Astrology of 2017 Part II from July to December 2017: The Main Astrology Transits of 2017

Astrology of 2017 Part II from July to December 2017: The Main Astrology Transits of 2017 and Detailed Breakdown to Each Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

The main Astrology Transits and Aspects from July to December 2017 are:


*The links to the detailed breakdown of each month can be found below and in the end of the article, BUT as you read through the remaining months of the year, keep the transits described here in your mind....

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Astrology of 2017 Main Transits


This is one of the most important transits of 2017, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries inspires moving forward in rationally rebellious ways and will be exact in aspect at 25° in November. The 25th degree of Aries actually represents sensibility, if you can believe that, while this degree in Sagittarius represents emulation, meaning that, within this transition, one must sensibly seek equality in an effort to experience a collective self-excellence.

This transit, which will be felt in the background through the remaining days of this year, should feel less tumultuous and more courageous, in terms of how you go about moving forward and navigating yourself through the outlying obstacles along the way. And this is important; because we are dealing with Uranus, do not expect to achieve your goals and realize your dreams in the exact ways in which you visualized. It just simply may not work out that way. And that’s OK. Be willing to explore and experiment, be resilient in your realizations and open to other options.

You know what you want and you know how you’re going to get there and the way to plan for your future at this point is by applying irrational (Uranus) to the rational (Saturn) and reason (Saturn) to the unreasonable (Uranus). By seeing your world through this user-friendly lens lends you to welcoming right action at the right time in the right way, doesn’t it? When you can be excited and eager about the obstacles and both strategic and stern about the excitements is when you’ll know you’ve truly come in to your own.

Discipline always provides a reward. Thinking outside of the box always rewards fresh thought.

There is a celestial opportunity here, too, to focus on yourself in your extraordinary originality.
What dictates your uniqueness?
What about you sets you apart from others in an innovative and constructive way?
How can your differences enhance those around you?
How can theirs enhance you?
How can you use your uniqueness to inspire others? In what ways can others’ differences inspire you?

This is the time to simply appreciate who you are and to validate yourself in that you’re always and absolutely enough. To think of making mistakes and wasting time is actually to your advantage now, within reason; again, the more willing you are to be adaptive the more open you’ll be to receiving blessings in disguise. Sometimes, what you cannot control (Saturn), and through the acceptance of this (trine aspect), you can receive insight and new direction (Uranus).


The challenge with this transit is to maintain the healthy sense of reality necessary to functionally and maturely and appropriately maintain an entertainingly bombastic idea that you can achieve awesomeness within these contexts.

This square will be exact on August 4th at 17° Libra/Capricorn, respectively; the 17th degree represents a relaxed (Libra) immersion (Capricorn), suggesting that any involvements you hold with those/what you share space with, those/what you love, and those/what you challenge you to be your best should be relaxed, not stressed or forced or complicated... it is through such a laissez faire nonchalance that you can obtain a deeper connection or tighter bond with who or what you wish to connect with.

It is at this time that something that has potentially been holding you back or down will clear for you, allowing you to take the necessary steps forward. This transition may even offer you an advancement or a promotion, should this be deserved or appropriate in context. Either way, this period will provide an opening for you in some way, shape, or form.

This transit will work for you, if you allow it; should you feel that some aspect of your life is beginning to become a bit more than you can effectively handle, events could arise for you in an effort to circumvent your obligations or distract you from these responsibilities. Of course, if you become distracted from responsibilities that you need to maintain, this is an opportunity for you to refocus your effectiveness and possibly delegate your priorities.

What needs to occur for you to succeed now is an ability to keep your cool and resist allowing all of this good fortune to get to your head. Again, keep your obsessive tendencies to a healthy, sustainable level you can live with. It’s easy to go over the top now. Remember... Jupiter.

With this said, however, should you ignore these suggestions, owning your strengths and weaknesses over your obsessiveness and whatnot could prove quite effective, and be so for long in to the future of your life. The more you understand yourself, the more you can actively combat that which does not serve you and shine light upon that which motivates you to become better than you thought possible.

Also, if you’re feeling directionless, now could be the time to gain a perspective and be inspired by a vision or insight.

What do you see for yourself in the next six months?; in the next year?

What is your plan of action in achieving these visions for yourself?
What is your plan B?; C?; D?

Should you experience an accolade or a one-up, it would not be an ideal time to flaunt your good fortunes or feel as though you’re above anyone else for any reason. Manipulative means to success, also, would not be warranted. To be as genuinely true as you know to be, even by slow measures, could be the fastest way to achieve the awesomeness you seek.


This transit will be exact at 11° on December 1st and is working in an effort— much like the transit mentioned above, Jupiter square Pluto—to support you when you need it the most, despite you being willing to admit, or not, that you, too need a little help from your friends from time to time. Help may come in varying ways, typically more specifically to you and your needs, however, this help could, in fact, look like something you value very, very much being taken from you, especially if you’re misusing the helpful energies working for you.

The 11th degree of Libra is specialization while Pisces, dedication. These degrees suggest a unique devotion to that which you seek to guide you, teach you, and lift you to your Truth, the truth you accepted upon reentry to this lifetime.

What is important to remember now is that, though you may honestly feel that you’re on the "right" track and going about your days according to plan—that it’s your plan that you’re attempting to stand by and your agreed upon track to remain on as it conforms to society’s standards. As this simply isn’t always so simple, is it? The universe may have other tracks and plans in mind for you. Now, remember here, that the universe wants nothing more for you than for you to obtain everything you need in order to carry out your Truth. It is when the ego becomes involved with these tracks and plans that we begin to become distracted and obsessive, greedy or consumed. And this is always unhealthy.

This transit is timely in that you can utilize these energies effectively to gain your perspective back; back to your Truth, back to your truest visions, back to a realistic view of why you originally set out on your track and plan.

What is/was your plan?; the track you’re on?

Does this plan and track exist because it’s just what is done, or what society expects, or is it what you’ve decided upon because it feels right and opens the path to your Truth?

Are you married to your plan and track as it stands?; how will you react/respond should the universe have something else in mind for you?

Allow yourself to release your fears, trusting genuinely that you are supported and validated. And always, smile at strangers and maintain merriment. Be gracious and generous. And love one another, with conviction, forgiveness, and with an open, accepting heart, full of courage.


This transit will be exact in late September at 27° and could potentially enable you to break away from limitations that, up until this transition, have been hindering your progress. Take any inconveniences you experience as an opportunity to pursue alternative routes of success, and reexamining what your idea of success truly is.

The twenty-seventh degree of Libra and Aries are reflection and reformation, respectively. Reform, as in to "improve or amend" what is wrong by way of reflection... mistakes are never mistakes if your intentions are true; mistakes are but a painful way of remembering your way.

Again, your abilities to maintain a resiliency, an adaptability, and an open-mindedness now through these twists and turns is only to your advantage. One of my favorite adages explains that expectations create inevitable disappointment, and these weeks could be ripe with potential disappointment should you insist upon rigidity. Of course nothing is ever certain, or guaranteed, or to be expected... but anything is possible. Anything happens all the time.

For you, in your life as you know it to be, what do symbols mean to you? Why?
Do you ask for guidance?; for insight?; for clarification?; for direction?
In what ways do you feel that your requests are granted?; your guidance given?

This transit may be more internal, offering what feelings like signs sent from above to you and only you. And truly, these signs you receive will be unique to you, for you. Allow these. However, in actuality, events may be occurring, and external effects manifesting in time, inconsistently and slowly, and in real time, working out of context of the overall restlessness you’re feeling.

Take each day as it comes, reveling in real time and being mindful in the moment.

As you read through the remaining months of the year, keep these transits in your mind...

"Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road—not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom—life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy."
—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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