Sun in Taurus Transit, Taurus Mythology and Taurus in Your Birth Horoscope

Sun in Taurus Transit, Taurus Mythology and Taurus in Your Birth Horoscope

By Jamie VanZuuk

Saturn Retrograde

Taurus Zodiac Sign Mythology

The sun has moved in to Taurus on April 20th, the sign of the Bull, and will remain in Taurus until May 20th.

Venus rules Taurus, Aphrodite herself. This alone blesses Taureans, as well as Taurean energy, indubitably.

Fancy and fancy-free, maybe, but Taurus is organic and all natural. Beauty in its most simple and sacred forms. And beautiful things don’t ever ask for attention. Beauty simply is.

There are countless versions of Venusian mythology, and likewise, several versions of the mythology of Taurus. Allow me to tell you a version of Taurean lore... the one I like explains a bull named Cerus, not to be confused with Ceres, and Cerus was a powerfully intimidating bull. Cerus would trespass, village to village, and like a bull in a porcelain shop, townspeople were not very welcoming of the rowdy, obstinate bull. The legend goes on, that the townspeople were unaware of where Cerus came from or how he came to be. And to perpetuate the mystery, Cerus was a loner and answered to no one. And no one was ever able to stop the rampages Cerus caused, until....

It is said that Persephone came upon Cerus one day and was the only one able to calm him, teach him patience, and inspired rationality. This may be why Taurus begins in late April, when Persephone is allowed back from the underworld and when Persephone returns to the underworld, in November, the constellation of Taurus is seen in the sky, endlessly looking out for one another.

What a beautiful cycle.

The Age of Taurus is known for when the Pyramids were built in Egypt, a very early, and beautiful, personification of stability, as well as solid force and determination.

Papyrus, an archaic version of paper, was invented during this time, as well, and was produced in long strips that were eventually rolled up in to scrolls. The Taurus glyph invokes the image of the scroll rolled up, as well as a bull’s head.

Sun in Taurus Transit

Did anyone else feel the energy change from driving as fast as is possible on empty in overdrive and listening to club music or heavy metal to slooooooowing down and changing the channel to jazz or easy alternative, much more relaxing, and more appropriate for a casual Sunday-like drive?

I did.

How does Taurus influence you? You could find this out by emailing me with an inquiry.

Taurus in Your Birth Horoscope

Even if you were not born with your Sun in Taurus, you-- and everyone else, too- have Taurus occuppying one of the houses in your chart.

Which house of your Birth Chart does Taurus rule?

Taurus Rising

If you have a Taurean rising, Taurus would rule also your 1st house of ego, character, and everything about you you you. Venus represents Taurus, therefore Venus would be what is referred to as your chart ruler and would be a key planet for you throughout your lifetime. Taurus rising/1st house occupancy indicates that the native will be determined in character, possess a grounded ego, appreciate the Self as it is in its most natural state, and possibly materialistic in an effort to placate when feeling rejected or blue.

Taurus in the Second House

Taurus in your 2nd house is exalted, as Taurus is the traditional house placement, and again, Venus would hold weight in your chart, though would no longer be your chart ruler. The native here would be motivated by the people, things, the creature comforts and the value these hold.

Taurus in the Third House

Taurus in the 3rd house of communication would be passive, though charming, and stubborn in a manner that let’s everyone know it’s not possible to sway, manipulate, or sweet talk anything enough to budge a bull.

Taurus in the Fourth House

Taurus in the 4th is comfy, endearing, and adores family and home. Much of a home body anyway, Taurus in the 4th is quite savvy in regard to decorating and comfort foods, especially when company is expected. Owning property would be ideal, preferably out of the way, on a large plot of land, among the beauty of nature.

Taurus in the Fifths House

Taurus in the 5th house of children, leisure and romance would clearly enjoy all of these; a Taurean’s children are a pride, or, simply the birthing of something new, fresh, and original; hedonistic joy, leisure and pleasurable pursuits-- yes, please!- a natural pastime, and romance-- Taurus might have invented that.

Taurus in the Sixth House

Taurus in the 6th house of health and duty could potentially influence the native’s thyroid, throat and diaphragm, in addition to insisting that their work environment be comfortable, calming, and aesthetically pleasing. Duties could drive a Taurean 6th house to dedicate time and energy to conservation of some sort, something outdoors, or, and this is funny but I can see a perfect fit for counseling hoarders.

Taurus in the Seventh House

Taurus in the 7th of partnerships, marriage and all one-on-one relationships is exalted her as well, through association, as Venus represents Libra, and respectively, the 7th house, as well. Taurus craves intimacy, bonding with others, and longs for commitment. Dedicated and loyal, Taurus representing the 7th house will enjoy taking care of someone.

Taurus in the Eighth House

Taurus in the 8th house of all things investment, retribution and karmic balance, Taurus here will be opposite its own home placement, as Scorpio represents the 8th house, and will handle all 8th house matters in a practical manner, self-sufficiency, and will not likely handle these with any risk, preferring guarantee over potential inevitability.

Taurus in the Ninth House

Taurus representing the 9th house of truth, travel, and culture would seek truth as it is, traveling would most likely involve trips in to nature and spa days over an ashram in India or fashion show during Fashion Week. Cultural curiosities would be pursued watching NatGeo on TV or reading favorite authors.

Taurus in Tenth House or Midheaven

In between the 9th and 10th houses is the midheaven. When the native has a Taurus midheaven, this individual will seek out opportunities to be more passionate, grounded, and learning how to say "no" and understand that that’s a complete sentence. Taurus representing the 10th house will influence the native’s status by not being a pushover, through realizing self-worth, and embracing security and stability as a means of success rather than remaining in one spot from stubborn insistence upon laziness.

Taurus in Eleventh House

The 11th house of hopes and dreams and community will be a secure sense of comfort when Taurus represents this house. Friends and acquaintances will be appreciated and reassuring, hopes and dreams simple and organic.

Taurus in Twelfth House

Finally, when Taurus represents the 12th house, the house of the unknown, secrets, spirituality and transformation, native’s will approach these hard to grasp ideas and structures of thought in a practical manner, enjoying a sense of groundedness when realization of a higher being or a something much larger than ourselves is accepted.

These, of course, are rather quick-and-dirty, but you get the idea... we all have some Taurus in us-- we all have each of the 12 signs within us- and we all handle an aspect of our lives in a very Taurean way *wink*

Happy birthday Taurus! See beauty everywhere this month, always!

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