Sagittarius Full Moon June 2017 - VENI VIDI FECI

By Jamie VanZuuk

Sagittarius Full Moon

There’s some unique differences with this lunar event.

How do Sagittarius and Gemini stand out among the zodiac? The Twins are human, the centaur, half-human, with the brain and voice of reasoning within the human portion of the creature.

Straight away this implies a more inward feel, a more logical stream of processing, a more mindful experience.

Humans are set apart from animals in several ways:

- humans have consciousness, so we possess forethought
- humans have ego, so we are able to both will and regret
- humans have a soul, so we are inherently empathetic
- humans have also language, logic and reasoning, (Gemini) and vision, ideals, and religion/faith (Sagittarius)

And humans smile.

In mentioning smiles, they say that the Romans didn’t smile. That they weren’t a jovial lot. That they didn’t even have a word for ’smile’, or at least, one that was so literally translated.

Romans don’t actually have anything to do with anything, or anything regarding this lunar event, except that I often think of the Greeks and the Romans when I think of philosophy and logic and contemplation, which I associate strongly with Sagittarius.

Moving on...

With all the celestial movements this year I can’t help but presume that there’s something you want to do... I mean, really need to do. Like, there’s an urge inside of you.

You possess the spark (fire/Sagittarius), all you need is a breeze (air/Gemini)...

Since Mars moved in to Cancer, we have been learning more about survival through connection, while Jupiter has now stationed direct once again, emphasizing compromise within partnerships and the value of commitment. With both of these, we’re learning more about where exactly we expect and receive valued bonds and who we hold these with.

The rule of thirds supports these lessons, too, in that the third is found through the degree in Sagittarius this lunar event falls upon.

At 9:08am EDT* Friday morning, the Full Moon event in Sagittarius at 18° occurred, beckoning a crisis or a catharsis and offering, ultimately, a major turning point.

This degree of Sagittarius conveys a selfless motivation to go, see, do.

The more open you remain to new experiences, friends, lessons and feelings the more satiated the urge within yourself will become. With this celestial trust and openness you’ll be empowering yourself and, of course, empowering others to empower themselves.

The power of *go, see, do* is real, ya’ll.

No need to conquer anything... living isn’t about conquering, living is about experiencing.

Veni, vidi, feci: I came, I saw, I did.

Veni, vidi, feci, ego risit, haha-- I came, I saw, I did, I smiled.

To avoid wasting valuable time and energy, focus only on the pull you feel toward your most essential and impassioned ideals.

Sagittarian and Geminian energies both need to go, see, and do, it’s how learning and experiencing are accomplished. It’s how we learn to question the world that surrounds us and embrace the parts of the world and those we share space with supporting us.

Gemini asks the questions, Sagittarius inherently understands the answers.

Gemini learns, Sagittarius, in turn, mentors.

Gemini, and the 3rd house, represents early rudimentary learning while Sagittarius, and the 9th house, represent college and extended studies, but with Jupiter, always, goes about and beyond, including overseas and foreign travel, searching, seeking and finding, asking and receiving, philosophy, and embracing culture’s unfamiliar to you. In other words, Sagittarius must break free of the institutionalized and close-minded mould Gemini is originally put within... but before one goes exploring and venturing haphazardly with a bunch of potentially dangerous arrows (Sagittarius), one must first understand the basics and learn the lessons and do the homework (Gemini).

This lunar event will be an isolated one, all save Ceres, at 16° Gemini, very tightly conjunct the sun, suggesting a sacrifice or a separation of whatever preconceived notions of grandeur you might hold about, well, anything, as likely these misguided ideas about how things are not really being how you thought they are at all.

Someone or something may highlight this unreality for you, stripping you of whatever power or control you foolishly believe you have, leaving you feeling defeated or depleted.

This is where being comfortable with your own vulnerabilities comes in, embracing the idea of empathy without boundaries, and why the celestial movements all week have focused upon this, conditioning you in preparation.

Ultimately, this lunar event is asking you to ask the questions you need answers to, to take all the information and all the lessons you’ve learned and create your own personal philosophies from it. With this truth, which becomes your Truth, you will be able to better see the bigger picture lying boldly in front of you. With this truth you’ll be appropriately versed in what questions you need to ask to fully understand what you need to ask of others.

Keep in mind that questioning what we’ve been told all our lives in soberly, and dauntingly, in the air these days and birth Geminian and Sagittarian energies would inspire one to go further in this interrogation of Self, both consciously and subconsciously.

With all the celestial movements abound I can’t help but presume that there’s something you want to do... I mean, really need to do. Like, there’s an urge inside of you. But more importantly, I can’t help but dwell upon the idea that there’s something quite large, something ridiculously potent, something magical, really, that you need to understand in a deeper, more vulnerable way.

My Truth is not yours, yours is not theirs. We are all interconnected, yes, but we all must ask our own questions to find our own Truth.

There’s really only one way to find truth: go, see, do.

And smile.

*8:08am CDT; 7:08am MDT; 6:08am PDT

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