon also makes a quincunx connection to the Venus/Uranus conjunction, adding to the uncomfortability or frustration. And because the energies are still mostly Virgoan, an awkwardness may exist, too, or (over/under)reacting without forethought, among whatever you’re struggling with. Through whatever you’re overcoming, receptivity and open-mindedness is the reward.

Once the moon moves in to Libra, you’ll likely feel a sort of ease. It will be at this point that, if you haven’t yet come to a pleasing compromise for everyone, you’ll need to decide upon one. Through your reward of receptivity, your new awareness should become invaluable.

*7pm CDT; 6pm MDT; 5pm PDT

June 2nd MOON MOODS•••
Virgo 1st Quarter Moon/Waxing Gibbous Moon

Dot Your I’s & Cross Your T’s

The wee early morning hours tomorrow morning begin with the moon, still in Virgo, moving to the 1st Quarter phase from the waxing crescent phase, opposing Neptune in Pisces, and squaring the sun and Ceres in Gemini, offering those of you who begin your days before those of you who do on the east coast a few hours of imagination to enjoy before your day solidifies into the rudimentary routines of your world. These connections are creating a mutable t-square energy with a potential grand cross void in Sagittarius; while the t-square asks you to overcome, the mutable energy asks you to be flexible, changeable, even at the last moment, and open to all possibilities... cos anything could happen.

Anything happens all the time.

Maybe you’ll wake up still very dreamy, or sleep in while dreaming that you’re going through the motions of your morning... or maybe a dream you’ve dreamed through the night as the sandman guided you through your psyche will stay with you through your day, haunting you of a feeling or a thought. Listen. Allow. Our minds, especially our minds under slumber, are tricky, aren’t they? Be open to receive whatever messages your subconscious may be trying to translate to you in a way you’ll be more receptive to them.

For the rest of you, the transiting lunar t-square mentioned above can be an interesting opportunity for you to embrace an extra dose of confidence in know-how or possibly find a new perspective from which to think about something. Remember that the 1st Quarter phase of the moon asks you to understand more clearly something you’ve encountered and/or revalue that which has already been initiated. How appropriate to utilize a Virgo moon to do just that... the earthy, mercurial components that blend together to make the energies of Virgo prefer to understand, well, pretty much anything to the nth degree and then some, so, use this focused energy to pursue the details, the t’s and the i’s, and everything in between, competing for your glance or reread.

Please be mindful to keep in mind the Neptunian influences of this combination? these influences could be deceptive. Neptune tends to bend the rules and blur the edges in an effort to inspire you to question what is what. I can imagine that this could either help you greatly or deter you or deceive you or distract you just as easily.

The Virgo moon begins to connect with Pluto and Juno in Capricorn later in the afternoon, lending a more substantial and solid feel, especially after whichever hoops Neptune has you wondering about and leaping through, before becoming a waxing gibbous moon around 5pm EDT* and quickly shifting focus to only Pluto and Juno, for dramatic effect, of course.

Pluto and Juno have been a power pair for awhile now, since April, but are fading in potency as Juno travels much faster than Pluto. This team of truest testament have been effectively demanding your attention toward matters of commitment, especially those legally bonded, dependencies, and the truths involved within the dynamics of ownership and collaboration. No doubt, each time the moon makes a connection, you’re potentially retriggered if these issues are sources of either frustration or gratitude in your life.

The waxing gibbous phase asks you to perfect what you’ve been ruminating over, to reorganize that which still requires your attention. And Virgo prefers to think logically about, well, everything, rather than tainting issues with useless and daunting emotions, so, these Pluto/Juno issues, despite how you feel toward these, should be handled swiftly and effectively rather than emotionally and irrationally.

Again, these Virgoan energies are preparing you for the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon on the 9th, which will ask you to protect your Truth in some way that defines the traditional structures within your life, the life that you have built for yourself. This event will make connections to Ceres, suggesting that the strategy of self-care or defense or protection you implement today may be reverberated by the 9th, if by anything, by details... one of Virgo’s most favorite things.

*4pm CDT; 3pm MDT; 2pm PDT

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June 1st 2017 - MOON MOODS•••
Virgo Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is still in the waxing crescent phase, but will be in Virgo tomorrow, and ruled by a Taurean Mercury? that’s a lot of practical earth!? and very appropriate for preparing to move forward with plans, goals, or ideas and provide these with your complete and undivided focus and attention to the details.

This moon is strategic in deepening, growing, or committing to your plans, goals, or ideas now, as you’ve already initiated these; the moon will be void of course again tomorrow nearly the entire day. You may not see much movement, but it’s important that you cover these basic/priority matters first, anyway, before moving forward.

The sudden burst of energy often available with the waxing crescent moon may not be as much physical adrenaline as it might be a very hyper-studious or hyper-secretarial adrenaline... Mercury and Virgo just simply do not put out a rage-like energy assimilated to adrenaline like Mars or Aries, for example, but do, on the other hand, provide articulate and meticulous precision to details you may have ordinarily overlooked.

If there are new skills, trainings, or tutorials you need in order to delve deeper into whatever you’ve started, take tomorrow as an opportunity to do that. Or, maybe you need hands-on experience? consider tomorrow.

Most importantly, Virgo needs to feel useful. So whatever needs done in regard to your plans, goals, or ideas, do what you need to do to feel useful. Even if no one notices how hard you’re working, or preparing, or training. You’ll know. And that’s all that matters.

May 31st, 2017 MOON MOODS•••
Leo Waxing Crescent Moon, Part 2

Today the Leo moon connects to Mercury and later in the afternoon, to Pallas Athene and Venus, and even later, to Uranus, all of which are still moving through Aries, creating a lot of impact from these energies. Impact, urgency, and some impatience, for sure. In fact, I’m already beginning to wonder if it’ll cause such a restlessness that it will be difficult to allow the sweet embrace of the sandman tonight when your head hits the pillow... there’s much, too much to think and feel about.

Leo is a bold sign, a fun sign, a determined sign. And for our purposes here, Leonine energy, rather, is bold, fun, and determined. And in Leo, these things feel larger than life.

Both Mercury and the Aries stellium are connecting to the Pluto/Juno conjunction, therefore activating these energies through the routines of our feelings, moods, and instinctual behavior... by way of the moon. This suggests that everything weighing in/on your mind and coarsing through your veins is heavy, and important, and very intense indeed.

You may have decisions to make and questions to answer. And you may feel little rushed... urged. You may find that these energies manifest for you a bit pushy.

Lean in.

Green means Go!

You may just find your answer, or make a decision.

Later tonight, especially if you’ve come to an understanding with yourself regarding the decision or the answer, you may feel quite empowered. A little less rushed. Enjoy it. Treat yourself. In fact, show yourself some love.

To make these decisions now is ideal; when the moon moves in to Virgo tomorrow, you’ll want to prepare to act on your choices and all the little details will be that much more important to you. Finally, when the waxing crescent moon phase moves to the first quarter phase in Virgo on the first of June, acting and doing and revising will be applied. Finally! Cos it may feel like a lifetime *wink*

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May 30th, 2017 - MOON MOODS•••
Leo Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is void of course until evening... Leo is the sign of play and leisure, hedonism and vacation. Whatever you do today will likely not come to much, so you might as well play.

Have yourself some fun today, guilt-free.

May 29th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Cancer Waxing Crescent Moon, Part 2

The rule of thirds in astrology dictates that if three or more aspects point to a particular, and I use this loosely, a particular prediction, then it can be "predicted" to be.

The day begins with the Cancer moon opposing the Pluto/Juno conjunction, then a little later connects to the Venus/Pallas Athene conjunction, creating a t-square energy needing an appropriately Libran compromise to balance all of it out.

Remember that the waxing crescent phase of the moon asks you to struggle, if necessary, and share with others what you learn and the t-square aspects imply that there is something you need to overcome. And, of course, Cancer asks you to be careful as you tread along, while the cardinality of the t-square suggests of you to be initiating.

Along with Mars opposing Saturn at the same time, the rule of thirds comes to mind and this would suggest that all the lessons or tests to either learn from or reject, through these lunar movements or the Mars/Saturn opposition, could create either a crisis or a catharsis.

Again, these circumstances could become rather intense for you, or in general.

There may be something you’ve committed yourself to or that you’re obligated to through someone you love or something you’re inclined to do by devotion or otherwise that may now be offering somewhat of an obstacle.

These obstacles are meant to strengthen you, not turn you away.

Do not turn away.

Maybe you will need to compromise or find a solution through conflict or see the good in all... be gentle, but do not turn away.

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May 28th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Cancer Waxing Crescent Moon

The Cancer moon has moved, and will move, void of course all day... Maybe nothing much will come of anything today, but it’s the experiences had and the memories offered that will linger, still, as Cancer keeps everything nostalgic, forever, clinging to the emotion felt rather than the actual memory, as memories are notoriously and infamously distorted, every time.

Home? either your own or where you grew up? and/or family? either your own or the one that raised you? is priority and highlighted today, (and how appropriate here in the states, with the holiday weekend.)

As you enjoy these treasures? your home and/or family? be mindful that neither of these is as it is, necessarily, all the way; your memories of both precious times and conflicted drama, and your current feelings about either, and your family reality as it is varies constantly. This can be troubling for Cancer, as Cancer treasures these both and relies unendingly upon the security of these foundations... to question their factual fluency is difficult to understand.

Still, Cancerian energies will remember things as they remember feeling them, not as these memories necessarily really were, as they truly occurred.

You, depending upon your nativity, may remember things quite differently.

Either way, as the moon moves through Cancer, you have a celestial opportunity to confront yourself regarding the issue of your memories, your truths, your constancy, and your variability.

This is an opportunity to revel in the moment, to store your memories? if only for the day? clearly, factually, and lovingly. Your brain and your heart may connect and reconnect these memories in different ways after today, but for today, you’ll remember... remember to be loving, patient, and always, be present.

May 27th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Gemini Waxing Crescent Moon

The Gemini moon moves forward making contact to the Venus/Pallas Athene conjunction, perpetuating three very important, very personal things...

First, the lessons you’ve recently either learned or rejected through the events that occurred through the Venus retrograde earlier this year.

Second, the lessons you’ve recently either learned or reelected through both conjunctions between Venus and Pallas Athene.

Third, the perpetuation continues through the Gemini New Moon in that you must still consider how and why it is you communicate to others what you do, and both why you do and why you don’t.

"The Crescent Moon takes the active, communicative Gemini urges that were mostly indirect at the New Moon and funnels them into effective action," claims Kaldera*, in that this moon understands the ways in which to get things done. Also, this moon "examine[s] our communication patterns as well as our nonverbal signals... messages we send to seem [one way or another]" to others.

Consider for a moment, in what ways are you able to manipulate how others perceive you?

Kaldera offers up your interview or first date facade; what does that look like? What does this facade look like to others?

Gemini represents the Twins and these two rambunctious and precocious children/pre-teens are allowed to mix and match their preferences and dislikes as they so choose at any given moment, yes? How very key. How very mercurial, indeed. Trading face to confront the situation appropriately. Take this idea further and it becomes a monopoly of opportunity for advantage.

Keep in mind that Venus inspires you to be who you need to be in order to appeal to others, despite the costs, though not necessarily to manipulate the circumstance as the tricky twins would have. Pallas Athene, however, stands for honor and truth and would, by no means, allow you, all willy nilly and without consequence, to go about lowering your standards simply to appeal to others, whatever the circumstance.

Not a chance.

So this brings you to a crossroads, potentially, in how you handle yourself in these times of communicating what you stand for and what you will surely and confidently not allow. And at the bottom of your search for meaning through all of this you’ll likely find, too, the root of all you learned, or rejected, through the first three lessons.

Either way, the Gemini moon wants you to ask questions when you need an answer... ask away.

So, who are you? Who do you appeal to you? Why?

Happy learning, friends.

*Kaldera, Raven. "Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny." 2011; Destiny Books Publishing.

May 25th, 2017 - Gemini New Moon

...It’s not a surprise to learn that language is a huge part of our connection to something larger, to our Truth, to the universe. And it should not be a surprise that this focus falls upon a Gemini New Moon. Gemini/Mercury/3rd house energies represent dialogue, interactions with others, thoughts and learning, and communicating in general...

Read the full post on this New Moon here - Gemini New Moon - Thoughts are Things

May 24th, 2017 - Taurus Waning Crescent Moon, Part 2 - SHINE ON

Tomorrow the moon continues on in Taurus, in preparation for the New Moon on Thursday, and asks you to continue releasing what is no longer useful to you or working for you or that which is simply no longer practical for you to continue entertaining.

Even if it feels good. And likely, it does. Venus loves to make you feel good... but if it’s not serving you in your pursuit of higher Being, rid yourself of it.

You know how, once the pollution is cleared, the night sky becomes so much more? And all the stars can be seen and they twinkle and shine...

Clear out your pollutants.

The Taurus moon will make a very powerful and friendly connection to the Pluto/Juno conjunction for much of the day, and will then move VOC around 8pm EDT and continue VOC for the remaining hours of the day. So please, rid yourself of your baggage before this!

Likely, today, you’ve been daydreaming in all of the VOC hesitancy, fascinated with all of your options and choices...

This moon is ruled by Venus, who is now beyond her retrograde shadow entirely, as of last weekend, and moving confidently now through Aries. This is why it is particularly significant that you take the time to consider what you could do without. Consider all that pollutes your growth and your sparkle. The upcoming Gemini New Moon will offer a celestial renewal of sorts, inviting you to partake, if only you have the time and energy. But baggage wears a person down, depletes one of their energy and takes up much of their time.

Takes away from your shine.

The choice is yours, always.

As much as you may need to learn about something, in kind, you likely need to unlearn as much. Furthermore, as much as you may need to do now that Venus is waning her gaze from you, in kind, you likely need to undo or redo as much.

You may even feel an urgency, as if you’re so inspired to begin the rest of your life as soon as possible. Taurus hates to be in a hurry, so this may cause some tension or uneasiness. Yet, it truly is in your best interest to release to begin, and to relearn to relinquish.

Do be mindful that, as Pluto and Juno are so tightly involved in these energies, that anything manipulative or greedy or selfish will not serve you. You will not get far using these means. It is time, truly, to think of your world as being much larger than yourself, effecting events, both major and minor, much more than you can imagine, touching many more people than you realize, loved ones and strangers alike, and that you really are unique in your ways.

We often lose ourselves in the chaos of the day. Like so many sparkling stars up in our night skies, we forget that they continue to shine through the day, they’re always shining, always twinkling, always sharing this... even if you’re alone in your efforts, in your Truth, you are still valuable and have something incredible to offer this world in this lifetime. We need you and your uniqueness. Know this to be true. Even? hell, especially!? when the sun is out and you become blurred out from all the light.

Shine through. Shine on. And on and on and on.

And may your light shine brightly.

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May 23rd, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Taurus Waning Crescent Moon

Tomorrow’s Taurus moon is void of course through the earlier hours until 4pm EDT then squares Vesta until 10pm EDT, and through this time the moon makes a conjunction to Mercury, then moves forward void of course once again.

What is void of course?

Void of course/VOC is a term an astrologer uses to convey that the moon is making no aspects to another planetary body. In other words, the moon is not calling out for active backup.

The exception to this rule, because there’s always an exception, is when the moon makes a connection to the Part of Fortune ’Pars Fortunae’, which is actually an invisible point that is derived from calculating a formula that notes the placement of particular degrees; ie finds the degree of the ascendant plus the degree of the moon, then deducts the placement of the sun by degree... in case you really wanted to know *wink*

Why is this an exception? I honestly do not know. Maybe, and I’m gathering, because our fortune never takes a break.

Moving on, moving void of course represents a yield of sorts, a celestial hesitation, if you will, as there is no other force, be it the sun, Venus, Jupiter, etc to move the moon’s influence to an action. Remember, the moon rules our feelings, not our actions. So it goes, that when the moon lacks a connection by aspect? that whatever is initiated in those times will likely, not be for naught, but not really ever come to anything of substance.

Some astrologers even practice a "no aspect, no event" rule.

You may be thinking: this is ridiculousness. And I would argue, in defense, that many things we hear on a daily basis are, aren’t they?

Psychologically speaking, even only if metaphorically, the void is characterized to represent a feeling of void; inconsistencies, feelings of detachment, isolation, or disconnection, and a strange feeling of zoning out.

This can work to your advantage, however.

Think of times you’d like to meditate. Or really zone out. Or simply relax, take it easy. This is a time when you’re truly not expected to know the answers or make the decisions. But rather to revel in the idea that sometimes things really do simply fall in to place. Anything that doesn’t require too much focus... voids are auspicious. To utilize this time appropriately is magical in that, by the time you need the answer or the decision, the moon will have likely come in to contact with whatever planet will aptly connect you to what you need from it.


So, a basic astrological rule is: if you want to see action occur, an idea, a plan, a proposal, a play out of whatever... then avoid initiating while the moon is void of course. Likewise, if you are obligated to do something you’re hoping won’t come to anything? by all means!, reschedule this endeavor for this time.

With the connection to Vesta by square could suggest that you’ll use your work as an excuse to not properly feel your feelings or avoid confrontations regarding your emotions, or, that you’ll lack a clear focus over your feelings, fueling instead some sort of distraction to buy yourself time. This sounds like an excellent void of course thing to do.

The connection to Mercury, however, inclines a certain busyness to your day; be it your workload, various tedious obligations that have piled up over time to tend to, short distance trips here and there, returning phone calls and checking in, issues with siblings, etc.

Because Mercury is the sign of communication, here by this aspect would infer that your thoughts and emotions would somehow blend together, becoming somewhat seamless.

If anything, tomorrow should not irritate you with boredom.

William Lilly, a medieval astrologer, had noticed that when the moon is void of course in Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, which the moon rules, it "performs somehow", which is truly clever. He made sense of his finding by indicating that these signs are ruled by the benefic planets: Venus and Jupiter; benefic meaning, of good fortune.

We find ourselves tomorrow with a mostly void of course in Taurus... put one more item on your to-do list and be the judge regarding Lilly’s findings...

Tomorrow night ask yourself:

Was I productive? How so? In what way? Will my productiveness come to anything tangible?

Did I make good use of my time?; did I appropriately work with the energies of the void of course Moon?

Have I enjoyed this celestial hesitation?

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May 22nd, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Aries Waning Crescent Moon

Tomorrow the Aries moon will make several connections; a conjunction to both Venus and Pallas Athene in Aries and thereby squaring the Pluto/Juno conjunction, a friendly, working connection to Mars, and finally, later in the evening, a charming connection to Saturn, and a connection to Uranus in Aries.

It might be hard to begin your week in that it may be difficult to focus on your work, preferring rather to do your own thing, in your own time, on your own, without anyone to answer to. Otherwise, and I realize the humor in this, communications should be easy and friendly and this should alleviate any struggle you find yourself in should you be lacking in performance right off the get-go.

Also, should you face a problem, or confrontation, your ability to think outside of the box will assist you with a solution. This could even prove to be groundbreaking or priority, and your willingness to adhere to the situation should serve you will beyond the issue at hand.

Do be mindful of sharing your inner feelings with others as they could be a bit much for a Monday morning, depending upon how everyone’s weekend went, or, in general. As the morning moves along it may be tempting to share, truly, however, finding a way to keep yourself on track and within appropriate boundaries for the workplace would be wise. Any inkling that you’re attempting to hold power over something or someone could be taken defensively, and therefore opposed.

If you’re able to maintain a merriment and keep your emotions and convictions in check you should be able to gain what you need, though you may need to ask. Put your emotions to use and allow them to fuel your work flow rather than working against you and distracting your focus. If you’re the one in charge, it’ll definitely help in these alignments, and you should mind yourself to not misuse this. But if you’re not the one in charge, meeting your demands now should be a priority.

Later in the day a groundedness will support you, especially if you’ve done the work, crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. Again, your focus needs to be keen, you’re steadfast and capable.

If you’re able to work alone, it’s the day to do so. If not, be nice and practice patience as you may not be a real joy to work around yourself, either. And finally, take a new way home maybe, allowing for inconveniences and delays. Do something after work you may not usually do, try something new, something fun.

Tomorrow may begin a new chapter for you, should this be appropriate in context for you. The day will end with an energy to entertain new ways of doing things and unorthodox ways of thinking about things. Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to do it. Dare to test these boundaries, within reason of course.

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May 21st 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Aries Waning Crescent Moon

After two days of lunar Piscean energy and a conjunction to Neptune, the ruler of the last two days moon, an awakening occurs tomorrow as the moon moves in to Aries, recharged, revived, and refocused.

The moon will make a trine connection to Vesta for the majority of the day, and this would suggest that a renewed connection to a source of security and/or devotion is welcome and available to you. Remember, where Vesta is is where we feel an instinctual tug or pull to keep aflame something that makes us feel alive... either out of obligation or complete devotion. This symbolic flame is something, therefore, we nurture, despite any/all costs.

Later, a sextile to Ceres will reinforce the need to nurture as well as allowing yourself to be nurtured.

This is quite interesting, since the moon is freshly in Aries, a sign known more for going it alone, least of all the unlikeliest to nurture, right? So, maybe if you’re one of "those" types, Aries or not? not easily able to accept nurturing and/or somewhat ignorant as to how to nurture Other (because nurturing some *thing* may be more approachable and less puzzling? maybe you’ll find a silver lining now.

On April 23rd I posted about the last Aries Waning Crescent Moon, and I’ve edited what I wrote to share today what still resonates (however, I’ve tweaked here and there):

The next two days may be quite influential for you and you may very well possess a particular power within you. You’ll likely be uncompromising and assertive, allowing something of great importance to drive you forward, and closer to your goals.

You possess an inner hope now that will carry you through to your dreams, through obstacles, through drama and pain, through opportunities, too.

Impulsiveness and finality is not welcome at this time, it is far too dangerous to succumb to these luxuries. To prepare for the New Moon in Gemini, all ideas, intentions, and inspiration must be changeable, inquisitive, and socially dynamic.

Personal issues or problems-- yours or another’s- may beg for your attention. And you may be unable to tell yourself, or others, "no" and therefore wear yourself too thin, especially now, with all of this charged energy surrounding you, it is essential to keep hydrated and rested.

It is also essential now, however, to genuinely care for others, especially those experiencing something that you know a little something about. Love them and protect them from themselves, and care for them in the way you remember needing cared for at that point in your life. Sometimes a little empathy for another’s pains and struggles is all that’s needed, a true understanding, an insider look to the feelings being absorbed and the thoughts being felt.

Love, they say, is a universal language we all speak.

The inner hope you hold within you to be true could shine a light for someone who has lost theirs.

Use your spark to ignite a flame within/for another. If it’s your spark needing nurtured.... allow it.

May 21st, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Pisces Waning Crescent Moon

Did your dreams inspire you?
Maybe they’ve motivated you.
Maybe nightmares haunted you.

Today the Pisces moon makes connections to the Pluto/Juno conjunction in Capricorn right away to welcome you from your slumbers to your day; to both Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius in the afternoon; a conjunction to Chiron in Pisces later toward the evening; then a sextile to the sun which will be at 0° Gemini to complete the day.

Seize this powerful feeling you woke up with, even if it’s less than ideal as it’ll likely follow you throughout the day anyway. If you’re willing to work with these feelings you can own them, commit to them, and therefore rid yourself of them. But if you let them get the better of you... they’ll win. A grand plutonian gesture echoes an African proverb: let go, or be dragged.

Emotional response is powerful now, exciting you and potentially triggering others in reaction. Others may feel you’re being defensive or edgy and there may be some volatility, if you allow it. Otherwise, if you’re clear and straightforward, even if what you’re feeling isn’t what others need or want from you, at least you’ve been honest and upfront. Keep in mind that they’re likely harboring some pretty heavy emotions themselves.

Be kind. You’ll see why once the moon connects to Saturn...

This connection will weigh you down if you’ve taken the feelings you woke up with and chipped your shoulder with them rather than rising above them and using them for fuel.

You might require some alone time. Your emotions may be begging you to check yourself, to hold yourself accountable if you’ve allowed your feelings to own you.

Delays could slow you down. But ultimately, this may be to your advantage. It could actually be exactly what you need to give yourself a breather and find your center.

The connection to Chiron later in the day challenges you to get over yourself, basically, reawaken and move on.

Maybe you’ll feel awkward about your behavior, maybe you’ll be nonchalant, but either way you will need to let go of all the guilt that you move around, the shame you carry, and the embarrassment you harbor.

With the moon at the 29th degree of Pisces and the sun only arch minutes in to Gemini, opportunities may surface for you to bridge together imbalanced matters in your life, such as taking your guilt and replacing it with closure or forgiveness or a simple, but unimaginably empowering, goodbye.

May 20, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Pisces Waning Crescent Moon

The Pisces moon is squaring Ceres in Gemini, suggesting that what you need to feel nurtured may not be available. You’re seeking vision and ideology and inspiration while all around you is talk, talk, talk and questions and thinking out loud. This is all good, and to be appreciated. But not today.

Daydreaming and dream scheming is a good use of your time today.

If this is what you’re experiencing today and are feeling badly about it, don’t. You’re in the right way. Allow it.

Later, the void of course Pisces moon will connect exactly with Neptune at 14° Pisces; April 22nd was the last time the moon connected to Neptune, then at 13° but was also the Cresent moon. This moon was asking you to embrace beginner’s mind and radiate in ambivalence.

Was there a sign you received at that time? A sign that spoke to you, especially in regard to the direction you’re moving?

A month ago, this moon asked you to break through boundaries. Unapologetically.

This aspect, today, may ask you to admit your sensitivities, your ideals, and your vulnerabilities in the effort to completely release everything that no longer serves you.

This connection may also heighten your daydreams from earlier. The sandman will take you to wonderful places inside of your own mind tonight if you ask... keep your journal nearby, the sandman may bless you with insight, new direction or wondrous awe; sweet dreams.

May 19, 2017 - Aquarius Last Quarter Moon


This morning the moon will move from Waning Gibbous to the Last Quarter moon, which is moonspeak for: make a decision or engage with an idea. And because this phase is found in Aquarius, it translates to: make the *right* decision, in that it will serve everyone’s needs and not only yours, and furthermore, if this decision happens to set you apart in some way or casts you out in any way, so much more so right this decision is. And this idea, because you believe in it or share its blessings or stand for what it represents, should represent you because you came to this decision, on your own, by assessing right from wrong and seeking out the exception to the rule. Not because you were told to.

The moon holds a connection to both Saturn and Uranus all day, and actually hits the midpoint between these two giants around 5pm EDT* Later this evening, at 29° Aquarius, the moon connects with the sun by square.

Kaldera** calls this the Heretic Moon; what’s right is not always what’s popular, in fact? I would argue that what’s right is rarely what is popular, even reasonable? but at least you’ll always be able to say that you stood for something, that you followed your Truth, that you weren’t swayed by the conforming cattle.

The heretic, historically, was ostracized, exiled, imprisoned, even hung in direct confrontation to one individual with an adverse, progressive, or opposing idea from what was believed, embraced, or agreed upon at that time by the larger majority.

Wow. Can you imagine?

Here, through a normal day that blends in to a normal week, with this moon, it need not be so extreme!

The power of crowds is incredible, for better or worse.

This is an excellent opportunity to explain the planetary order: Saturn, historically, was the last planet one could see by the naked eye, as well as the last known planet we were aware of for a very long time. Saturn represents the laws, the boundaries, regulations, and guidelines. How very appropriate, when Uranus, next in line, is the planet the represents the breaking away of restrictions and limitations, urging one to dare these boundaries, testing to prove these regulations unnecessary; that all limitations are ingrained, trained, and thereby meant to control the masses.

We tend to fear what we cannot see and what we do not know.

Neptune takes away all boundaries. The desire for limitlessness.

By Pluto, we discover the extreme results of what happens when imbalances are left unaccounted for. The dangers of limitlessness. The dark sides of every bright side. The ultimate exceptions, truly. The finality of our choices.

It begins with personal responsibility and expands to social responsibility. It needs to be reexamined, constantly.

Are you thinking for yourself? Are you? Really?

How many scripts do you follow, robotically, each and every day?

How often do you raise your hand, obediently, to outrage and disrupt the status quo to those in front of you, above you, and around you that what’s happening all around simply isn’t right, isn’t working, or isn’t appropriate for the success of all?

Saturn insists on scripts. Uranus begs to utilize common sense and personal responsibility in order to find the exceptions to the rules. Our legal systems, criminal systems, educational systems, and healthcare systems insist upon scripts, and therefore, perpetuate the distrust of utilizing practical wisdom. Improvisation. Uniqueness.

It sort of makes the idea of patriotic and independent success and independence, in general, a little contrary, yes?!

Saturn might be the teacher, the officer, or the manager, but Uranus is the student, the civilian, the minion; leadership is only useful when it leads one to think for oneself. Not to learn or serve or work by script. And this is to the ultimate benefit of the collective.

One should never be punished for personal discovery.

Do prisoners (Saturn) have access to self-help books or books on community cohesiveness or group collaboration or interconnectedness in society (all Uranus) or books on philosophy and self-discovery and poetry and mysticism (all Neptune) on the inside (Saturn)? I’m asking. I don’t know, I’m admitting my ignorance on this. But back in the day, at the very least, I’m sure they had access to the Holy Book. Whatever Holy Book was appropriate. Of course, right? Because indoctrination (Saturn) breeds (Uranus) a controlled (Saturn) society (Uranus).

Or maybe, just maybe, had inmates been given access to these resources before entry in to the system, they would not be within the system at all?

Now I’m not suggesting religion is a bad thing, at all. Everything in moderation can be a good thing. Religion offers hope and motivation and purpose, which we all require to keep on keepin on in this lifetime, regardless of who or what we call GOD. Moderation, however, is really key. But, for the love of everything holy, find and devote yourself to a religion because you know it’s a guideline of your Truth (Uranus), in thinking for yourself (Uranus), not because you’ve been told it’s what you need to do (Saturn) because it’s just what you do (Saturn) because it’s how it’s always been done (Saturn).

There’s a difference.

And not unlike this previous example, officers and soldiers alike, those everywhere enforcing the control mentioned above, all conform to a code of honor, for safety, for cohesiveness, for unity. These members also abide by the control they enforce and rarely stray away from it without banishment or ridicule. Societies uphold and enforce control (Saturn) as a result of fear of the unknown or rebellion from the status quo (Uranus), what we cannot define or placate by distinct category of operation (Neptune), or ultimate chaos, upheaval, or domination by a greater power which we cannot control (Pluto).

The Dalai Lama suggested that everyone should know the rules and respect the rules (Saturn) to effectively break them (Uranus) [in an attempt to improvise and find the exception that lies within each and every rule.]

Taken from an NPR/TED Talk, janitors’ job descriptions, interestingly, involve absolutely no interaction with others to complete their duties successfully. Yet, when improvisation is practiced, such as making an exception to the rules of job description by abstaining from vacuuming in the face of noticing a visitor sleeping in the waiting area, likely under extreme anxiety and stress and suffering from a severe lack of sleep. What do you think? Should the janitor risk waking and upsetting the visitor to finish the job s/he’s paid to do, or wait, and find something else to do?

This moon is asking you to seek out the source of any less than ideal details in your own life, in the effort that you will proactively rid yourself of these details, if possible, of course, before the next New Moon. To utilize a term from the delightfully focused Neil deGrasse Tyson, this moon urges you to "explore [your own] ignorance."

What are the parameters of your ignorance?

The more rigid these parameters are, the less adaptive you are. Rigidity goes against universal law in many ways and truly hinders your grasp of anything holy. Rigidity, ultimately, keeps you from your Truth.

Remember, the moon is making its way back to zero point Aries, which represents beginner’s mind. Aquarius tends to embrace ones own ignorance while Pisces will capture everyone’s ignorance as their own, not to say that this is healthy, at all, but tends to be what happens.

Pisces also teaches us about interconnectedness. But first, Aquarius enjoys being alone, together. Like the virtual choirs you can find on YouTube.

This moon, ultimately, is inspiring you to celebrate the differences between us all. The differences between you and me should not be threatening, but curious, and intriguing, and represent opportunity and innovative collective... to celebrate the ability to think for yourself.

To serve by your devotions to enhance yourself and thereby the collective. Not to manipulate one another.

To use personal wisdom, for the goodness and strength of us all.

**Kaldera, Raven. "Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny" 2011.
*4pm CDT; 3pm MDT; 2pm PDT
Inspiration for this post conjured by NPR/TED Talks and all of the brilliant minds that collaborate to drive us forward; Clay Shirky, Marcin Jakubowski, Charlie Todd, Eric Whitacure, Barry Schwartz, & Philip Howard. Thank you.

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May 17th - 18th 2017 - Aquarius Waning Gibbous Moon, Part 2

Tomorrow the Aquarian moon will be a bit friendlier, given its connections to Ceres, and an always charming atmosphere with Venus and Jupiter. There will also be a connection to Mars tomorrow evening.

In the morning, Luna and Ceres make a connection by trine, nurturing a very friendly ambiance, despite any Aquarian emotional detachment lingering from today’s potential disruptions regarding response or reaction. It should be much, much, much, much easier now to respond, both effectively and empathetically, much to the surprise of your illogical reasoning... err, ego.

The mixture of Ceres and Venus later could inspire you to be social, to draw others in, and to interact endearingly. Genuinely. And always, with Jupiter, everything is that much more pronounced. Jupiterian energies also invoke generously a generosity that is well beyond the scope of what is ever ordinarily unexpected.

There is an appreciation in the air, existing especially between you and those around you.

Tomorrow could be a very good day to gather with friends and loved ones alike.

Let loose a bit. Smile at strangers. And love.

Tell those you share space with that you love them and appreciate them. There is a lust for life... enjoy it.

Overwhelmingly, a sense of hope lingers now. Feelings of awe toward who you’ve become in the recent months, feelings of appreciation for those around you, supporting you and motivating you to be the best you can be, and feelings of hope, for your future, for your well-being, for your love of life are aflame. Keep these fires nurtured.

Still, you’re potentially likely to spend more, eat more, drink more, and be a bit more careless with rules, and you can thank Venus and Jupiter for this, unless of course the Aquarian vibes tunes in to your logical reasoning toward the ridiculousness of this carelessness. Just be mindful. Jovially mindful... it’s a thing.

Then, later tomorrow night, Mars will take over. The emotions could continue to permeate your thoughts, oozing over in to your actions and reactions yet initiating anything will be with good intentions, not so much ego. Taking charge of a situation or standing up for what’s right in the face of wrong-doing could be necessary, or simply being in the now, in the moment, despite the moment highlighting you or not.

Ego is simply not welcome as ego has no understanding of what surrounds you now. Ego has no place within this hopeful, generous love you feel.

Worry not, however, there should be endless opportunities for you to have your moment... and you’ll likely receive response by the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday. And your reaction will be well worth the wait. This infers neither positive or negative connotation, I’ll allow you to make that choice for yourself. After all, the choice is yours. Always.

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May 17th, 2017 MOON MOODS

Aquarius Waning Gibbous Moon

The moon has only recently moved from Capricorn to Aquarius, moving drastically, as well, from the seriousness and somber mood to a more innovative, however unusual moody atmosphere, as Saturn, traditionally, rules Aquarius, too.

Through the Capricorn moon, it was best to focus on yourself and your responsibilities. Now, in Aquarius, focus upon your obligations is necessary. In my opinion, Capricorn represents the responsibilities of one’s self while Aquarius represents the responsibilities of all humanity, community, tribe, and group.

Right now, as I write, the moon squares Mercury, which is only arch minutes in to Taurus, and will continue to carry this square until later this evening, suggesting that emotions? yikes, I know, not a very Aquarian idea? will permeate your thoughts. You might become busier or more scattered, conflicted, or disrupted even. Further, you’ll likely feel? yes, again, feel? the need to respond/react quickly, without much thought, to whatever arises under this moon.

Now, allow me to add my two cents here that there is such a dramatic difference between responding and reacting. Responding involves a rational, mindful nature *in response* to whatever occurred while reacting involves ego. Plain and simple. And ego involves pride and envy, fear/hate, lust, or anger. Not a happy crew.

If you decide a reaction is viable, leave time later to reflect upon what you *should’ve* done. This is where the Aquarius edge comes in, in regard to needing to consider the thoughts and feelings of others to a much greater degree than usual. In honor of saving time, try your best to respond. Other’s thoughts, and yes, their feelings too, should be a higher priority than your own now.

The moon then makes a connection to Chiron, inspiring healing through interaction and group think. All the more logical reasoning to be proactively kind to others, yes?! Especially if they differ largely from you in mind, body, or soul intention.

Connections to those with differing points of view are highlighted.

Either way, being solution-focused rather than pointing blame is almost a demand over a suggestion today, celestially speaking.

Then later tonight the moon will oppose Vesta (remember, where Vesta is is where we cannot allow the flame to burn out), and your work, your thoughts, or again? your feelings, or your obligations may manifest in one way or the other, possibly both. These may either follow you home, leaving you unable to tune in to what’s going on around you in the now, as you’ll be very much in tune with whatever you took on earlier today. Or you’ll be unable to focus on the here and now because you reacted instead of responded and you’ll be consumed by the damage you’ve potentially provoked.


You could hope for the best, sure. Or, you could just be mindful of the reality that it’s not always all about you. And that’s really the fun of it all, isn’t it?!

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Capricorn Waning Gibbous Moon

Responsibilities can take over now, you may even prefer to be alone, as the Waning Gibbous moon has moved on in to Capricorn. Even if it’s not your preference, life circumstances may actually create delays or inconveniences to prevent you from dealing? or working directly? with others. Go as guided when in doubt.

Also, the moon is currently void of course until late afternoon, suggesting that tedious, necessary tasks are preferred over venturing in to unchartered terrain, beginning anything new, or even gently agreeing to future commitments.

If you preserve anything from this post, do try for the next two days to focus on one thing at a time.

Remember, the Waning Gibbous moon is also the Disseminating moon? the word disseminate means to scatter or spread widely, to disperse? asks you to distribute your attention evenly and to focus on each item, or task, or circumstance, or inconvenience, or reward alike mindfully, without distraction or selfish excuse.

Tonight, practical measures should be entertained, at the very least, "entertained" being of the essence here, as the Capricorn moon connects to Venus in Aries. A healthy balance between your joys and your obligations, your Sunday-Funday arrangements and your upcoming weekly prep list of to-do’s is best today. You’ll thank yourself throughout the week.

But do find a way to be even slightly hedonistic today; Venus in Aries will get irritable and potentially volatile if her pleasures are forsaken her.

Monday morning will welcome or defend an unwelcome trespass with the Capricorn Waning Gibbous moon in conjunction to both Pluto and asteroid Juno, attracting emotion in extremes either way, despite the superlative Capricorn detachment.

Let in a little light already.

How do you transfer these frustrations to something constructive? Be useful. Keep busy. Work. Largely, you’re focusing on everything, every little thing, that needs to be done between now and eternity... everything only you can do, and everything you already didn’t do, and how it mostly needed done yesterday. What is all of that self-appointed blame doing to you? And where is all of this unnecessary guilt getting you?

Focus on one thing at a time.

Be here now.

The power you hold now can make you or break you, your current realities being seen as abundant or profound or, then again, render these breakable or useless in equal measure. Your choice.

If there’s any day to begin effective positive self-affirmations, telling yourself in the mirror that you’re good enough, that you’re smart enough, and that, doggone it, people like you? today would be the day.

Sometime tomorrow, too, Mercury will move back in to Taurus; the last time Mercury was at 0° Taurus was on April 20th by retrogradation, and April 1st was the last time directly. Think back to these dates to consider any celestial overlap or serendipitous cameos.

Mercury in Taurus demands clean details, practical efforts and resourcefulness in all directions. Reliability and resourcefulness will get you everywhere.

Mercury in any earth sign, really, asks for "just the facts, ma’am," and is in no way entertained by anything further. This tidbit, combined with a Capricorn moon conjoined to the Pluto/Juno conjunction, will only be exaggerated, lending itself from unspoken tidbit to read between the lines footnote, as anything you say can, (and will be), used against you.

Simply saying what you mean and truly meaning what you say will do wonders for you. Directly. No fluff. No funny business.

Just the facts, ma’am.

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May 13th 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon

For most of the day the Sagittarius moon opposed Mars in Gemini, creating a sense of urgency and busyness. And surprisingly, despite the Gemini and Sagittarius influences, this moon is asking you? or rather, you’re feeling the pull you feel when you would prefer? to be alone.

Gemini and Sagittarius are both so social, ordinarily. It’s almost an awkward scenario. Still, sometimes, we need to seek out what we need in an individual way, alone. For some of you, the energies of the Scorpio Full Moon are still lingering and keeping you grounded in that place, that place inside yourself you tune in to to gain clarity and a sense of peace within yourself.

If you’re not feeling this, circumstances may fall in a way that requires you to do so or allows it to be easier to go it alone. If only for a day.

Earlier, there may have been no time to weigh your options, but rather, you just needed to make a decision, for yourself, abruptly. Later tonight and in to tomorrow, as the moon connects with Saturn, these decisions regarding solo situations may decide themselves, in a much more creative way (because of an aspect to Uranus, simultaneously.) Futhermore, communications in general, for you, may be strangely social in a very centering, or individually-minded, kind of way. Enjoy•••

May 10 th MOON MOODS•••

Scorpio Full Moon - 50 SHADES OF GRAY

Wanderers see only gray.

According to Raven Kaldera*, the Scorpio Full Moon is the Priestess’s Moon, priestesses being called upon even before birth to do much in the way as mystics or seers, with instinct and intuition working in unison, collecting unbelievable and unknowable experiences for which to inspire, denying polarities such as light or dark, black or white...

The keyword associated to 21° Scorpio, assigned by Marc Edmund Jones, is *deviation*; the Scorpio Full Moon event occurs at 20°24’ Scorpio and asks you to deviate and to deviate is to digress, and to digress is to wander.

Wandering among shades and shades of gray.

The Scorpio Gibbous moon asked you to go deep within yourself, in search of something that only you know. This moon asked of you to wander around, to seek your Truth? at least to begin? to illuminate your darkness in an effort to prepare for the ultimate release tomorrow, for the Scorpio Full Moon, which will shine brightly the fullest light upon the darkness within yourselves that you’re prepared to face, seeing only a silver lining amidst the gray.

I think we’re all wanderers. It’s part of the aliveness within us. As they say, not all who wander are lost.

"Wherever we come alive, that is the area in which we are spiritual," thinks David Steindl-Rast, a Catholic Benedictine monk, notable for his ongoing participation in interfaith dialogue and his devotion to the interaction between spirituality and science; it is my opinion, the two most authentically spiritual signs? if there is such a thing? would be Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus, more physically speaking and Scorpio, the metaphysical realm.

In other words, Taurus represents what can be explained. And Scorpio, what cannot and will never be through this world we know in this lifetime.

If your heart is open enough to take in only a healthy amount of any criticisms and scientific arguments regarding all that is and all that cannot be and simply listen to your instinct you will see clearly. It is your power to do so, powered from within, and find nurturance. It’s what my dad always called "blind faith." I was raised on this archaic theory that it’ll never steer you wrong. Wandering runs in my blood.

The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is an interesting one in that these two are both fixed in nature, holding their ground by integrity and seeking out the gritty rawness of spiritual Truth, but Taurus is earthy, inspiring simplicity, and Scorpio is water, promising complexity.

Likely your world right now needs to be simple, for many reasons, and you’re clutching at the reins and hoping for the best, but, there’s also this quiet tug in your tummy, deeper than your tummy, really, deeper still to where you have no name for its origins and it’s asking for more.

Taurus defines life as an endeavor by which a strategic purpose is dutifully upheld, explored, and achieved. Scorpio, by which a practical karmic calling is either given and pursued or paid.

Karma and duty are of the same coin, aren’t they? And quite literally, they both reveal "what is due."

This Full Moon event is quite auspicious.

Scorpio and Pluto both have bonds to the 8th house of needs, magic, sex, attraction, death and rebirth, debt, and yes, wouldn’t you know, karma, just to name a few... suggesting that this Full Moon event has a strong bonding potential to a fated kind of good fortune, and powerful connections to what you need.

These two also associate in extremes. Sometimes, extreme is what’s necessary.

And Pluto is still very closely connected to Juno, inspiring a very daring quality within you to listen quietly to your karmic purpose, your tummy tug, your blind faith.

What do you need? really need? to commit yourself to the pursuit of your own Truth.

Mars, Scorpio’s traditional ruler is currently in Gemini, an awkward placement, and working against Neptune in Pisces, which could look like control, drive, and ambition being given away, as Neptune rules sacrificing Pisces, or even furthermore, apologizing for it.

Mystics, seers, wanderers, and priestesses held no control, enjoyed no humanly authority or power, and pursued their karmic purpose selflessly, driven only by a spiritual vision and a sacred sacrifice toward blind faith. And they made no apologies.

Despite any hesitancy you’re feeling, trust your instincts. Remember that Mars is about control while Neptune is blurry, without boundaries or definitions, and is quite elusive about, well, much. Neptune is without control.

Your instincts may truly be... rechargeable now, and definitely redefined; if your mind is not given a limitation, it will not create one. This is an example of Mars and Neptune working together, in light.

Thoughts are things, folks. Truly. And they’re all gray. Or should be. Speaking of thoughts, allow me to wander around the gray matter in your mind...

This Full Moon event will empower you to question yourself, and to question your karmic purpose.

Are you seeking out ways and embracing the means from which you can actualize your karmic purpose?

Are you finding the courage within yourself to fully actualize your karmic purpose?

Is something keeping you from your karmic purpose, your personal Truth?

Is something, or someone, limiting your potential?

Could it be that you yourself are keeping yourself from your own karmic purpose?

Are you avoiding your own Truth in an effort to keep peace or remain "safe" or comfortable among ignorance, or because it would take too much of this or that to begin walking out of the shadows and toward, rather, the light and dark within and beyond?

What, in this lifetime, has you thinking that the Universe will not catch you when you fall? That if you wander, you will become lost? Have you ever heard the old adage: ask, and you shall receive?

The Full Moon represents a renewal through a very personal cyclic opposition which requires your effort and your will to introduce or invite the opportunity you seek. It asks for a little more than just a request. However, if your heart is open enough to take in all that is and all that cannot be understood within this physical plane and simply listen to your instinct you will see clearly.

You’ll see gray. And you’ll know the way.

*Kaldera, Raven. "Moon Phase Astrology: A Lunar Key to Your Destiny" 2011.

May 9th MOON MOODS•••

Scorpio Waxing Gibbous Moon - THERE’S A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT

Later tonight, if you’re on the west coast and much much later than that the further east you are until it becomes very, very early in the morning, the Libra moon turns in to the Scorpio moon and makes a connection to Vesta, the asteroid that represents your ability to keep space within yourselves. Where Vesta is in your/a chart is where you must keep the fires burning as there’s always even a small spark of a light within that never, ever fully goes out. That’s Vesta.

When the moon connects with Vesta it’s suggested that an instinctive urge is beckoning you, yet, as it’s a square connection, you may be continuously denying the need to address whatever it is.

Do you assume that this spark I speak of will keep itself lit without any effort or participation? Without devotion? Cos that’s not really how it works...

Ancient Roman civilizations regarded women who either wished to be married by no man, or girls which were selected by the clergy as early as age 8, to be priestesses referred to as Vestal Virgins. These chosen girls grew in to women who were the most important women in the empire, possessing privileges that the common pheasant women could only dream of. These Virgins were required? in fact it was a fundamental continuity in ritual to the goddess Vesta? to not ever allow the sacred fires to go out.

Romans actually believed that should the fires go out the entire Roman empire would be destroyed, the Vestal guilty of forsaking the empire would be whipped to death, or worse, buried alive within a cemented chamber.

Above all else, Vestals took their upstanding positions seriously. Very seriously. The most important detail was: the ever-eternal flame.

The Roman writer Plutarch (45-120 CE) noted, however, that the Virgins were, "[in] the opinion [of having] no other business than the preservation of [the sacred] fire; [that] others conceive[d] that they were keepers of other divine secrets, concealed from all but themselves," much like mystics or seers.

These fires and divine secrets were everything.

In this light, the light we are required to keep shining within ourselves looks much different, it has a very different glow.

Auspiciously, the moon will move through the early degrees of Scorpio tomorrow entirely void of course, meaning that the moon will make no connections to any other planetary body by aspect. When the moon moves void of course whatever you begin will likely not become anything, because there are no aspects to guide or motivate your feelings in to actions.

And this is just as well. Because the fire continues... and it’s asking you to fan the flame. It’s time to go underground, inward, or inside your own thoughts, at the very least...

In preparation of the Scorpio Full Moon, the Scorpio Gibbous moon demands of you a deep devotion? to yourself. In an effort to perfect before illumination, then ultimately, to release.

What do you need to release? The idea that your darkness is... well, dark. Too dark. Or darker than another’s darkness. Let go of the innane idea that you must be made of only light and lightness.

The darkness within you, within us all, is essential; in fact, it’s an instinctive urge, beckoning you. Your darkness is something sacred within yourself, a divine secret, concealed from all but yourself.

See, mystics and seers would go into their darkness, allow it to consume them, and accept whatever it was. They would go inward, underground, and through release a secret would reveal itself, an answer found.

Of course, this acceptance of your own personal darkness is not a light task, if you will, but a rather heavy duty. A duty that lasts a lifetime. A duty requiring much courage and a releasing of fear. A duty we are all called to do at some point in our lives...

A duty that never really goes away. Much like your light.

Your darkness is your duty.

For the hours that remain before the moon is full, tend to your tenderness and fan your flame, cajole your courage, and devote yourself to your darkness that is your duty so that a new, fundamental continuity of ritual to the god/goddess that you are can begin.

Look within... there’s a light that never goes out.

“Sometimes it’s not the light in a person you fall in love with, but the dark. Sometimes it’s not the optimist you need, but another pessimist to walk beside you and know, absolutely know, that the sound in the dark is a monster, and it really is as bad as you think.”
-Laurell K. Hamilton

May 7th 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

The term "desenrascanco", used in Portugal, roughly means “the act of disentangling yourself from a difficult situation using available means.” Keep this in mind as you move through today and tomorrow.

This morning wakes to the moon connecting with Mars, the planet of action. And so did you, most likely. Did something or someone need your attention immediately upon waking?, needing not only your attention but requiring your efforts and asking you to do something?

Wham!— right from the get-go! Also, you’re likely beginning to feel the tugging of the approaching Full Moon, too... action is upon you.

Later today the Libra moon applies a conjunction to Jupiter and will thereby oppose asteroid Pallas Athene. Although Pallas Athene is very much a feminine version of Ares, god of war, and therefore an appropriate representation of women born of Aries in late March, early April, this mythological archetype can also lend itself to fulfill many Libran attributes of harmony and justice.

For example, Pallas Athene preferred the peaceful solutions to war, inspired fair negotiations, and battled for comfortable scenarios from which everyone involved could enjoy. A warrior, yes, willful, of course, but also a lover; a real softie on the inside, which is such a lovely interpretation of the polarity between Aries and Libra.

These oppositions suggest, too, that there may be somewhat of a clash between agendas; what you think needs to be done may not be how Other sees it.

Just remember to keep it light and fair.

With Jupiter involved, there could even be a battle of who’s right and who’s not only not right, but very very wrong. Do be mindful of becoming foolishly righteous. Everyone has their own way of making it to the finish line... trust that yours could be improved just the same. And if yours truly is "better" than understand that no one wants to receive information about anything from someone who’s convinced of, and braggardly announcing, self-righteousness.

Later tonight, the moon will make a square connection to Pluto, the fallen dark god of the underworld, and could potentially take whatever righteousness is still lingering, as well as anything new to the conversation and transform it in to something potentially destructive. If there are any misunderstandings from earlier in your day, sort them out immediately and appropriately, or it could fester— maybe not for you, but for them.

Furthermore, even if the circumstances have nothing to do with earlier today, feelings could surface tonight, again, for you or for Other, and these feelings may be hard to handle in a conservative way. In fact, revealing details that have been underground, so to speak, for so long really do need to be aired. Allow this, even if it’s painful.

Power struggles are a potential manifestation of this energy, as well as verbal battles with family, and the classics: jealousies, manipulations, guilt trips, and pointing blame, but even physical altercations could arise if not redirected otherwise. Much of the potential for this, not to excuse it in any way, could be fear-related, such as gossip, embarrassments, public confrontations, or an ignoring or manipulating of personal boundaries and as bombastic as blatant racism and your basic energy-wasting hate.

Or it could be a simple as a family secret being revealed.

Practicing patience and trying tolerance could be a simple solution should you see any of these manifestations beckoning this evening. Thinking fairly, too, could be all that’s necessary.

What does win-win look like for everyone involved?

Do that.

Either way, there will be an intensity to your evening, in one way or another. Maybe it’ll only be a Netflix binge that totally consumes you... sometimes, for a Sunday, that’s intense enough.

Tomorrow morning, and continuing through the entire day, the moon will oppose the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, inspiring you to begin your day, and navigate your way through the entirety of it, a little differently than you usually do. In fact, if you don’t allow for it, you may find that the Powers That Be arrange for an inconvenience, or three, to force you to do just that.

This inconvenience may be another’s doing and this situation will largely be asking of you to slow down and consider another’s perspective. And although you may not allow much time for feelings so early in the morning on a Monday, or on a Monday altogether... it may be needed now.

Yours or Others need to be allowed and embraced. And the only way to view this objectively is by first accepting this subjectively. Do what needs to be done, too, to allow everyone to really feel heard.

Again, what does win-win look like for everyone involved? Do that.

May 6th MOON MOODS•••

Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon

Jim Morrison apparently once said, that "what real love amounts to [is] letting a person be what [s/]he really is."

The Libra moon is upon us, with Venus as this moon’s ruler, now moving directly through Aries, only one degree away from where she was at the inferior conjunction, the point through the retrograde phase that likely piqued in value for you among all the upheaval, loss, or reevaluating... what is relevant, or special, about your affairs now that can be connected back to March 25th? Is there a connection?

Where Libra falls in your chart is where you seek harmony and balance, beauty and comfort, justice and compromise, but most importantly, Other.

The Looking Glass Theory, introduced by Charles Cooley in 1902, is relevant for us all in at least one sector of our lives, astrologically speaking... where Libra is in one’s chart.

Cooley was not an astrologer, but a sociologist, and his concept of the looking glass self proclaimed, ultimately, that a person’s self is created from one’s social interactions with others. Yes, this seems completely plausible, and is conveniently Venus territory. However, the theory connects the view we have of ourselves actually coming from, or, is completely motivated by, how others perceive us.

In other words, we form our thoughts and feelings and desires around Other’s perceptions of us, as though we’re constantly looking through a glass, or to Other, for guidance instead of trusting our own instincts and embracing our own preferences.

It’s almost too compromising, isn’t it?

We so desperately care what others think of us, even when we insist we don’t, we do. Sometimes. This is so so very very Libra. Definitely Venus in Libra.

But today and tomorrow the moon is in Libra, and will oppose Venus in Aries, so simply revel in this theory; feel it, allow it. Consider all the ways you can guide yourselves by your own instincts without referring to Other, clinging to a largely inaccurate perception of who you are and who you should be. It is, after all, a very just thing to do.

Where Venus is in one’s chart is where a natural ease may exist, or an eloquence possessed, a yearning for something represented by that house, and so on. Venus also can almost never be mentioned without the mentioning of love and the idea thereof. Sometimes we don’t always receive the empowerment of justice or the comforts the gods enjoyed, but we do have an unending supply of love to give, to both ourselves and to Other.

When the moon is in Libra, we are reminded that it is not always about us, not all the time, that sometimes we must consider Other, we must seek Other out for guidance, nurturing, and emotional connection. And with that connection a give-and-take is imperative... in a very compromising manner, a selfless approach is needed, a connection that allows both a looking glass and a mirror. And by allowing, we enable and empower one another to become who we’re meant to be.

And that’s what a sociologist refers to as love, in action.

Maybe the cool, detached Lizard King was on to something...

May 5th, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Virgo Waxing Gibbous Moon

As promised, and celestially guaranteed, duty calls after the party or the drama dies. Who better to swoop in after all the fun and clean up, straighten up, scrub all the stains out, and organize the trash from recyclables but Virgo!?

It’s quite likely that in the last two days you’ve made a bit of a mess of things and it’s now time to clean it up... to "put on your big boy/girl pants on" as they say and buckle down with what needs your attention.

The Virgo moon will be void of course for most of the afternoon, making a connection to Mars later and through the evening, meaning that much of what you do through the day, despite how desperately it needs done, may not actually come to anything in a "real" way, but rather, may represent responsibility in a more symbolic way. However, with an immediate aspect to Mars in Gemini after being void of course, responsibility may seek you out should you not take it on voluntarily. Still, whatever needs your attention may require more than just attention, but more focus than anything, as there could be several things going on at once.

Either way, do try not to hold a grudge or find resentment. Just breathe, and remember all of the fun you’ve had... and do your part.

May 4th, 2017 MOON MOODS

Leo Waxing Gibbous Moon

You’ll definitely be able to take on a new role today, should you embrace the motions of the Leo moon.

Now a waxing gibbous moon, the Leonine energy will make connections to both Saturn in Sagittarius and the Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries. This creates a grand trine in fire, in fact, and Mercury will station direct later today, but will in no way lessen the intensity of the conjunction, rest assured.

A waxing gibbous moon asks you to perfect what you’ve taken on recently and to reorganize accordingly.

This could mean, simply, an attitude adjustment, as Leo would inspire, be it practicing a little patience in a situation which requires immediate response or lightening the mood with some friendly drama or dark humor in an otherwise tense scenario. Feeling out those around you will help you dramatically now, and understanding how to react, in turn, to those you share space with could save you a lot of time.

Remember, with Leo, wounded egos are possible. Be kind, always.

Or it could mean an entire upheaval. With Saturn involved, feelings could decide that certain foundations need renovated or resurfaced before continuing on. And with Uranus adding to the mix, these changes could be innovative and a progressive attempt forward or completely erratic and irritating.

A fire trine represents high energy and spontaneity and fun, but also restlessness, impatience, and drama.

So, you can see, it’s a pretty wide spectrum today. A celestial potluck, if you will.

Ultimately, you decide. Always. You could see the opportunity through the obstacles or you could pout for pity. It’s your party...

Fire also suggests emotions, and it would behoove you to show some. Loudly and proudly. It is a Leo moon, after all. With the connection to Mercury, despite the subtle incompacitation of the messenger god by stationing, you likely have something to say, express, or share. Now’s the time, the time is now to sing your song. Keep in mind, though, that whatever you share may be received as though it’s coming out of left field; remember that Uranus is one degree away from Mercury.

No matter, really. It’s better to come out with it today than tomorrow, when the moon has moved in to a more critical Virgo, when others are more inclined to judge or nitpick or criticize your schpeel.

Allow me to clarify: if you are sharing feelings or thoughts or something personal or subjective, share today while the moon is in Leo. If you’re seeking clarity or direction or an objective and informed decision or solution, etc, share/ask/seek tomorrow in Virgo.

Does this make sense?

Either way, harboring a sense of sensibility is best in balancing out the potential excitations around you.

A triggered, retrograded Mercury for most of the day may retrigger any previous inconveniences or misunderstandings from earlier this week or late last week, depending upon whether or not it was resolved on the spot or not. If you are able to, resolve what you can today so that it doesn’t continue to become miscommunicated further. Again, the tight conjunction between Mercury and Uranus will linger strongly for another week. If you don’t have anything to say, express, or share, then please, clear the air.

And finally, you may have noticed yesterday that people around you needed a little space, or asked for your patience to allow their flightiness, or ditched you entirely from absent mindedness... folks should be quite a bit friendlier today, more approachable, more receptive. Sometimes, we simply need some time to think of what to say for when the time is right.

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May 3rd-4th, 2017 MOON MOODS

Leo Waxing Crescent Moon

Today, the Cancer moon has moved in to Leo and continue on through tomorrow, until dinner, when the Leo moon will turn to a First Quarter Moon.

From water we feel fire, and therefore, an urgency to act.

This Leo moon will make connections to Mars and Pallas Athene, and a square to the sun, which in turn, makes a connection to the Saturn/Chiron square.

Ordinarily, a Leo moon is playful, friendly, social, and bold, yet, somewhat selfish.

This Leo moon is held, somewhat, captivated still, by the lingering energies abound now, inspiring all the loving, connecting, healing, and shining. Yes, that’s right— we’re nowhere near finished with all the loving and connecting.

This is not a time to proclaim selfishness.

This Leo moon will continue to inspire you, and others, to love, to connect, to heal, and to shine.

And to smile. At strangers.

All of Leo’s evolved gifts.

Yes, despite even whatever joylessness you’re currently enduring, likely due to the Saturn/Chiron square being retriggered by the sun or aftermath of the Venus retrograde... it’s important now to maintain your smile.

To shine your light. To keep the fires burning.

Kaldera* calls this moon the Clown’s Moon, referring to both the happy clown and the sad clown.

Sad clowns make people uncomfortable.

Personally, I think all clowns make people uncomfortable, still, the point Kaldera is making is that by selflessly sharing the love we have, as a clown shares his woes by way of laughter, even if we’re not "feeling" it— still does wonders. I mean wonders!— toward the overall happiness and contentment at large.

Kaldera also makes a point in that clowns are animated and entertaining in a very real and clumsy way, not like groomed actors or comedians. In this manner, clowns— if you’re of the very, very, small miniscule sect of the population who enjoy the entertainment clowns provide, hahaha— are "relatable". When circumstances are relatable, you are more likely to share your love, to connect... you’re more likely to share the shining of your light.

However, again, with the heaviness of the Saturn/Chiron square and the sun and moon playing off of that, *relatable* may not be up to you or even on the table as an option. This is a celestial opportunity for you to embrace both the similarities and the differences between us, to accept what we cannot change, and to smile at everyone, even strangers.

Even unrelatable strangers.

The essence of this moon mood is authenticity. Be real. Be genuine. Be you. Be the you that you know you can be. Not the you you need to defend or excuse or deny. Be the you you can be proud of. Be the you that sparks a smile for someone who didn’t have one before making eye contact with you. Because that smile will carry on...

There’s real value in that.

*Raven Kaldera; "Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny" 2011

May 1st-2nd, 2017 - Moon Moods

Cancer Waxing Crescent Moon

In nature, crabs must endure a process called molting.

Crabs and crustaceans possess an exoskeleton, or shell, which does not grow with these creatures as they grow larger with age. Instead, they shed. The shedding of the exoskeleton is called molting. A new, very soft shell is "grown" underneath the exoskeleton before molting can begin.

Late tonight the Gemini moon will become the Cancer moon, and move on, also, to making contact with a number of planetary placements, but most interestingly, to both Venus and Chiron, and also to Pallas Athene and Neptune.

What Cancer energy does with all of the findings found while in Gemini is absorb them, much like the way the body does with carbohydrates; storing these inside the squishy memory within the thick, hard exoskeleton, using the energy provided to secure a meaning, to nurture an emotional wound, to love, just for the sake of love. And this will come in handy, truly.

All of the thinking and remembering and reflecting you’ve been doing for the past two days as the moon moves through Gemini will now turn to feelings through watery Cancer.

Feelings which have been repressed may resurface. Conveniently for you to face them.

Feelings you’ve denied otherwise may force you to a place of acceptance. Convenient, since you’re facing them.

Feelings you harbor that are too strong to confront ordinarily may appear now more approachable. Convenient, since you’re facing them.

Remember that Cancer energy is cardinal, meaning that the need to begin and urge to create is strong, and confrontation is not intimidating to Cancer, but rendered rather essential.

As the Cancerian moon makes connections to Venus and Chiron the recent aftermath of emotional baggage and pain from any loss endured may become retriggered. All of the lessons learned from the recent retrograde may possibly even be tested for you. Stand up for yourself and proclaim your value.

Then when the aspect to Pallas Athene connects, a sense of release will inspire an awareness of habitual behaviors and you may even be blessed with an instinctual understanding of what to do next. You’ve been through a lot since February and you know more now about what you value, who you value, and who values you. Your instincts will be validated or proved untrue by May 25th when Venus passes by Pallas Athene once more.

Begin anew. Begin. Just begin. Through everything you’ve recently been through, you’ve been growing a protective layer, just as a crab would, preparing yourself for now, to shed all the hurt, all the pain, and all the memories that you’d much rather confront and find closure from.

Now’s the time, the time is now... to molt.

Also, as Mercury retrogrades and connects to Uranus exactly and stations direct only a degree away in only several days, Mercury will pass over Uranus once more and won’t be clear of the energies this conjunction surprises us with for another 15 days... yet, this odd duo may actually have rare treasures of insight for you, if only you’re willing to see the opportunities through the obstacles. Don’t look to the obvious, though; look within, and look for the differences you’ve noticed in yourself, and in your life, from February up until now.

You’ll see... just begin. Molt.

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April 29th, 2017 - Moon Moods

Gemini Waxing Crescent Moon

When the moon is waxing crescent, to struggle with your wonders and to share your findings is what the moon is asking of you, to ask yourself questions and to share with others potential findings you could come up with. And when in Gemini, you want answers.... you crave the when’s, the what’s, the how’s, and the why’s. Whether you find them or not isn’t always as necessary with Gemini. Sometimes it’s the exploration, the finding, the mind-bending that’s necessary.

The Gemini moon will connect with Mars (and asteroid Ceres, which just so happens to be moving from Taurus to Gemini, which I’ve written an entirely separate post toward), however, focusing this post, more appropriately upon Mars and the energies inspired through lunar and Martian conjunctions.

This moon phase could take you from curious to irritable in a matter of a minute. In fact, you could grow irritated by the end of this post.

Here’s why•••

Remember that the moon, ultimately, represents your emotions, your emotional nature, the way you need to be nurtured, and what in this world is necessary that allows you to feel safe, just to name a few. It also connects you to your inner child, which is very Geminian; Gemini is so many things, but responsive, receptive, and reflective are undoubtedly quite keen to Gemini, originally.

Mars represents your instincts, as does the moon, though the moon simply needs to feel in touch with these instincts, Mars needs to act on them.

A conjunction, which is when one planetary body has approached another planetary body or point at exactly the same degree in sign, and represents a renewal. A turning of a page. Because the moon is the faster moving of the two, this is a lunar cycle, and the last time the moon conjoined Mars, in Taurus, was on March 30th. Keep this in mind as you reflect: is there anything, any theme, from March 30th coming back around now?

With Mars, impatience and temper need to be applied, and when the moon is in Gemini, your inner child may be demanding that certain needs are not being met. What is a temper tantrum but a very loud and obnoxious way for one to simply feel heard when all other options have been tried and exhausted?

Confrontations may be necessary, or feel necessary, and furthermore, defensiveness could be the result, from either you or Other. Deeper understanding, from all sides now truly is necessary, though, this may not be possible. Not yet. That will likely become possible once the moon has moved in to Cancer. Gemini needs understanding, however, Gemini is content with fiddling around with possible answers or scenarios or equations... Gemini wants answers, Cancer needs emotional understanding and closure.

With Gemini, it must be said, that there is a certain level of emotional immaturity. And with Mars to fuel this, well, think back to high school and reflect upon the way rejection made you feel, or criticism, or losing, or finding out that someone told someone else something that was shared in confidence. Gemini, or rather Mercury, was after all, the messenger. Gossip is common ground here. And gossip, I think we could all agree, is quite sophomoric, indeed. Gemini, on a time line of astrological evolution, is the juvenile, the teenager, the class clown. The gossip.

As the moon moves through these earlier degrees of Gemini, touching base with Mars, it is good advice to be mindful of others’ feelings, needs, and vulnerabilities while also practicing patience and a willingness for compromise couldn’t hurt, though it may feel like it is.

And if someone tells you something in confidence, keep it confident. It really is that simple. Share how you feel, of course, in regard to you, yourself. Struggling to keep another’s feelings to yourself in mixed company shouldn’t be a struggle. If it is, there might be a deeper issue there.

Questions you could ask yourself now would be•••

Am I empathetic on an emotional level with others? Or is there an emotional vacancy?
Is this natural, or awkward (for others)?
How do I project my emotional immaturity onto others?
What, exactly, are my emotional frustrations?
Do I consider others’ needs, feelings, and vulnerabilities?
Do I consider these as I’m demanding my own be met?
Do I fully understand, on an emotional level, what those around me need from me?

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April 26th-28th, 2017 - NEW MOON

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon event will occur at 8:16am EDT* tomorrow at 6°27’ Taurus, inspiring beginnings, transition, and Nature herself. Planting seeds of intention now doesn’t even do this energy justice... it’s so much more than that. All walks of tribes in Life have connected and assigned many varying legends and folklore to that of Nature and what they experienced through Nature, my favorite being that of the Native Americans and the earliest pagans and shamans. Native Americans believe that all of Nature is alive with Spirit, what others describe as Source, or Energy, or God. Interestingly, Spirit was/is also prescribed as medicine. Shamans and medicine wo/men view any disconnection as an imbalance with Nature, any "disease" a dis-ease in the balance of All That Is.

Read the full post here: Taurus New Moon

April 24th, 2017 MOON MOODS

Aries Waning Crescent Moon

After two days of lunar Piscean energy and a conjunction to Neptune, the ruler of the last two days moon, an awakening later tonight occurs as the moon moves in to Aries, recharged, revived, and ready to begin a fresh, new week.

Despite the movement from Pisces to Aries, the early degrees of Aries will still trigger the energy still lingering through the weekend with a conjunction to Venus and Chiron, both in Pisces, and bringing back energies felt and experienced through the recent retrogradation of Venus.

Tomorrow the Aries Waning Crescent Moon will oppose Jupiter and square both Pluto and Juno, triggering yet again the ongoing t-square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Cardinality is very much the energy here, leaving behind the mutability that Pisces inspired, and the emphasis is now on beginning, or rather, continues to emphasize beginning, though now, possibly more so on an emotional level. You may have to feel yourself through this, as well as doing what needs to be done, and these feelings will no doubt be pretty powerful.

The next two days may be quite influential for you and you may very well possess a particular power within you. You’ll likely be uncompromising and assertive, allowing something of great importance to drive you forward, and closer to your goals. Feel this charge within you, it will speak to you; what is the message? You possess an inner hope now that will carry you through to your dreams, through obstacles, through drama and pain, through opportunities, too.

Impulsiveness and idealism is not welcome at this time, it is far too dangerous to succumb to these luxuries. To prepare for the New Moon in Taurus, all ideas, intentions, and inspiration must be resourceful, reasonable, practical, and organic.

Personal issues or problems-- yours or another’s- may beg for your attention. And you may be unable to tell yourself, or others, "no" and therefore wear yourself too thin, especially now, with all of this charged energy surrounding you, it is essential to keep hydrated and rested.

It is also essential now, however, to genuinely care for others, especially those experiencing something that you know a little something about. Love them and protect them from themselves, and care for them in the way you remember needing cared for at that point in your life. Sometimes a little empathy for another’s pains and struggles is all that’s needed, a true understanding, an insider look to the feelings being absorbed and the thoughts being felt.

Love, they say, is a universal language we all speak. And it’s true.

The inner hope you hold within you to be true could shine a light for someone who has lost theirs.

By the 25th, the Aries moon will apply and conjoin Uranus and a retrograded Mercury, triggering again the grand trine between Saturn and the North Node, suggesting that any changes needing to be made, regardless of how crazy they may appear at first glance, need to be made directly, quickly, and these changes may actually attract a new direction for you, very timely before the New Moon.

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April 22nd, 2017 MOON MOODS

Pisces Waning Crescent Moon

Pacifist and anticleric Jules Renard exclaimed once that, "as [he grew] to understand Life less and less, [he learned] to live it more and more."

Such is the essence of the Balsamic Pisces moon...

Today the Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces is found in aspect, at the top of what looks like a kite, at 0° Pisces and opposes the North Node, the tail of the kite, at 0° Virgo. Saturn in Sagittarius and the sun, now in Taurus, and a retrograded Mercury, now back in Aries, make up the width of the kite.

Raven Kaldera* assigned this moon as the Mystic’s Moon, explaining a mystic as someone who chooses a "path of devotion to something greater, not from a remote place where you can scream into the void and hope someone hears, but from a place where the Beloved Mystery is right there with you, all the time, beautiful and terrible, familiar and unknowable." That what a mystic feels, or knows, or understands cannot be communicated, only experienced, as "ambivalent" as that may be.

The evolution within the context of astrology emphasizes the boundaries established and learned in Capricorn, Aquarius inherently realizes the breaking of these will reward one with empowerment, and finally, Pisces, taking it one step further, knowing how, exactly, enigmatically, to navigate oneself through the mystery of a boundary-free world. On this Balsamic Moon, it is appropriate to release all fears, all boundaries, all learned conditioning... to empower oneself with what Kaldera refers to as the ultimate All That Is.

It is imperative to harbor a confidence in the continuity of All That Is.

Saturn is very much a part of this kite patterned aspect, and truly, knowing the rules is completely essential to you as you move forward in breaking whatever self-limiting barriers necessary, to empower yourself toward what you could be, if only... it is important to understand and recognize all traditions in that you are able to recognize what needs to be altered, improved upon, and ultimately, removed. The tried and true is fine, for awhile, but what if..?

And as the sun begins breaking ground in Taurus, the highlighting of security is naturally a focus, inspiring one to consider one’s needs and comforts, values and definitives. The energies of Taurus here can provide a practical approach to a very realistic demand, and a charming determination to follow through in an effort to capture, however fleetingly, the truth in every moment, the truth in what you seek, for it will secure you in every way.

The daring retrograded Mercury will inspire a potentially unorthodox way of doing what needs to be done. You may need to take a detour. Any time wasted could actually turn out to be time saved. The zero point of Aries is literally the embodiment of "beginner’s mind" in that approaching everything approachable with brand new eyes and heart is a divine manner in which to take in what’s before you.

And because the tail point is spoken for by an imaginary place in the universe, a mathematically defined placement referred to as the North Node, a point in one’s chart that represents one’s ultimate goals, one’s mission in this lifetime... one must break through to the very scary other side in order to seize this celestial opportunity, there is no other way. Reaching out, in trust, beyond your comfort zone is truly the only way to find what you seek.

How convenient, too, that Pluto stationed retrograde yesterday, suggesting that a silent confidence in yourself and in your own Truth is necessary now.

An opportunity is within your reach now. Abundantly so.

Today and tomorrow’s moon asks you to radiate in beginner’s mind, to take in the ambivalence, to empower yourself in embracing All That Is; look for a sign, like a kite wisping about through the wind, a sign that is only for you to see, a sign that will inspire you to devote yourself to your Truth, breaking through boundaries, unapologetically.

You might not understand your sign completely... but it will speak to you.

*Raven Kaldera, "Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny" 2011.

April 20th 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Aquarius Waning Crescent Moon

Today is dramatic with independent energies, as the moon moves through the early degrees of Aquarius, connecting to both the Mars/Ceres conjunction for protection and determination, and the Aries stellium for the moxie needed to pull it off, but also to asteroid Pallas Athene, to inspire focus, for most of the day. These are all warrior energies, ready and quite eager for front line confrontation, however, the Prophets Moon knows the secrets of Saturn, and therefore holds more wisdom and the endless patience necessary to battle, even when unarmed and overwhelmed.

C’mon, folks, Saturn always wins...

With Saturn comes weight and you’ll need to reevaluate the weight of the load you’re currently carrying. In regard, particularly, to the goals you’ve been flirting with in your daydreams; how much of the load can be released?

The Waning Crescent moon asks you to understand, and with your understanding, to prepare for release. The release of your fears and inhibitions will only serve you as you approach the upcoming New Moon in Taurus on April 26th; despite the Full Moon being an isolated event, Saturn will play a serious part in a grand trine with-- all of the power players being connected together today, by the way- the North Node and a retrograded Mercury, who will be back in the late degrees of Aries, one degree away from a rebellious Uranus.

Saturn is traditionally connected to Capricorn, appropriately so, however, traditionally too, also to Aquarius. Before modern rulership was assigned to Uranus, back before we had discovered the unorthodox planet, rulership of Aquarius was governed by Saturn. The most effective metaphor I can think of to describe this relationship would be something the Dalai Lama has been known to have said, that "one must know the rules thoroughly in order to effectively break them."


In Capricorn, Saturn lays down the foundations and all of the many, many rules and the student of life diligently practices these. Through Aquarius, the student has learned now how to shatter the illusions of saturnine structures and break through, to the other side, rebelliously and unapologetically, and with no hard feelings, mind you, as Aquarius harbors a cool detachment with which to navigate themselves away from most drama and all foreseeable doubt.

Busyness and business alike are still very much in the forefront for you-- and confronting you directly whether you’re up for it or not- and continuing to linger through the week. It’s truly in your best interest to keep as much on top of this as possible. Be mindful of Mercury’s retrograde and the delays this could attract; his movement back in to Aries could inspire some lax in ground you’ve thought you covered, maybe even did, especially in areas you’d prefer secured. Matters left unfinished may find themselves uniquely disrupted as Mercury moves closer and closer to Uranus by the 27th and 28th... worry not, as seeing opportunity within the obstacles would be innovative and strategic.

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April 19th, 2017 MOON MOOD

Capricorn Last Quarter Moon

It’s time to reorient yourself, if you haven’t taken on the responsibility of the changing moon on your own in owning the hour as much as is humanly possible. You’ve likely, no doubt, found yourself much much busier than usual in the last two days and this is not a coincidence. Coincidences, by definition, are but impossible. There is no such thing as "chance".

If you’ve saved your pennies since the beginning of time in wait for some rainy day, your metaphorical rainy day has arrived. If not, you’ll want, and quite possibly need, to reorient your plans toward more realistic goals, especially in regard to the financing of your dreams.

You may not take your money with you when you go.... however, having a more practical outlook and a smidge more healthy, temperate attitude toward money would behoove you now. It’s universal law, really: What you put out is what you’ll receive. So, if you live your days in abundance, abundance will find its way to you. If you acknowledge that money is a tool, a tool for you to use in this lifetime, and that you’ll always have just enough for your needs... the universe conspires to offer you the tools you need to be as successful as you wish to be.

Now’s the time, the time is now to create a financial plan for your dreams, to question the structures in your life that you use to depend upon for your sense of security, your plan B, and your rainy day fund. Ultimately, your "oh holy hell, what now" account should be up to snuff and working for you rather than holding you back. All celestial signs are alight in green and the finish line is far beyond the horizon... if you’re not preparing to begin something, somewhere in your life, on some level, in some way, then I do apologize friend, but you are in the way and taking up space. Put one foot in front of the other and proclaim to the stars above, "yes!"-- see what happens.

The Capricorn moon is moving through to a new phase, that of Last Quarter Moon, asking you to tie up loose ends before the New Moon. This moon connects to the late degrees of Aries, where the sun and Uranus are moving, as well as a very close retrograded Mercury in the first degree of Taurus, preparing to move back to 29° Aries, as well as the North Node, Saturn, Vesta, and a conjunction to Pluto and Juno... so, your current goals and plans toward these will greatly influence your future, your dreams, and your securities, however, you must retain your integrity and keep alive the essence that is you. Selling out or hoarding your powers over others is not an option you would want to play with.

This is a lot, a lot, a lot of energy, folks: call to your dreams, prepare, make a plan, and begin. Now. With the very close proximity of Pluto in Capricorn to this influential moon, of course the question of greed and avarice, miserly desires and dynamics of control in terms of both power and status arise quite loudly, but also to issues of health within the lining of the sacred triangular machinations between mind, body, and soul.

What is your relationship to money, specifically? Why?
Do you share your wealth? Why? Why not? How exactly?
What is your idea of wealth? Monetary or spiritual?
What is your vision of abundance?
Do you really truly need all that you have?

Ultimately-- are you working to support your dreams or release from the control of your debt?

How are the connections between power, wealth, security, and control drawn for you, specifically, in your life at this time?

Greed is only a petty, fearful neediness masquing in false securities. And when you hoard anything for you and yours alone, money, possessions, or power, hell-- anything!- all you’re telling the universe is that you have enough and need nothing more. These become a sickness, a dis-ease in the very blatant universal laws of movement and flow.

By the time the Last Quarter Moon moves in to Aquarius after midnight, only to shift to a Waning Crescent, or Balsamic Moon, you should seriously ask yourself these questions and notice where the lines of your answers blur and where they stand out more clearly, assuming you’re being boldly honest with yourself.

Remember, what you ask for and what you want are two different things. And that’s not a coincidence, either. What does opportunity look like when in Capricorn? Well, it looks like work. Invite it in, happily, gratefully, and say, "yes." When you receive what you want or need say "thank you." And if it’s not quite enough, but within reason, say "more please," and be willing to endure whatever lesson the universe provides you with for it.

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April 18th, 2017 MOON MOODS

Capricorn Waning Gibbous Moon, Part II

Today the Capricorn Waning Gibbous moon makes a conjunction to both Pluto and asteroid Juno and attracts emotion, despite the traditional Capricorn detachment, and that small little planet so far, far away named Pluto has much to do with the extremes and intensity of this.

Your daily routine, things you’ve done a thousand times through the days that add up to weeks and months without fanfare or testimony, be it ordinary chores, personal obligations, community or professional responsibilities, or even your role within a tribe could feel extreme today as never before. These extremes could be seen more dramatically within your domestic livelihood, however it could be a real toss up in balance between domesticites and career. Either way, be mindful of putting your energies in to responding rather than reacting as you may have a heavier stance toward the details now.

The power you hold can make you or your current realities abundant or profound or render these breakable. Your choice.

As Mercury continues retrogradation, be straightforward with any details that could easily be misinterpreted or have clearly been miscommunicated. The moon is asking you to go directly to the source, not exaggerating any harm or perpetuation between middlemen. Reserve your energies and be resourceful with your time. Be practical in what you can realistically achieve and be clear with yourself about the steps necessary to move forward with these endeavors.

Today is an auspicious day to begin, or to at least lay foundations to begin by the upcoming New Moon in Taurus on the 26th by using your clearly defined steps. Nurture yourself, someone, or something much larger than yourself while you still have the time to do so.

Tomorrow the moon will offer an opposition to asteroid Vesta and a square connection to a retrograded Mercury, Uranus, and the sun, now at 29° Aries, the anaretic degree.

The anaretic degree for every sign is said to be emphasized, both spiritually and fundamentally, as it is the last degree before movement in to the next zodiacal sign. When celestial movement occurs at 29° Aries it urges the need for change in an effort to improve oneself and one’s circumstances and broaden horizons beyond your self-limiting comfort zones.

These upcoming changes should be entertained, at the very least. Keep your cool, and considering the essence of the Capricorn moon, that should be justifiable. Especially if you’re unable to keep focus... you’re not alone and those around you have no intentions of willing you to go it alone, either, despite the potential likelihood of feeling as though you’re on your own.


Capricorn Waning Gibbous Moon

Responsibilities can take over now, you may even prefer to be alone, as the Waning Gibbous moon has just moved on in to Capricorn. Even if it’s not your preference, life circumstances may actually create delays or inconveniences or random circumstances to prevent you from working or dealing or interacting with others.

The Grandfather Moon will force you, one way or another, to assume accountability for your strengths and weaknesses, just as much for your shortcomings as for your achievements. Be mindful of this much needed self-analysis as Venus is so recently stationed and preparing to move forward, however slowly, as a connection to both Venus and Chiron from yesterday is still very much evident.

For the next two days, focus on one thing at a time.

Immediately, the moon connects together a grand trine with the sun and Uranus in Aries, and the North Node, and maintains a lingering out-of-sign conjunction with Saturn in the late degrees of Sagittarius. This may inspire an out-of-the-blue epiphany of some sort for you, on some level even very instinctual, that could potentially offer you much stability and security. This is well worth looking in to.

Despite the Capricorn influence, tonight may lead to unexpected or unusual activities, as well as working without a plan with the lunar/Uranian energies. However, by tomorrow, when the moon has moved beyond the connection and stabilizes with a conjunction to Pluto and asteroid, Juno, the whimsical spontaneity will not be as clever or cooperative.

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April 15, 2017 MOON MOODS•••

Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon

The heaviness of the previous two days Scorpio moon lightens with the Sagittarius Waning Gibbous Moon although a heavy dose of insomnia may be a pertinent side effect of it all.

This may be a combination of the disseminating moon or maybe it’s the sun’s movement toward Uranus, our planet of awakening, literally.

The disseminating moon is suggesting a heightened need for communication, as well as personal epiphanies and the urge to complete anything you’ve started. This energy blends nicely with an instinct to rid yourself of any unhealthy habits or routines, including but not limited to negative self-talk, self-defeating behaviors, detoxing your body of any harmful, erratic, or unhealthy toxins, and gossip, even the lies you tell yourself.

It’s true, this Sagittarian moon is a Philosophers Moon, needing to discuss all topics, large and small, both above and below, however most objectively. The philosopher does not involve his/her own feelings of anything or anyone when seeking the Truth that exists within. Like the centaur himself, the philosopher aims high for Truth, both yours and mine.

As I’m researching this moon Katniss Everdeen continues to nudge my thoughts; as Artemis reflects the moon, Katniss reflects Artemis’ ambitions, as she never missed a shot once a target was justly established. Artemis stands for Truth, above all else, as does Katniss, as does Sagittarius. And the philosopher.

I’m noticing a theme here...

Truth. Where is yours found?

Sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac, forever seeking something, that something that s/he may not even be able to speak of clearly but feels a homesickness and a nostalgic tug for nevertheless. Maybe you’re still seeking your Truth, maybe you recognize your Truth but lack the courage to embrace it, maybe you’ve embraced your Truth but sometimes still fumbling to find your way... either way, the heavens may shine upon you today and tomorrow a little bit of light that only you will truly see.

And may Artemis spot you and aim her sights on you, to protect you and continue to guide you through the very recent aftermath and repercussions of this week’s tumultuous timing. Reflection will be important, as will patience, for both yourself and toward others, and also kindness.

Allow me to mention here that Venus is now stationing at 26° Pisces, which slap happens to be the very degree Chiron is currently found and her stationing here is rather significant. Retrograde periods are said to be more potent through the stationing, which would refer back to the last week of February and first week of March, when Venus first turned retrograde, and then this week and will run in to next as she begins moving forward back to the Aries zero point. Which further stresses the significance of these strategic points Venus has passed through, both this way and that, through this retrograde phase.

Venus bonding so closely with Chiron highlights healing, first and foremost, and could possibly indicate the scabs from only recent and very fresh wounds being scratched off to reveal the truth in your pain in order to learn your lessons in matters of love and loss.

The Sagittarian moon is asking you to be honest with yourself, especially your wounds, your baggage, your hurt, your issues, and, ultimately, your ego-inspired expectations. It may sting. It may bleed. When that arrow of honesty stabs you unaware, it will be fierce. But it will be just. And when you’ve healed you’ll always remember. You’ll live to tell your tale and inspire others to be true, to resist ego-inflated delusions and further disappointments, to walk in your own light.

Venus stationed retrograde on March 4th, moved through her inferior conjunction on March 25th, passed the Aries zero degree April 1st retrograde and will pass through one more time on April 28th and 29th moving forward. These days may trigger emotions for you, but realize that the healing process is just that-- a process. Your pain will pass, eventually, unlike Chiron’s, who had to endure a vulture feeding upon his liver each and every night forevermore.

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April 13th, 2017 - Scorpio Waning Gibbous Moon, Part 2

Synchronicity is in the air, folks, do ya’ll feel it!?

Today the Scorpio Witch Moon connected with Neptune and with the Pluto/Juno conjunction.

Tomorrow, connections to the Pluto/Juno conjunction continue, then connections also to the Venus/Chiron conjunction, the Mars/Ceres conjunction, and then there’s the sun connecting to Uranus by conjunction, opposing Jupiter.

This is a lot of intense energy!

The short story regarding what this means?-- you’re feeling triggered either toward something/someone or away from something/someone in a very, very big way.

Talk about magic... the universe is truly mysterious.

The longer version sounds something like:

Venus retrograde snuggling up to Chiron suggests both reflection and a renovation regarding your potentially unrealistic expectations of others. This conjunction may very well be offering you "bigger and better" than your wildest imaginings and your most awkward expectations, but these bigger and better ideals require you to let go of your outdated, unnecessary, or romanticized expectations of those you love in exchange for what you really need and what will truly serve your Truth.

And regardless of how shaken up you are with disappointment in not being treated the way you expect by others, or any mishandling by others within the world at large, really, the urge to flee or instinct to leave is truly calling to you now. Power dynamics and issues of/with control are abound and being reconfigured/reassigned everywhere you look. This is to the credit of the sun highlighting the Uranian handiwork occurring in the background since last winter, finally surfacing, and being rendered unavoidable at this point with Jupiter opposing this defiantly dramatic energy. With Aries and Libra being the signs that the energy is playing out, 7th house issues are immediately triggered, despite where these placements actually are in your own nativity, and remember that 7th house issues involve not only romantic arrangements, but also professional partnerships and open enemies. These areas in your life are all fair game.

If, however, you’re being called *to* something or someone, be mindful not to give away whatever power you have. Remain true to yourself through necessary compromising in order to create and sustain a healthy balance. Moving on to Mars conjunct Ceres... this indicates a fierce protectiveness of those you love and share space with, whether these lucky beings deserve your loyalty or not. Mars with Ceres in the sign of the Bull awaken both emotions and those squishy feelings, however potentially fleeting, as well as your parameters of security within your chosen lifestyle. You can expect your world, in these regards, to be quite rocked, especially if you’re extra protective of boundaries, privacy, and the value of your own resources. Remember, disruptions aren’t always so bad. And Juno approaching Pluto tells me that a strong pull is occurring, in a very deep, soulful way. Like magnets attracting. That click.

Whatever relationships you’re attracting now through these transitions will be powerful connections and will empower both yourself and the two of you for years to come. Do be mindful, again, of power struggles and dynamics of control as Pluto can be quite unforgiving when involved selfishly or for the wrong reasons. However, through good intentions and a selfless approach, it is possible now to discover depths of yourself you would have never otherwise stumbled upon or understood. Allow this. You’re stronger now than ever.

Yes, the universe is mysterious. Magical, truly. The magic that exists in the universe exists within you... the stars are in your eyes, comets beam in your heartbeat.

Allow the magic of the Witch-- who was simply only a healer, an alchemist, a mystic, a shaman, a nun, a Priestess, a gypsy, or a misunderstood empath, depending upon what time line or continent you’re looking at- to inspire you to tune in to your inner spirit, the magic within.

Ask your inner magic to light your way... and trust it.

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April 12th, 2017 - MOON MOOD

Scorpio Waning Gibbous Moon

Otherwise known as a Disseminating Moon, the Waning Gibbous Moon needs to focus upon the sensitive subjectivity of matters in an effort to organize strategically in order to make practical, but innovative, decisions for the upcoming Last Quarter moon in Aquarius on the 19th, all in preparation for new goals, new ideas, new projects, or new ventures for the New Moon on April 26th at 6° Taurus. Today is an ideal time to do just that as the moon opposes the upcoming New Moon zodiacally, and therefore offers much to be needed as you navigate your way through your next steps.

Most essentially, this moon offers you mindfulness.

When the moon is in Scorpio in this particular lunar phase it is known as the Witches Moon and represents those darker thoughts and fears we all perpetuate. With darkness, there is always light, and so it is, this moon also permeates light and tenderness necessary to combat these diseased seeds of intention we fear from the core of our beings yet continue to plant, both unconsciously and unknowingly. The light will conjure the goodness within our seeds of fear and lure the ugliness up to the surface to be burned away from the rays of the bright morning sun... notice that none of this transmogrification is occurring for anyone to witness or acknowledge, but largely behind-the-scenes, as no one needs to see it for it to be, to occur, to exist.

That’s how magic works. It just does. It is. It exists.

Ultimately, this moon asks you to ask yourself what you’re willing to do to conjure the magic within yourself.

We all harbor hints of hate within ourselves, sadly, and from time to time we allow these to be exposed for all to see; through ego urges, be it envy, anger, hate itself, greed, ignorance, or simple meanness unto other heartbeats. We become overwhelmed, impatient, or we feel threatened and these ego-based fears become reason enough, in even the smallest pinch, to justify such behaviors or reactions where a mindfully tender response would have been enough and would have taken up no more time than a harsh backlash.

The magic within you, the mindful light I speak of-- how much of it do you share through the day, each day? How stable and reliable is your instinct for friendliness and helpfulness in the grand scheme of it all? This moon begs of you to permeate every inch of space you fill through the day with your bright light... to be mindfully magical in your own very unique way.

The moon makes connections to both Saturn and Mercury today, and also to the North Node; set intentions, tell those you love and share space with you love them and need them, and most importantly, trust the magic within you; trust that your magic-- your light, the wonder that is within you- heals and bonds and conjures the goodness from all darkness whenever possible.

April 11th, 2017 - MOON MOOD

Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon event in Libra at 21°33’ on April 11th at 6:09am UT* will occur among the ongoing hum that is the cardinal t-square energies between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto-- the grand cross, if you include Vesta- triggering especially both Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

Jupiter plays a large part in the energy of this Full Moon.

Jupiter is the luckiest planet, the happiest, the jovial one of the bunch. When I think about Jupiter, I often think of that quote by Frank Sinatra, a Jupiterian centaur himself in fact, "orange is the happiest color," orange being the overall hue of Jupiter, especially from our view... Jupiter loves to inspire smiles.

This Full Moon event will actually appear bright white, like most other moons, although it’s known as the Pink Moon, but if you Google the psychology of the color orange you’ll find keywords such as cheerfulness and stimulation, rejuvenating and positivism thrown around quite loosely. Motivation and optimism, too. I can easily connect the color symbolism with that of Jupiter; Frank Sinatra was on to something... orange being the result of resilient red coming together with the happiness of yellow. It all makes sense.

Read the full post on Libra Full Moon here...

April 10th, 2017 - MOON MOOD

Libra Waxing Gibbous Moon

The waxing gibbous moon has moved in to the early degrees of Libra to prepare for the Full Moon event in Libra tomorrow. The energy behind this moon in the efforts to reorganize what is for what could be remain the same, however, the touch turns much softer as Libra is ruled by Venus, the celestial planet/sign combination of soft touch.

The moon is in an opposition with Venus now, and will be for the Full Moon, also opposing Chiron, who Venus is closely connecting with before her stationing, and also to Pallas Athene. Besides Chiron, the wounded healer, we have several goddesses working together in the name of love today. How very lovely, truly.

Today is a day to love... because love is love is love is love.

Love is beautiful and feels good to both give and receive it (Venus), love heals and creates love anew from itself, you’ll never run out of it (Chiron), and love is powerful, strong, protects and connects us all (Pallas Athene). Love illuminates (the Moon).

I have this theory... to introduce mine, allow me to remind you of two that already exist: that everything consists of energy and that everything that goes around comes around.

So by piggybacking upon these two theories is: when you’re upset, angry, sad, or lonely, whatever-- instead of sending that type of energy out, because inevitably, you are simply by feeling it and perpetuating it... send love. Send love out instead of anger.

Because if you’re angry about feeling anger, why would you want anger to come back around to you if you could avoid it?

Send love instead.

Even if it’s what I call "mentally manufactured love" in that you’re producing it on a whim; when it’s not really real because you’re too busy in the moment being upset or angry, but you’re trying your hardest not to be consumed by the very fleeting and momentary feelings of negativity and thereby focusing on sending out love love love... you’d be surprised, you’ll begin to feel love coming back to you. Almost immediately.


It’s important to share this love, too, when you’re feeling love in its truest forms, that genuine love you produce-- and your bodily chemicals are thereby following suit, as well- when you’re truly feeling joy and bliss and contentment.

Share your love, always, be it "manufactured" or genuine, and it will come back to you. Every time.

Energy never dies, folks, it simply changes form. Send love.

April 9, 2017 MOON MOOD

Virgo Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

The waxing gibbous moon continues on in Virgo, further in degrees today from yesterday and making new aspects.

Today, the moon connects with a retrograded Saturn by square, opposes the Venus/Chiron conjunction in Pisces, makes a trining connection to both fellow earth placements-- the Pluto/Juno conjunction in Capricorn and the Mars/Ceres conjunction in Taurus, and a sextile to Vesta in Cancer.

That’s a busy, useful moon!-- perfect for Virgo.

The moon today tells us to pause a moment from tidying and cleaning and organizing and to be present; with all of the foundations around you being questioned, ordered, or rearranged and structures of security falling, breaking, or otherwise unreliable... how are you supposed to tidy this up? Why are you to be expected to clean all of the mess up? Where are you to put all of the pieces that broke away from the wreckage before you? You simply can’t, not in one day.

Taking from yesterday’s visual and Kaldera’s lunar term of the waxing gibbous Virgo moon, the Housewife would dust off her hands on her neatly ironed apron, put a new smile on and make a fresh batch of cookies. Her cookies would be mixed and mashed and made with unending and unconditional love, a love so fierce it would bring the entire family together after a hard day, it would brighten the light that took on the night, and at the end of this day it would make everything alright.

The moon today tells us that we must make cookies.

Venus and Chiron are all about love and healing and tenderness while Pluto and Juno intensify whatever feeling we’re hinging upon and transforms these feelings of love and connection is such a way it’s undeniable. And Mars with Ceres nurtures, well, through food, among other things, such as touch and connection and eye contact and cuddling.... and Vesta keeps the fires burning the entire time, safe at home, in Cancer, giving the Housewife the motivation to continue, even on the hardest of days.

Sure, this is just my interpretation, but it seems loud and clear to me: even if you’re having a hard time-- especially if you’re having a hard time now- bring love in, keep love close, let love consume you, be the love you need right now. People are love, food is love, love is all around you, love is everywhere.

Allow love.

April 8, 2017 MOON MOOD

Virgo Waxing Gibbous Moon

Today the moon is in Virgo as a waxing gibbous moon, suggesting that you’re needing to perfect something, with an exaggerated emphasis as it will be a Virgo moon, the sign notorious for needing and seeking perfection. A reorganizing is necessary now in order to successfully release what you’re holding on to by the next phase of the moon, the Full Moon in Libra on the 11th.

The Virgo moon is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, so you will want to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the perfection you seek in order to express yourself as well as inform others of your wants and needs.

Currently, Mercury is in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, trying its hardest to understand emotions and see beauty the way Aphrodite so effortlessly can... something, too, Virgo is not exactly keen on, either. There may be some obvious struggle between what is right and what is necessary with what feels good and what is preferred.

According to Raven Kaldera, the Virgo gibbous moon is the Housewife’s Moon, or the Stepmother’s Moon; "here the universe loses patience," Kaldera explains, "and shoves her straight into a place where she is forced to balance both detail-oriented tasks and human interaction, often of the most difficult kind."

Kaldera goes on to describe the emotional detachment Virgo experiences through a mercurial rulership, yet, when the moon is here, the luminary responsible for feelings and instincts and nurturing, relationships of an "untidy" nature are almost inevitable. Therefore, the perfecting, (re)organizing, and tidying should be focused not necessarily on yourself, or others, but *with* others, *for* others, *as* others need you to nurture the overall environment.

The next waxing gibbous moon in Virgo will be in May of 2018.

Raven Kaldera; "Moon Phase Astrology" 2011