Mars in Cancer Transit - Rise Above

Mars in Cancer Transit - Rise Above

In 2017 Mars is transiting Cancer from June 4th to July 20th 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mars in Cancer Transits 2017

Mars in Cancer Square Pluto in Capricorn Transit

With Mars moving through Cancer it is only natural that Mars will oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This will occur from June 20th until July 14th, and it could demand of you something you may not be privy to or wholly comfortable with or psychologically prepared for... prepare for this energy to be uncompromising if you’re unwilling to nudge even a smidge.

If you’re willing to nudge a smidge or more you’ll be incredibly grateful for this transit and you’ll appropriately use every ounce of this energy for good, to fuel your dreams, to embrace your Truth, to go, see, do.

If you’re unwilling to nudge, this time will be difficult.

Either way, grateful or resentful, you’ll be overwhelmed. It’s your choice, always, to will what you’d rather be overwhelmed by... unapologetically.

Because Mars is involved, your adrenalin will be piqued, and with Pluto, you could be obsessive. It’s best not to overdo yourself or push your limitations. Pluto needs to expose what’s below the surface. Mars adds to whatever frustration, anger, or impulse that could possibly be lurking or awaken whatever intentions or gumption that exists.

On the flip side, however, Pluto needs to empower, to overcome, and to conquer fear, which are all very enriching experiences, ways in which one can cope with past hurts, angers, and whatever continues to lurk beneath the often easily suppressed surface.

When Mars and Pluto work together, truly, magical experiences can occur as triumphantly as tragic ones.

Always, the choice is yours.

Because just the same, this energy can conjure within you a rage you have never been introduced to or have been forever attempting to keep locked and quiet inside of a closet.

Seriously, how could something that could potentially be so sweet become so prickly, painful, and unbearable!?

There’s also the dull, underlying complete lack of motivation. Remember, Mars is in his Fall in Cancer. Also interesting, because Mars is the planet of action, and therefore movement, and therefore aggression, and therefore accidents and Cancer is a water sign that represents the crustacean... it may be more likely to hurt yourself in or on water when Mars moves through this sign... just as likely, water involved or without, is high amounts of passive-aggressiveness and dramatic irritability... especially in the kitchen or domestic realms, as Cancer rules the home front.

So... the moral of this post: when in water or near the sink, be kind, be patient, be soft, and handle your anger beforehand.

Mars in Cancer Transit

Mars is in its fall in the sign of the Crab; astrologer Austin Coppock* describes this placement as "[Mars’] most difficult trial... possessed of both a selfless aspiration to surrender power to love and a deep, primal connection to the roots of aggression, Mars is placed on the merciless cross of his own extremes."

Cancer needs connection.

Connections are delicate, aren’t they, needing nurturing and love, devotion and care.

Mars demands, barges, pushes, and forces, and usually all of these are acted upon quite selfishly, abrasively, and blatantly despite other’s wishes.

The crustacean dramatizes its nurturing spirit, luckily, and much of the Mars machismo is muted, diluting the potency, and daunting its dynamic extremes. In the watery depths of wetness, Mars is weighed down, put off, and somewhat delayed, feelings those feelings that simply, and most peculiarly, find a way to become distracted, and threatened, and argumentative.

Mars is the action planet, demanding movement and gusto while Cancerian energies demand security and guarantees that Mars has never been known to promise. Ever.

So you see the sand finding its way into the crustaceans pincers... but, not unlike how a pearl is made, sand in the pincers creates a fierce protectiveness and a loyalty that moves forward, not sideways, as a crab in nature does, if only, in an attempt to eradicate the irritant as much as possible.

This energy will come to you, quite possibly, in ways that resemble emotional creativity, being more in tune with what you need, the needs of others especially, and through tuning in to a sensitivity to others around you. Ordinarily, Mars wants to push right through to get his needs met, but in Cancer, he’s much more gentle, but with this delicacy he also throws a tantrum that much more quickly. But overall, on a personal note, may you be that much more inclined and driven to follow through with your dreams now, following them through to realization and manifestation.

When Mars is moving through Cancer the energy can turn passive-aggressive, do be mindful of this. Don’t fall for it simply because it’s so easy or because it’s in front of you... rise above. Just as easy are the tantrums to throw and the feelings to be so easily frazzled and hurt... rise above. Feeling insecure, misguided emotions, misdirected anger, and feigning indifference... rise above.

Within Cancer’s most innate, instinctual drives is found a very sacred desire to connect. Mars naturally destroys. It is in Cancer that Mars must learn to rise above and repair the connections that have been destroyed, tainted, tarnished or abandoned. It is a celestial opportunity for the Mars within us all to revive fallen connections to others, (re)learning to nurture these bonds back to life, and refresh the spirited spark between you and another.

This will take, of course, rising above your ego-inspired defaults and surrendering, delicately, to the spark, to the bond, and to the connection to another.

Rise above.

*Coppock, Austin; originally published October 2007, modified August 2011 and July 2013.

Mars in Cancer Astrology , PART 2 - Love Yourself? Smile at Strangers

In Gemini, Mars learned that words can be weapons. Now in Cancer, Mars must learn? that in order to use words properly, appropriately placing them in the most natural effort of being heard, an example of cognitive empathy? to listen.

To really listen and to allow the information to absorb, really absorbing both the information in context, as well as the emotions attached to each morsel of information, which is an example of emotional empathy... that’s just the tip of the iceberg of essence that is Cancerian energy in Nature.

What is listening?

Listening demands your presence, and therefore, perpetuates connection? listening requires compassion, and empathy.

What is listening? Listening is an action.

This is Mars in Cancer at its finest. Simply listening.

Really listening.

We all want connection. And luckily, we’re all capable of it. Down to our genetics.

Researchers have actually found that compassion, which is richly linked to empathy, is not so much altruistic, as one would naturally think, but rather selfish in origin.

And selfishness is ego, both of which are Martian ideas.

From as far back as hunter-gatherer nomadics walking the land, our genetics have been formed, and since then have been preserved and continue to persevere this idea of compassion for our kin.

Kinship is a very Cancerian idea, indeed, rulership of the 4th house traditionally being that of one’s immediate family lineage and namesake. We inherently protect what is ours, our people because it’s a genetic advantage.

The author of "The Evolution of God", Robert Wright, calls this ’reciprocal altruism’ in that extending compassion to others? most naturally, others that we consider "ours"? is ultimately an advantage for ourselves in regard to survival; ie "I’ll help you, and you’ll help me in return, and we’ll get through this together, one way or another."

Over the centuries, humans as a whole have been expanding our notion of compassion, including those beyond our own kinship to simply smiling at strangers. We’ve adapted our confining generic coding by simply listening, learning about universal issues that continue to plague our countries, such as feeding the homeless, working to keep communities safe from harm and clean from pollutants, and advocating rights and services for victims and veterans alike... because we feel, and with this compassion for another’s plight, we feel other’s pains and struggles and heartache as if they’re our own.

Consider for a moment what your initial reaction is to approaching a homeless individual on the street...

Most of us awkwardly avert our eyes, avoiding making eye contact, especially so if you’ve prepared to not offer anything when/if asked. This is a blatant disconnect with another human being.

Can you imagine going through your days, every day, being invisible to passers by? Being avoided?

This resembles when our Mars is being too focused on ego, and most likely rushed, in a hurry, and simply cannot be bothered, moving along through Cancer, despite the loss of connection to others, especially those who we owe nothing to.

Most of us want connection. Most of us want to oblige whatever is asked of us, even if we’re unable.

I’m not trying to preach, but simply to inspire the energy of Mars in Cancer with example.

If anything, I’m preaching that an effort of eye contact with the homeless, and a smile, would maintain the universal connection between us all. Money or no money to give, you could walk away knowing that you maintained a connection, that you did your part.

Because eye contact, like listening, demands your presence. And presence is connection.

As Mars travels through Cancer until July 20th, consider your choices, in action, and when and why those choices connect and disconnect yourself to others.

Are you present? When? Where? With who? Why?

With compassion, as Mars moves through Cancer? and beyond!? by listening to another, really listening, by being present with another, and choosing to empathize with their woes you not only fulfill your own needs in connection, you are taking part in the evolution of your genetic coding as well as embracing a personal? and arguably primal? accountability for your fellow wo/man.

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