Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini Transits 2017 - BEAUTY & BRAINS

Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini Transits 2017 - BEAUTY & BRAINS

Venus is transiting Taurus from June 6th to July 5th 2017, and Mercury is transiting Gemini from June 6th to June 21st 2017

By Jamie VanZuuk

Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini Transits

VENUS VENTURES: Venus in Taurus and Venus Main Aspects in June 2017


Since the first week of June Venus has been flirting with Mars in Cancer from her current placement in Taurus, inspiring a natural ease in expression with a loving attention to the needs of others, especially through an organically loving expression toward those you love.

And romance is in the air... and feelings are vulnerable.

The last several days she’s been moving void of course, making no connections by aspect, and sort of planting seeds of intention and love to nurture through the summer. Keep in mind that Mars and Venus will finally meet up in conjunction, in Virgo, in October.

Yesterday she connected with Juno, and will eventually form the top of a kite with Neptune in Pisces, the void being in Virgo and will be glorified on the 20th with a conjunction by the moon... closely bonded relationships are of the highest importance now. It is through these connections that you can view yourself in a different light than the one you ordinarily see yourself in. And like a mirror, it is this same light that you see on/in yourself through the inspiration of others that you inspire light back onto them.

These loving seeds you plant now will sprout. Make sure these seeds grow strong with their very own sustenance, and with patience.

By June 22nd, she will connect to Vesta by square, and by then she will have moved beyond her connection to Juno and make contact with Pluto, darkening the atmosphere a bit, from the 24th to the 27th, both connections supporting the idea of partnership and spark.

The connection to Vesta should help (re)ignite any flames that may have been left to fend for itself, which, we should all know that that just doesn’t tend to work out all that well, does it?

You may need to make a difficult decision or two regarding the differences between personal pleasures and intimacy. This will need to be resolved, or at the very least acknowledged, before the conjunction between Venus and Mars in October if you intend to nurture your seeds of intention in the most nutritious soil.

Either way, because of the connection to Pluto, these scenarios may be experienced quite intensely, transformation guaranteed.

She keeps her connection to Vesta until the last day of the month when she moves on forward without aspect.

Venus in Taurus Transit and Mercury in Gemini Transit

Last week Venus moved in to Taurus, then Mercury moved in to Gemini. This may look like just another planet ingressing to just another sign, but there’s something about this that actually stands out.

Venus rules Taurus and Mercury rules Gemini, meaning that when these planets are in these signs these planets are what astrologers call exalted. Exaltation offers a planet, symbolically, extra strength and focused force, eliminating the ordinary likelihood of weakness surfacing untethered.

Venus loves moving through Taurus because they both agree on so many things, coming from the same origins. Venus loves love, because love is love is love, because it’s natural and sensual and breakable and vulnerable, and Taurus learned these preferences from Venus herself. Through Taurus, Venus is able to live naturally, comfortably, and organically, in love, in leisure, in life.

Yes, there’s a smidge of laziness here... what can I say?? Venus adores lounging around, allowing life to come to her.

And, inevitably, it does.

Mercury needs mental stimulation, logic, reasoning, forethought, and mindfulness. Gemini is endlessly curious. It is through Gemini that Mercury is able to fully grasp the meaning of all things and share every single detail of every single thing discovered. Through Gemini, Mercury represents social media, and information is shared like wildfire. Quick. Smooth. Effortless.

Sure, sometimes Gemini gets it wrong, and this creates misinformation. But when Mercury must be here, there, and everywhere at exactly the same time all around, who could be surprised when all the t’s aren’t crossed or the i’s mechanically dotted each time?

Thank goodness for auto-correct.

The last time these two were simultaneously exalted was for a week in June in 2011, so, here too, this moving combination represents something of a rarity... in a way. Something that just doesn’t happen everyday. This time we have several weeks before the energies readjust.

Mercury in Gemini offers perspective.

Sean Penn’s character/cameo role, as photographer Sean OConnell, in one of my most favorite films, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", explains to Walter Mitty, at the top of a peak somewhere I believe to be within the Himalayan mountain range, that:

"Beautiful things (Venus/Taurus) don’t ask for attention (Mercury/Gemini)."

As they sit in wait for Penn’s character to spot and photograph the ghost cat, a snow white mountain cat that hardly ever shows itself emerges and blends in quite nicely with the white snows ever-accumulating the wintry tapestry of the mountaintop.

Beauty is simple, beauty need not be complicated.

Beauty is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and calming, and natural; all Taurean ideas of utopia. And true beauty is not flaunting or daunting or loud.

True beauty is beautiful whether or not its noticed.

OConnell and Mitty share several moments of silence as they fully? mindfully? embrace the beauty of the ghost cat before them, a photo never even taken.

Perspective, yes?

This is a celestial opportunity to confront the beauty of all things, and the mental mechanics behind or within the pretty, pleasing surface. This is a time to question the surface of all things, to demand depth and see through the superficial... to discover and admire the ghost cat that lingers in the silence all around you.

Mercury moves through Gemini until June 20th, while Venus will remain in Taurus until July 5th.

Enjoy these two exalted and working together until Solstice.

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