Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter until May 27th 2017, Mercury is moving to Taurus and Mars is in Gemini

Celestial Insights and Universal Law

Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter until May 27th 2017, Mercury is moving to Taurus and Mars is in Gemini

By Jamie VanZuuk

May 2017 Astrology

In the next several days Venus in Aries will oppose Jupiter until the 27th of May 2017, and with all of the energy about, especially that of the Full Moon event still lingering, which was likely quite intensely internal for you, it’ll be difficult to hold yourself in check.

You know what you want. Now more than ever.

If you’re allowing abundance, it’ll truly find you.

Socializing is recommended now, sharing yourself with others in one way or another will directly open you to gratitude and joy. Realize what you have rather than counting all that you don’t, and finding the simple joys and happiness in the little things, as it is much needed.

Allow me to note here, also, that the act of sharing oneself with another requires a certain amount of delicacy. Keep this in mind.

This energy, on a sidenote, and all of the generosity and graciousness abound, may have you spending too much, eating too much, or drinking too much. Be mindful of this.

Moving forward, Mercury is moving in to Taurus, which Venus rules, so your thoughts, as Venus opposes Jupiter, may be larger than life itself, your imagination brewing and overflowing, and your voice speaking boldly, with confidence and possibly promising much more than is realistic. However, the Taurus energy needs it to be practical, too. And furthermore, as impatient as you’re likely feeling, Taurus is asking you to slow it down. To be patient. To be rational. To be pragmatic. And to be kind as you navigate yourself carefully through these very exciting transitions.

Practice delicacy. Mindfulness.

And Mars, the planet that demands we put effort and action toward these thoughts, is in Gemini and making a connection to Pallas Athene through the beginning of the transition, ever so cleverly suggesting that, despite whatever is holding you back or down or under, you could potentially break through pretty complex conflicts now which stand in your way if you’re willing to engage in a dialogue with Other, be it with it, about it, around it, and so on.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, truly. There is no such thing as can’t, right?

Keeping in mind, too that, to second the previous point, charging in without a plan or strategy or guideline or cue cards would be foolish, not to mention, putting you in a relatively vulnerable space to being misunderstood in intention or even victim to opposition from others without further investigation. In other words, if you’re not going to take the time to look deeper and ask questions that could very likely get you somewhere as opposed to hindering you from progress, neither will your restriction, be it a person or an energy/force, question you any deeper or seek solutions to the issue at hand.

Whereas, if you’re willing and open to learning what it is you could work on or by politely debating with someone regarding an opposing point, you would be much more approachable, therefore and thereby naturally attracting good energy to you, and abundance and opportunity, and hope, as well as strengthening your own character flaws in the process.

Win, win.

You may know what you want now, but if you’re unable to verbalize it in a language all can understand or defend it in a mature fashion, ultimately, should your object of desire be questioned or ridiculed or doubted, then you’re not using all of the resources available to you to truly enforce the connection between you and your desire.

It’s universal law, isn’t it.

The Law of Creation states that life doesn’t just happen. Rather, one must participate. Actively. Assertively. Willfully. Because we are a vital part of the universe, the universe likewise, a very vital part of who we are, we are inherently connected.

As within, so without.
As above, so below.

In the effort of survival, wouldn’t it make more sense to consider that the universe would not intentionally destroy itself or keep what it needs beyond reach? No, the universe would allow what it needs. So, too, should we.

Thoughts are things, ya’ll.

If we live with an idea of abundance, abundance will naturally find its way to you.
If we live with an idea of hope and love and opportunity, hope and love and opportunity will naturally provide.

So, to live in a manner that flows with the currents of our universe looks very differently from living in a manner that flows against it.

Moving back on point, maybe, hahaha... to Mercury and Venus and Mars, while the sun continues to highlight degrees in Taurus, a very earthy necessity and organic charm reigns over your hopes and dreams and wishes. But you need to be involved in your future, so much so that you’re inanimately allowing and simultaneously doing what you need to do in alignment with your goal.

If you’re skeptical, skepticism is what you’ll find.
If you’re in doubt, doubt is what you’ll invite.
If you’re close-minded, closed-mindedness is what you’ll encounter.

So be open, and allowing, and hopeful. Cos it would be a shame to curtail any of your potential or your birthright. Why would you shut out growth?

But if you are skeptical or doubtful or closed-minded, know this: that everything is occurring at exactly the right time in exactly the right way in exactly the right action *for* you.

When you view your world in terms of rather than against you? right there, in this right action, you are actively engaging in your benefit, signaling to the universe that you are open to receive.

Universal law, folks.

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