Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries Transits - Forward Movements and Patience

Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries Transits - Forward Movements and Patience

The transit lasts till May 16, 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Gemini Transit

Mars has moved on to Gemini from Taurus and a retrograded Mercury has moved back to Aries from Taurus... Mercury rules Gemini, Mars rules Aries... do you see what I’m seeing?

What you’re seeing is what astrologers call mutual reception, meaning that these two planets, each occuppying one another’s domicile rulerships become, by default, allies.

In other words: (allow patience in my wordiness, hahaha)

Mercury currently rules over Mars moving through Taurus, so, aggressive Mars in determined Taurus is ruled by, or motivated by, logical Mercury.

Meaning: that the physicality of Mars, or, your motivated actions, is being tweaked by logical reasoning; using your words, your thoughts, and even your ideas now could be just as effective, even as practical or resourceful, as using your muscles or force. Also, in making forward movements in your world now, talking about it and telling others of your intentions will serve you.

And Mars is reigning over Mercury back peddling through Aries; second thoughts and reassessing Mercury in impatient Aries is ruled by, or motivated by, powerful Mars.

Meaning: that the reasoning and communications and thinking involved in relation to checking, double-checking, and triple-checking is possibly being urged, forced, or pushed upon by impatience, of course, but maybe even frustrations or anger, or simply ego-inflated wants or needs.

When Mars is in Gemini it isn’t uncommon to feel ambiguous or act unaware. And with Mercury in Aries, words can be weapons.

But since Mercury and Mars are now allies until May 16th, any urging, impatience, anger, or frustration will have good intentions behind it, or, any inconveniences you confront will actually save you time in the end.

But words used as weapons will not be easily forgiven, especially as time moves on, regardless of any allied force.

Mercury will make a connection to Saturn through this duration of time, Mars, to Jupiter, making this an auspicious time to clarify, convey, or cater to something of significance. Those you share space with, look up to, or work for are more apt to hear you, appreciate you, and take you seriously now, so do be mindful to speak and act with integrity.

With this mutual reception comes a fierce confidence, it is exuded and exalted when you actually know what you’re talking about or believe in what you’re doing. It’s as though the heavens above are celestially cheering you on in your endeavors, despite any retrogradation types of effects. Also, in taking initiative, you may find, that if you’re carrying a healthy amount of confidence, that the details fall in to place, especially so if you’re trying to improve yourself in any way.

Believe in yourself now. As above, so below. Go for it. But be patient.

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