Taurus Sun Sign, Taurus Zodiac Portrait, 2017 for Taurus and more

Taurus Sun Sign, Taurus Zodiac Portrait, 2017 for Taurus and more

By Manuel Eloy Gaona

Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus is the first sign of earth of the zodiac.

Your Zodiac sign refers to the middle of spring when nature flourishes in peace. You’re a house number 2, ruled by Venus. It concerns domestic resources (gifts, talents, values...) And External (the body, money...). Your symbol is not the bull made fierce by the cloak of the matador but rather the bull, to get up, lonely under an oak covering of the eyes, the grass on the earth, the sky and the sun...

You prefer silence to gossip, stability to the inconstancy, simplicity to the claim and your aversion to the tragedies is known to all. Do you like to take advantage of things in life: a ballad in nature, a massage, a good meal, the comfort of your home, take a nap in a big chair, the smell of freshly cut grass, the song of birds, the sound Of the waves, the smell of the flowers... Anything that puts your senses. We’re pushing you around? This makes you mad so you like to go at your own pace.

The touchy, the carnal, the man of silence, the worker are the characters that you stick to the skin! And Yes! Taurus is quite a hard worker!

Certain Keywords: Productivity, Pleasure, Inertia, Accumulation of material things.

Certain Characteristics: LAZY, MISTRUSTFUL, SLOW, Dull, Jealous, Loyal, Generous, Affectionate. Solved, CONSTANT, sensual, Silent, STUBBORN (it’s a sign that is fixed), Wild... Strategies for a better life, this is you Taurus.

Say that again? Taurus is solid and loyal (his friends can count on him)

He likes to win money, Hoarding, investing (in bricks, for example) and is not a big spender. On the contrary... The material goods the security. His huge need security leads to stagnation and therefore, resistance to change. It is not, as his friend Aquarius, able to see things in a positive light and new. It is not no more mobile as it is with his neighbour of Gemini.

Taurus have confidence in yourself, don’t let yourself be invaded by stress when food,work weighs upon you find ways to improve your resistance to change...

Planetary Aspects for the Sign of Taurus in 2017

Pluto and Jupiter in Square

We first find here the anxious side of the person, and a tendency to often question himself. This does not take away the good perception of others, but brings about a personal imbalance in the way of managing oneself. On the other hand, it may be too focused on the hidden and mysterious side of things, and in case of other bad aspects about Jupiter, let yourself be trained in delicate or doubtful situations. (Throughout the month 4 weeks Sun is in Taurus)

Sun sextile Neptune

Sun sextile Neptune inspires you and gives you beautiful hunches. (May 03)

Sun trine Pluto

Sun trine Pluto aspect brings a lot of will, tenacity, and recovery power in case of problems. The person is able to challenge himself and to transform himself when it is necessary. (May 09)

More on the Portrait of Taurus

The light of the bull is that of the incarnation of divinity, the glyph of the bull tells us something, the horns draw a cup referring to the receptivity of the energy that is then made flesh, incorporated into the matter.

The sun in Taurus needs in his quest to give form by being in contact with nature in ensuring such a gardener to cultivate his garden. A garden which is outside: The nature, the environment but also interior: His body as a temple.

He needs to enjoy in the direction of awaken its full meaning to the beauty that surrounds him and to the beauty to be alive, to feel that his body is the vehicle of a sacred divine energy. It must take care to take care of it, to the feed. Let us not forget that Taurus is governed by Venus.

The sun in Taurus must be aware of its value, that his brilliance comes not only of his possessions, money on his bank account, a beautiful body, but just the presence alive who lives every object, who lives his body. The vibration and sublimation of the material is for me the initiation deep for Taureans:

Put of the sacred in each of its actions and its pleasures (food in consciousness, sexuality)

People often attribute qualities such as stubbornness, constriction to Taurus, indeed it would be the shadow of Taurus that is mired in the material, which does not move more nor his body, nor its beliefs, and even less its habits of life.

It must also develop a comprehensive awareness of terrestrial and lunar cycles, as if one of his learning is to reconnect with a matriarchal ancient wisdom,, a time where the cult of the great goddess was at its peak. Taureans shine even more than he realizes that their life is in harmony with the mysteries of nature and the cosmos.

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