Ceres Astrology, Ceres in Gemini Transit and Venus Retrograde Lessons

Ceres Astrology, Ceres in Gemini Transit and Venus Retrograde Lessons

By Jamie VanZuuk

Ceres Astrology

As I write this, through late Thursday evening on to Friday morning on the west coast, the Gemini moon connects with both Ceres and Mars, Ceres being at the 29th degree of Taurus, Mars already in Gemini. This, in turn, makes connections to Venus, at 29° Pisces, and moving back to Aries, and a retrograded Mercury connecting to Pluto.

It all seems so synchronistic to me. Yet I continue to struggle with communicating in words what so easily speaks to me.

If you thought Venus approaching the zero point of Aries, for a third and final time in this phase, that it would revoke all harm previously done in the love department or rescind any regret from decisions of the heart you felt forced to follow through with... think again. It may not be that simple.

Allow me to provide you with some much needed background information about Ceres before I explain why I think Venus, and the recent retrograde, could be inspired through her. It’s truly fascinating when you can see the archetypes animated, playing out their tales. And maybe, just maybe, this archetype is playing itself out for you.

Ceres is the Roman name for the Greek Demeter, mother of Prosperina, or Persephone, who Pluto, or Hades, took captive to the Underworld for half the year, creating, ultimately, what we know now to be the four Seasons. When her daughter was taken from her, a deal was made with Pluto demanding that Underworld? This was suggested, and for spring and summer, she would rise and live above with her mother, allowing the flowers, once again, to grow and bloom.

Pluto agreed. And so we enjoy four seasons.

Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, of grain crops, and motherly relationships— the ultimate Mother, one could argue— and was known to be responsible for the fertility of the soil of all the lands. She represented the renewal of life and was notorious for teaching humans to grow, preserve and prepare both the land and the food.

Let’s stop here, first, before I continue, and dwell upon the possibly less obvious detail existing just below the surface (how very plutonian, indeed) of this tale in that, regardless of which version of the Persephone/Pluto myth you have heard, the likelihood of you picking up upon the very deep, very tight, and very very inseparable connection between Ceres and Prosperina was high. The myth is usually reminiscent of the way the seasons were created and often at Solstice and not much else, unless you read between the lines...

But let’s break it down: Ceres was an overprotective mother with boundary issues, Prosperina was bound to rebel at some point, and bad boy Pluto conveniently provided an outlet for exactly that. And in whatever version of this myth you have heard, a father presence is never explored, or even mentioned.

Pluto pressed this further, as you could imagine. However you may or may not have heard this version: Pluto forced himself upon Prosperina, as did most of the gods in one version or more of any myth, sadly, but they were united by marriage thereafter. Not that this excuses his behavior and sense of entitlement, whatsoever, in any way. Please do not misunderstand the point of my ramblings...

Even still, not in a casual effort to glean over these morbid oversights, but moving beyond the unfortunate beginnings of this union, though Prosperina missed her mother when she was confined to the boundaries of the Underworld with her husband, she was likely not, however, feeling necessarily captive. Pluto, despite the horror stories, and there are many to choose from, he did possess a smidge of charm, which likely worked on the the young and naive Prosperina as just that. A charm.

So now, Ceres looks more like the overbearing mother/mother-in-law type that doesn’t seem to ever leave, or know when to or know her place once removed.

And Prosperina seems to have surrendered whatever wholesome ideals and selfless duties her mother laid out for her to put on each and every morning, being, as she were, what we know today to be Mother Earth herself. No, instead, Prosperina finds intrigue in, becomes tricked, consumed, and overtaken by, and eventually united to the Venusian ideals all, or most, young girls find themselves clung to... as Venus represents hormones, love, sex, attraction, lust, fantasy and hedonistic pleasure.

Venus never represents the responsibilities each of these so naturally and inevitably requires as a repercussion from or to sustain itself beyond, be it pregnancy, unwanted or desired, motherhood, or healthy, mature love within a context of commitment.

That’s Ceres.

Where Ceres is in your chart is where you face the most intense and dramatic issues about your own abilities with control— or the lack thereof— in your life; power struggles or where lessons are to be learned about handling the extremes that life is known to offer from time to time are all Ceres territory, as was her ultimate challenge. Upon losing her daughter to the Underworld for half of the year, Ceres exposed her most naked vulnerability and grieving desperation, that of boundaries and the overwhelm of nurtured devotion, forsaking all of her nurturing and renewal rituals, forcing Jupiter to send Mercury, the messenger god, straight to the ultimate, most intense of all the gods, Pluto, god of the Underworld, to try and reason with the likes of Pluto, and to, for the grace of the world we know today, come to an agreement.

What Ceres connects to in a chart grows, abundantly. Much like with Jupiter. Both, too, in potentially dangerous and obsessive ways, if you so nurture these. But with Ceres, a sense of obligation or entitled connection, such as mother-daughter bonds, seems to permeate the circumstances. This connection finds an outlet with which nurturing can be provided. With that, it could also be forced from you or you may be asked to sacrifice the abundance, ultimately.

Pluto always seems to take what one believes one cannot live without, though, somehow, in some way, that one thing taken is an ultimate salvation in that it was either unhealthy in an underlying way or otherwise taking over one’s way of life in a manner that was keeping one from one’s Truth.

See? That’s rather charming, really.

Ceres also tests your control (whereas, similarly, but completely differently, Saturn will test your character by placing figures, outlines, or circumstances of control upon you) in that circumstances could arise, both advantageously for you or otherwise, so think in terms of both greed and exile, obsession or denial, which will ask of you something you may not be prepared to approach.

Ceres is moving in to Gemini on April 29th, 2017...

Ceres was involved in all day-to-day rituals in the lives of common folk, as was Mercury, or Hermes, yet when anything was thought to be splendid, enough so for the gods, it was said to be "fit for Ceres."

Ceres did have the very best of intentions, as mothers always do. She may have been overbearing, but really, all she wanted, maybe even needed, was to feel heard when what she devoted herself to was so abruptly taken from her.

When Ceres is in Gemini, a sign ruled by the messenger god, Mercury, we will see a dramatic extreme held to all communications, in particular, when power and control are at the forefront in priority.

You may notice extreme differences in what you need to feel nurtured from what your loved one needs, or expects. And these differences may be visible through your day-to-day rituals with those you’re closest to in your daily routines.

The urge to share your thoughts and feelings, your fears and your vulnerabilities, will be strong, as well as a need to feel as though you’ve really been heard could become overwhelming, and much more important to you as Ceres moves through Gemini, than, for instance, you did as she moved through Taurus, when showing your love and feeling nurtured in love in return was more appropriate.

Feeling heard. Do not take this lightly, as Geminian energy may very well be inclined to do... no, do be most aware of this as you navigate yourself through the days until Ceres will move into Cancer on July 10th. It will be at this time the focus of nurturing will shift from feeling heard and sharing vulnerabilities to nurturing everyone, family or otherwise, and a strong need for deep compatibility in every way possible. But one can only achieve deep compatibility if one has been heard, honestly and openly. Risking all vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, these very issues of feeling heard may be exactly the source of recent disruptions as Venus retrograded through Aries from February through only several weeks ago, Aries being a sign most commonly connected with to selfishness and talking loudly over others and not always listening.

So, again••• what have you learned through your recent Venus retrograde?

Have your lessons and their responses or reactions revoked all harm previously done in the love department or rescinded any regret from decisions of the heart you felt forced to follow through on?

Will the seasons continue to evolve for you, metaphorically speaking?

Do you feel heard? Do you feel validated?

If not, Ceres through Gemini may be able to nurture you through this.

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