Venus Direct and the Lessons of Post-Shadow Phase

Venus Direct and the Lessons of the Post-Shadow Phase

By Jamie VanZuuk

Saturn Retrograde

Venus is direct! Hallelujah! Holy Buddha!

Now what?

Back on January 30th Venus entered the pre-shadow phase at 26° Pisces, which is exactly where she is stationing direct. Back in January Venus was making a harsh connection to Saturn and she was yesterday, too, except yesterday she held hands with Chiron. Both of these are very intense, and quite appropriate, despite how potentially painful they may be for you. What this means is that whatever was occurring for you then is likely providing you a very painful, piercing flashback for you now, and possibly even through May 18th, when Venus exits the post-shadow phase at 13° Aries.

This retrograde phase intended for you to purge, essentially, what/who is no longer valuable to you; issues of control and dynamics of power were/are definitely highlighted, as is what exactly you’re willing to surrender or sacrifice for what/who you love.

Closure is a big thing, too. The process of everything involved between love and loss, sure, but most importantly, the idea of closure and how very significant it is in the ways of moving forward.

Energy lingers, doesn’t it? Sometimes we think we’re "done", we may even think we’ve achieved a sense of closure, and then Venus goes and retrogrades and we’re inexplicably reminded that there may have been more to it than what we thought (even as long ago as 8 years!), that more damage had been done than what could have ever been imaginable. It isn’t always as easy as simply walking away, our connections birth an energy all their own, and despite our intended navigations through these energies... the connection itself remains.

Venus, naturally, is a lady, and it is said that a lady always knows when to leave.

Venus retrograde, on the other hand, lingers, like energy lost, not knowing her cue.

Back to the true intention of this current retrograde lesson: courage and the instincts to trust in letting go... and following through.

With this courage comes the need to know what to do with it. Through these shadow phases before and after a retrograde period, signs and lessons are provided in plenty for you to embrace your own shadowy sides. It is only when you truly know yourself that you can truly face yourself, and therefore, others. Ascension, one could argue, is the reward for this terribly intimidating and daunting deal one makes with oneself, the reward of ultimate release, illumination, and truth.

Of course Saturn Retrograde is weighing heavily upon all of these lessons, adding a dose of depression for some or tightening expenses for others, still, the reward will be that much more divine when the lesson is finally learned. Until mid-May, your insights should be so much clearer than they were in January, your heart, however broken or weak or bleeding it may be, more fulfilled, fuller in the sense that you have endured, you have surrendered, if you have, and you have learned. Again, if you have learned more about who you are and what you carry with you in this lifetime, you are that much closer to your Truth, and therefore walking in light, even if you’ve lost along the way.

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