Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon - The Bridge Connecting You From Your Past to Your Future

By Jamie VanZuuk

Taurus New Moon

The New Moon event will occur at 8:16am EDT* tomorrow at 6°27’ Taurus, inspiring beginnings, transition, and Nature herself.

Planting seeds of intention now doesn’t even do this energy justice... it’s so much more than that.

All walks of tribes in Life have connected and assigned many varying legends and folklore to that of Nature and what they experienced through Nature, my favorite being that of the Native Americans and the earliest pagans and shamans. Native Americans believe that all of Nature is alive with Spirit, what others describe as Source, or Energy, or God. Interestingly, Spirit was/is also prescribed as medicine. Shamans and medicine wo/men view any disconnection as an imbalance with Nature, any "disease" a dis-ease in the balance of All That Is.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, an earth sign, fixed in quality, and it’s no surprise that Taurus embodies, in line after the very ego-inspired existence of Aries, the idea of the safety we feel, here in this place we call home, on earth, among or within Nature, surrendered to the magical forces and securities of gravity. Taurean energy asks you to ask yourself, "am I living among Nature, or am I living within Nature, with Nature, in balance with the forces of Nature?"

Studies have shown that by walking and standing barefoot in Nature, even on your front lawn, allowing your toes to connect with the soil, your heel to ground itself, and it will eradicate all bad energy from within yourself and it will actually transfer to the soil, providing much needed nutrients for the soil while it will trade to you good energy and anything you’re lacking, just by standing still, quiet and mindful, for twenty minutes or more.

It’s really that simple, folks.

Furthermore, Taurus rules over the the neck, the throat, the vocal chords and what is possible through all of these: the voice.

Taurus also rules the taste buds, the appetite, and the hunger deep inside.

Are you asking Spirit for what you need?
Are you nourishing yourself with goodness and light?
Are you swallowing the appropriate medicine?

Many of you are currently feeling your way through emotional uproar or disconnection, maybe the loss of something or someone very dear, or even the ending of a truly significant time in your life, and as this New Moon represents beginnings anew, so too, must you begin again. These recent celestial lingerings have offered you much in terms of closure and healing and the mindfulness of gratitude, and this event has the potential to thrive from all who have forsaken you or by all of which you have willfully relinquished. On this New Moon plant seeds of intention, fertilized by the remains of all that you have survived.

Aries represents survival. Taurus, abundance.

This Taurean New Moon represents not only a new beginning for you, but a bridge connecting you from your past to your future.

The Sabian symbol phrase for 6° Taurus, assigned by Marc Edmund Jones, is "a bridge being built across a gorge;" suggesting, metaphorically, that what has been broken may not always be fully, completely healed, but can, literally, be reconciled, reaffirmed, reconnected.

Be mindful of the old adage, that a bridge cannot be built in a day... this transition for you will take some Taurean time. Patience. And this is something that Nature can teach you. Nature knows that time is but a process, not a score.

Whatever channeling you prefer is recommended now; speaking, singing, screaming or whispering, again, Taurus rules your voice, a conduit for your thoughts to be translated to either a common or universal language, to be heard, understood, and connected to a dialogue with another. There’s something about the connection between one and another in dialogue... it really does bridge us together. It reaffirms our most primal needs, that mine are like yours, and yours mine, that all we really need is one another, in one way or another, and that that can never ever be broken. Not permanently.

We may be needing to reconnect and reconcile, but the New Moon event is an isolated event in that it will not make any connections to any other planetary bodies or points, and this is auspicious. This point emphasizes the very importance of connection itself. A connection to Nature herself, a connection to yourself, and a connection to one another. And it may even be desired, but I will insist that it is imperative. It is much needed.

For this New Moon event, set your intentions and go outside and plant your bare feet in to the landscape, be it dirt, grass, sand or stone and let go... and, in kind, plant your intentions, plant them so they can seed, and grow, and flower. Allow everything that no longer serves you to become something you can use. Allow the seeds of your sorrows to grow bushels of hope in a reality you have made for yourself.

This New Moon is all about awakening.... now’s the time, the time is now to wake up... and surrender to growing in to the you you were meant to become.

And when you wake, look up, smile, and say, "thank you."

*7:16am CDT; 6:16am MDT; 5:16am PDT

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