Mars Opposite Saturn Transit - The Brittle Stick Breaks

Mars Opposite Saturn Transit - The Brittle Stick Breaks

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars Opposite Saturn

Mars is opposing Saturn on May 29th, 2017 at 25° Gemini/Sagittarius

Hard work is upon you, or a seriousness about something in particular, however, limitations are likely upon you... such is life, yes?

Mars opposes Saturn on May 29th 2017 exactly at 25° and has been heating up through the entire week and will continue to linger through the next.

This transit either inspires a sharp, keen focus on something you’ve determined to strive for or a frustration from, impatience of, or inconvenience with said focus. Either way, it’s quite likely that the details popping up will not suit you, that the flow of the events occurring may not rub you right, or quite blatantly, that your anxieties are on high.

Mars wants to move forward, regardless, while Saturn needs to set boundaries and limitations and put things in their place.

There’s that saying, that in order to do the things you want you must endure the things you don’t, such as working a second job in order to afford a particular luxury.

This is an excellent time to intend for right action.

Be mindful not to allow your ego to talk to you so loudly, or your impatience to become aggressive. This is not the transit to display yourself erratically, irresponsibly, quitting out of spite, picking fights, confronting others abrasively, arguing or resisting opposition, or being lazy. This is a time to be patient, mindful, and adroitly respectful.

Mars, when tempered, can become cranky while Saturn, when opposed, can become hardened and resentful. Denial, pain, disappointments, rigidity, and bitterness turns us cold, impairs our better judgments, and it’s only through our acceptance in that which we cannot change, always, to suit our needs and that we must be, rather, resilient and adaptive.

It’s not the time to force anything or anyone. That which grows through this time was clearly meant to be.

It is the brittle stick that breaks, while some roots manage to grow through cracks.

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