Venus, Saturn and Uranus Transits in 2017 - I Feel It In My Bones

Venus, Saturn and Uranus Transits in 2017 - I Feel It In My Bones

By Jamie VanZuuk

Saturn, Venus and Uranus Transits 2017

Saturn and Uranus have been making a trine connection since early June and will continue to through the entire year. Saturn is commonly known as the "no" planet, Uranus, the "why the hell not!?" planet.

Uranus is in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, these both being of the fire element. Aries is cardinal by nature, needing to begin, to boldly begin, to begin again despite the details. Sagittarius is mutable in nature and prefers to adapt to whatever the situation calls for to achieve the best, and most comfortable, outcome. Much like a t-square energy with a void, the void here would be the third fire sign, Leo, fixed in nature and demanding stability... stability is likely the one thing missing now, yes? And like Leo, your loyalty to someone or something now may be questioned.

Structures all around you have been approached, questioned, possibly even threatened, but the point is not to destroy these structures, or support in the destruction of these necessarily, but rather to renovate the usefulness of the rules and structures we live by. And most importantly, so that these rules and structures serve all, not one.

Just because you’ve always done something one way, because so and so says so is one of the most dangerous ways to live. Uranus is simply entertaining that what Saturn dictates as truth be more loosely defined, like suggestions. Guidelines. Useful, stable guidelines.

There is something of note as Venus has been through much already this year, for some of you the wounds are still wrapped up in gauze, for others still, your heart is either still sore or entirely empowered. Either way, with both Saturn and Uranus having a say, there’s yet still more to feel...

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed examples of these energies for some time now. When these examples morph and interact with Venus, the result is similar, but more focused upon love and money and everything Venusian in between, such as wanting what you can’t have or isn’t possible or wouldn’t be at all likely. Temperaments are erratic and unreliable, feelings of overwhelm are more likely and easier to achieve, and letting go of that which no longer brings light and love is much more quickly eradicated.

Think back, for a moment, to April 22nd of 2016; Venus connected with Uranus exactly at 21° Aries, again, also connecting to Saturn by trine.

How were you wanting or needing to refine, reshape, restructure, or renovate your life at that time?

What structures were you considering questioning?

In what ways were you trying to break free?

And how do those experiences resemble the environment you’re experiencing now? I would imagine that back then you put much more effort and moxie in to whatever you were wanting to achieve than you are now, now being, or calling for, more of a reformation of sorts, requiring much more than moxie. Now... now you need strategy.

Learning that "no" is a complete sentence is often learned through these transits, interestingly, as Venus is not exactly her most comfortable in Aries; Aries is too demanding, too selfish, and too self-focused for even Venus. It is through the Aries phase of our lives we first learn the word "no" from our parents, those terrible two’s and all the tantrums. But with Saturn involved, "no" is too easy a way out, Uranus insists on conditions.

This is where the idea of breakthrough is born.

Chaos is more Pluto’s department, but it is a known fact that chaos not only incites change, and invites change, but it guarantees change. Uranus, not unlike Pluto, creates disruption and upheaval and irritation, in an effort to provoke you to change what’s necessary before plutonian chaos is needed. It is a celestial opportunity, truly, though it might look or feel to be more of a chaotic mess at the time.

Uranus also inspires individuality, which is offensive to some and alienating to others because humans prefer to cling to groups, to what is known, tried and true. When one person stands out among all the rest, that one person is subject to ridicule, shame, or even worse, ostracized.

This transit is likely distorting and disrupting an area of your life is such a way it may feel as if the only reprieve you can *maybe* rely on is the option which will force you to stand alone, on your own, going your own way, against the grain on something.

And that’s scary.

Your loyalty to someone or something may still be in tact, but there’s something you must do now. There’s something you must fight for, or speak for, or stand for.

Extreme cases offer manifestations of these energies through upheavals such as being fired, out of nowhere, without reason, or it would seem... Or a dramatic separation between a family, out of nowhere, or it would seem...

But really, beneath it all, in either case, the signs have been there all along, the messages clear, and those involved have been ignoring these for quite some time. And now, Uranus will not be ignored, something is going to give. There’s no more time now for compromises, it’s an all or nothing situation.

It is important to point out here, too, that these upheavals are not out of spite, but rather, are simply unhealthy in one way or another for all involved.

On a brighter note, it’s an auspicious time to update, refine, and touch up your personal appearance. If you have a new look in mind or a lifestyle change that requires dedication, now is a good time to begin.

And finally, Venus only recently opposed Jupiter, bringing up wants and desires you may not have had room for, emotionally, or been able to afford financially. Do be mindful, through this current transition, that you’re not simply replacing needs with wants or adding to a mess. Any obsession or lustful feelings still lingering should be kept in check as they were not mindfully handled when they should’ve been.

So, now’s the time, the time is now to do something brave. To be courageous. To go boldly in to that good night.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, as they say... so stand. Stand tall. Stand on your own two feet, it might even be the only stability you have now. That shouldn’t be a disadvantage to you... it should be a reason to question what you have failed to until now, and to ask yourself:

Who do I want to become through these circumstances?

Your circumstances should not define you. What you feel in your bones and know in your heart defines you. Find a way to connect both your heart and your bones to your reality. And begin.

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