Sun Opposite Saturn June 2017 - Then & Now

Sun Opposite Saturn June 2017 - Then & Now

By Jamie VanZuuk

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit 2017

When the sun opposes Saturn, of all planets, it’s heavy, hard, and somewhat hostile, however, when Saturn is in Sagittarius the opposition is applied from Gemini, lightening the load quite a bit.

Last year, this Gemini/Sagittarius opposition occurred at 13° on June 3rd and created two points of a four-point grand mutable cross with Jupiter at 14°, who at that time was still in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces at 12°... this was no accident, was very tightly within orb, and was likely very relevant in your life.

In fact, it either felt like a surprise tornado storming through or like one of those unexpected breezes you enjoy when you need it most, so sweaty and overheated under the bright, hot sun, and, if only for several moments, this breeze was complete relief to you.

Think back a moment.

A grand cross begs you to filter all external stimulations and circumstances occurring around you in a? in this case, a mutable way, meaning? flexible manner, with a willingness to participate with an open mind and to adjust as needed.

What circumstances were you? or weren’t you? adjusting to last year?
What information (Gemini) were you learning or avoiding?
Was this information conforming to, or rebelling from, your personal truth (Sagittarius)?

Was this experience affecting your health and general well being (Virgo) in a healthy way or in am adverse way?... were these circumstances a detail directly from an overall duty or obligation of yours (Virgo) or, perhaps from not following through on an obligation?

From these circumstances, what was sacrificed (Pisces) or left disheveled to feel victimized by?

Since then, much has changed, yes?

This opposition last year was a celestial opportunity to right a wrong, to advance in an honest way, to learn more about something important to you, to serve a greater good, to find common ground, to seek higher truth, to connect yourself in a most vulnerable way to the workings of Universal law... anything that was not in line with your Truth was eradicated in whatever way was appropriate to assure its finality. Or, if circumstances were in line, you likely noticed how easily everything simply fell in to place, however hard you may have needed to work for these accomplishments in the past, these memories were quickly forgotten and forgiven.

Either way, details were first challenged, then rectified.

And, as easily as I make it sound in effortlessness, there truly was, no doubt, much to be done on your part. A clearly distinct participation was in order, despite your joyful ease or your stubborn misery.

Now, the opposition connects only to Pallas Athene, closely conjunct Uranus, inferring that focusing on the bigger picture now is essential, though, with Saturn involved, it’s so much easier to dwell upon the negatives and raw realities of any given situation. Also, the fear of making a mistake or trespassing boundaries seems to hover over the circumstance at hand, and lessons will be learned harshly, and therefore, always remembered.

Still, solutions to your current, either real or imagined, limitations will be found in unusual ways. Whatever your situation, it is unlikely a general textbook will reveal the answer. No, you’ll have to really dig in deep and look to alternative measures for both guidance and respite.

Ultimately, despite your current circumstances, you’ll be granted a clearer vision through your ugliest obstacles and even some wisdom through your more pleasurable pursuits. When the sun opposes Saturn it highlights the good, the bad, and the very ugly, so all bases are covered and taken very, very seriously. If folks stand in your way at this time, it may actually be in an effort to strengthen you rather rather outright oppose you, in the end becoming something of a rise from the ashes type of situation.

Take a moment. Collect yourself. You can do this. You really can. If you’re feeling low or down on yourself, it’s to be expected. Take a breather, take a break... come back to yourself when you’re rejuvenated.

You’ve got this. Seriously. If Saturn asks anything of you, it’s to be serious, to play for keeps, and to follow through: on yourself, your highs, and definitely your lows.

If you do the work, the reward will come.

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