Gemini New Moon Astrology

Gemini New Moon - Thoughts are Things

By Jamie VanZuuk

Saturn Retrograde

Prentice Mulford wrote a book titled, "Thoughts Are Things" (1908) and within this book reads "WE need to be careful of what we think and talk. Because thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. Of what we think and talk we attract to us a like current of thought. This acts on mind or body for good or ill."

I am a huge believer in thoughts being things.

Thoughts are things in that they tend to stir actions.

The thoughts we think are simply passing through our minds, much like the emotions we feel, or the events that occur. These, too, shall pass.

However, what you think and how you think can literally make you or break you.

How you talk to yourself is so very important. What you think, as well as what you say aloud to either yourself or others, is crucial, as the universe? as well as your mind? tends to accept these announcements and proclamations as true. The words "I am" are like traffic signals to the universe. Do be mindful of what or who you claim to be.

"I am grateful" should be thought and felt more than anything else, on my humble opinion. This is like a green light. Whereas, "I am not __________ enough..." is a stop sign. Big time.

It’s not a surprise to learn that language is a huge part of our connection to something larger, to our Truth, to the universe. And it should not be a surprise that this focus falls upon a Gemini New Moon. Gemini/Mercury/3rd house energies represent dialogue, interactions with others, thoughts and learning, and communicating in general.

"If thought was visible to the physical eye," continues Mulford, "we should see its currents flowing to and from people. We should see that persons similar in temperament, character and motive are in the same literal current of thought."

The Gemini New Moon occurs on May 25th, at 4°47’ at 3:45pm EDT* and be isolated from any traditional aspects, although adding energy to a growing Gemini stellium involving Ceres and Mars. Meanwhile, Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in Taurus, also unaspected.

I find this a little comical in that a Gemini is hardly ever isolated about anything, for too long... however, Mercury’s presence in Taurus is reminding us of how extremely practical the dialogue is between us and the New Moon.

If you’ve met a Gemini, you’ll know that these folks are thinking at least 32 different thoughts simultaneously at any given time and still seeking out more stimuli to contemplate further... on top of this? they’re holding a completely thrilling? and attentive!? conversation with you? while texting! It’s dizzying. It’s enviable. And it needs to be put to good use or it’ll quickly grow boring and turn to the shadowy tendencies, such as gossiping or lying or allowing one’s thoughts to consume them.

I think the isolated details of this event are comical, but also quite significant in that it suggests these energies are going out of their way to communicate something.

How appropriate.

How do you communicate with yourself?; with others?
How well do you listen?? I mean *really* listen.
How often do you ask essential questions?
How often do you ask questions of others when the answers have nothing to do with you whatsoever?
How clearly and effectively do your thoughts move to words? Or do you speak first, then think?

There are five types of communication styles, they are:
• assertive
• aggressive
• passive-aggressive
• submissive
• manipulative

Do you feel like you switch these up depending upon who you’re speaking with? Why or why not?

Do you feel as though you only use one or two of these?

Of course, these styles would vary significantly in relation to your native Mercury placement, because where Mercury is in your chart tells you how you prefer to communicate, listen, learn, and respond. Still, we all have those moods that arise and are triggered by this or that or the other thing and we act "out of character."

Do you think your go-to style meshes with where Mercury is in your chart?

According to author Robert Bramson, there are five types of thinking, too. Bramson explains that these different styles lead different folks to more success in problem solving and with dialogue. These types are:
• synthesists
• idealists
• pragmatists
• analysts
• realists

Which one(s) resonate(s) with you?

I would argue that a sixth would be subjunctive, which is a way to communicate what could’ve been, what should’ve been, what would’ve been... it’s subjective and completely hypothetical and it takes a ton of your psychic energy and can often consume you with fruitless what if’s.

What good does this do?

If you’re obsessing over the past you’re not in the moment and can therefore not prepare for the future.

This Gemini New Moon event is asking you to contemplate several different things for several different reasons while using positive, constructive self-talk and listening when spoken to... all the while, seeking a simple focus upon the clarity of the words you use and the thoughts you think. Very Geminian, indeed.

Consider, for a moment, or three: how clear are your words?, your thoughts?

To initiate constructive change in the flow with these energies, I would begin with "I am" statements:
"I am grateful."
"I am strong."
"I am capable."
"I am valuable."
"I am enough."

I would then suggest thinking before speaking out loud.

If you don’t believe it, say it anyway. Say it again and again and then again some more. Say something positive and motivating to yourself each and everyday. Jenna Jameson once said to "fake it until you make it." She led by example in these words.

Hell, if it helps, stand like Wonder Woman while you say the words. Whatever works. Seriously. Remind your mind who’s boss of the extraordinary machine that is you.

Clearly, your preferred communicating style may need to be adjusted, tweaked, or improved, just as the ways you think will resemble these changes.

Try this for the next entire lunar cycle.

Watch your life change in very clear ways.

"NEW thought is new life. When an invention, a discovery first breaks on the inventor’s mind, it fills him with joy. The blood in his veins surges with a fresher impetus... "A piece of good news," as we term it in a period of gloom, depression, discouragement; the possible realization of a hope, the removal of an ill or danger, is but a thought after all? is but the picture in the mind of the thing desired? is not the thing itself, yet how it brings strength to the whole body." (Mulford, 1908)

The ways you think and speak effects the ways you navigate yourself in the world with others, the way you work with others, the way you share your life and thoughts and feelings with your loved ones, and the way you think and feel about the world in which you live in overall. Obviously, if you think dark thoughts your outlook on your life is likely dark, too.

But if you think clearly, and gratefully, your world is clear, your visions are clear, and it is clear to those you share space with how you think and feel about, well, everything between you and the moon. Gemini has thoughts about everything... if there’s something you don’t have a thought about because you don’t know anything about it? well, that’s a celestial opportunity to do some research and form a thought.

Your thoughts are not who you are, and you have the choice, ultimately, whether you allow your thoughts to consume you or motivate you or clarify for you what you want and need in this lifetime. Only when you’re in tune with your thoughts, because they’re clear and you’re focused, do you emit a vibrational message to the universe.

What you allow your mind to believe as true, it will. Without question.

This New Moon event is huge in that it begins an entire renewal of how you live your life in direct relation to how you think and speak out loud... and focusing on your present moment, each moment, as each moment unfolds your future.

"When you are getting into the right thought current, you may for a time experience more of uneasiness, physical and mental than ever. This is because the new element acting on you makes you more sensitive to the presence of evil. The new is driving the old out. The new thought current searches and detects every little error in your mind before unnoticed, and repels it. This causes a struggle, and mind and body are for a time unpleasantly affected by it. It is like house-cleaning, a process usually involving a good deal of dust and disturbance. The new spirit you call to you is cleaning your spiritual house. There is no limit to the power of the thought current you can attract to you nor limit to the things that can he done through the individual by it...

In the future some people will draw so much of the higher quality of thought to them, that by it they will accomplish what some would call miracles. In this capacity of the human mind for drawing a thought current ever increasing in fineness of quality and power lies the secret of what has been called "magic." (Mulford, Prentice. 1908.)

*2:45pm CDT; 1:45pm MDT; 12:45pm PDT

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