Astrology of July 2017 and the Major Astrology Transits of the Month

Astrology of JULY 2017 and the Major Planetary Transits of the Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

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Astrology of July 2017 Main Transits

The major planetary transits of July 2017 are:



The month begins with the sun applying an opposition to a retrograded Pluto, meanwhile connecting exactly to Mars, impacting power dynamics and issues of control between you and yourself, as well as between you and those you share space with. These surfacing and simmering details may manifest in more internal ways for you, unless Mars and Pluto aspect specifically in your own nativity, however you will definitely feel more willful, for good or ill, and please allow me to shamelessly advise you to use your will for good, for goodness’ sake.

Both Mars and Pluto bring pressure and energy and any withheld feelings to a climactic awareness and it is best to allow these energies to release, rather than attempting to continue to repress these: this is the exact point of it all. Repression takes up space and energy and misuses this availability, disallowing any ability to move forward weightlessly. This creates ties and strings to unattractive and unhealthy attachments that are best left in the past. This is a celestial opportunity to resolve these regressions appropriately, in an effort to move on and toward your Truth without the added weight of what you do not want to face.

Obsession wouldn’t be suggested, however, now, it wouldn’t necessarily be unheard of. Pluto has that effect... but it may even be somewhat healthy at this time. What drives you—again, what drives you is a very Mars/Pluto idea—is exactly what you need to be focusing on, and when you focus upon something that drives you and pulls you and compels you, it’s quite natural to fall into an obsessive type of trance. Just be sure to keep this balance at a healthy level.

Be mindful now, however, that, should the Mars/Pluto energies manifest outwardly in your life, it could be through power plays and efforts of manipulation between yourself and those in your expanded circle. Standing up for yourself should be enough, though Mars may motivate you to go beyond that. Keeping focused on yourself, selfish or not, in an effort to maintain a respectable stance would be wise. Avoid confrontations with others as these may become more heated than would ever be necessary; if not from your end—from theirs.

Mars, within this combination, can stir situations that would otherwise not be as volatile. Pluto will support this and counter off of it. So again, use these energies constructively and positively, not for ill will against others. It will only come back around for you later. Trust me.

This is a time to strengthen your own weaknesses and work on your own goals. Be selfish now, realistically speaking. Leave others out of it and keep out of their business, as well, and this transit will serve you well. It is a time to revitalize, recharge, renovate, and rebuild. Be disciplined. Begin.


Mercury moves into Leo on the 7th breaking away from both the sun and Mars, still in Cancer, and blazing new trails in exploration within the boundaries of your own mind. Mercury doesn’t mind being in Leo, as he can venture forth boldly and bravely, taking on dares with much more confidence.

Mercury wants communication, open dialogue, and tons of thinking out loud while Leo, the actor of the zodiac, demands trying each mask, or idea, on to see if it fits to serve its purpose. Leo, too, wants open dialogue and honest response. While Mercury moves through this delightful Leonine energy, ask to receive and question everything... for there will be answers, quite loud and clear.


On the 8th, the Capricorn Full Moon at 17° occurs as the moon connects to Pluto exactly and the sun squares Jupiter. Unfolding provisions and the supervision thereof exists within the parameters of both the power you possess and through the power you lack. Power, influence, and protection are all being offered to you now, all you need to do is allow it. These gifts are being offered to you celestially and are far more effective than any means you could conceivably be capable of or willing to do anything about.

This lunar event also creates a cardinal t-square involving the moon connecting to Pluto exactly and squaring Jupiter, which in turn will square the sun, providing a cross/void in Aries; cardinality evokes beginning and beginnings alike, however, despite how urged you feel to begin, do so without forcing that which does not want or need to be a part of you or your beginning.

These very intensely extreme measures that challenge you by way of opportunity or reward could very well reflect how you nurture yourself and your dreams... to behave rashly, impatiently, or aggressively now would trigger these challenges you face and thereby thwart any efforts in advancing beyond these barriers.

How are you embracing the gifts the universe bestows upon you?

Do you grapple against these gifts or are you willingly accepting them?

Do you ask for what you need? How clear are your requests?


Venus, now in Gemini, will oppose Saturn in Sagittarius on the 11th and could motivate you to question your values, beliefs and rigid standards. These need to be reexamined from time to time and this is an ideal time to do so. Relationships and personal/professional connections could become hindered, limiting, or confining or simply withholding that which you need, or think you need, from you. Practice patience and wait it out, working constructively to see your bonds with others through. This, too, shall pass.


The Leo New Moon at 0° will connect to Mars within one degree and make connections to both Chiron and Uranus; this lunar event may inspire the urge, the pressure, the call, the lull, the yearning, the need to express yourself. Unapologetically.

You may not be able to keep your creative energies within yourself for one more day.

This New Moon event begs of you your voice. Your daily routine and runarounds may actually offer you the answer and adventure you’re seeking, believe it or not. Be daring enough to dissect your regular rounds, your habitual obligations, and your preferred ways of spending your free time... within may lie how truly individual you are. Sometimes, we find that we’re living the adventure we’ve been waiting for the entire time.

Uranus works in mysterious and unorthodox ways sometimes, looking for the differences within the mundane can provide you far more insight than you could find within the unusual.

Don’t wait another day, if you can help it. This is the energy driven by the very, very close proximity to Mars— to seize the day!

Routines tend to create a sense of control. Do you realize that? Routines allow one to feel a sense of control over their own lives to a certain degree. This is purely imaginary, just as is the notion of having control over, well, anything. It’s simply only an illusion of comfort.

This is all fine and good, however, when you continue to perpetuate an idea of control it sends a message to the universe that you carry no trust or faith in the intentions of the universe and the very divine plans the universe has in mind for you— that your plans are preferred. You can imagine, upon this perspective, in this light, how very silly this reads, yes?! Consider the messages your unknowingly sending to the universe, the energies we cannot see...

Also, this event will demand you take an honest look at yourself from a healthy mind and body perspective: how are you treating yourself?

Do you allow yourself leisure?, relaxation?, fun for no reason?

If you’re experiencing physical discomfort in any way, such as migraines or headaches, aches or pains or tensions, consider for a moment that your body is trying to communicate to you that you need more fun and relaxation. Yes, you read that right. Obviously, if fun and relaxation is all you’re doing, this would not apply... though, all in all, your body is a vessel of much information for you to use and apply, and the connection to Chiron will assist you in this self-satisfying healing process.


The month will end with the sun connecting to Mars exactly on the 26th at 3° Leo, demanding a necessary change on some level, be it appearance, approach, or appropriate direction. How you present yourself either opens or closes doors of all kinds, all around, all the time, with or without your awareness of it. Likewise, how you look on the outside is very likely how you’re feeling on the inside.

What measures are you taking in your health, physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Mars represents action, and this transit will likely ask you to act on making some potentially demanding changes. Because this aspect falls in Leo, your Truth and your convictions will be a large part of this change.

Are you expressing yourself?

Are you expressing your creative side when possible?

Are you expressing these emotions?, or keeping these emotions repressed?; if so, either way, why do you do such a thing?

Consider for a moment that what you absorb all around you in your current environment is what lives through you. In other words, what you eat, what you think, and who you spend your time with all attract equal likenesses in return. Thoughts are things. Begin here, then slowly move to what you consume nutritionally, then work your way to who or what you believe in. You’ll notice changes. You’ll notice changes working within and around you.

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