Astrology of September 2017 and the Major Astrology Transits of the Month

Astrology of September 2017 and Major Planetary Transits of the Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

*Please also read about the major transits of the second part of 2017 - Astrology of 2017 from July to December

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Astrology of September 2017 Main Transits

Keep in mind that Jupiter continues to oppose Uranus, while Saturn continues a trine to Uranus... again, review the content above within the Astrology of 2017 introduction section.

The major planetary transits of September 2017 are:

Pisces Full Moon
Mars in Virgo
Virgo New Moon
Venus in Virgo


On the 5th, the Pisces Full Moon at 13° will connect the moon to Neptune by conjunction and to Pallas Athene by sextile while the sun makes a friendly connection to Pallas Athene; Pallas Athene represents one’s bravery and strength in the name of duty while Neptune represents sacrifice and selflessness. This Full Moon event asks you to consider putting yourself second, or even last, in the name of strengthening your abilities in what you can do for another’s needs.

If you’re experiencing any difficulties, these may be signs to you; conflicts you’re experiencing, internal or otherwise, may be occurring in an effort to drive forward the living archetypes you may or may not be living out. Otherwise, your tough times may be passing, or behind you, offering you the much needed space and energy to pursue your archetypal stories, as well as your determined dreams.

It is truly amazing what determination can accomplish. And it is equally as awesome to think about how freeing it is when you have befriended your demons rather than continuing to argue with them or eradicate them.


Mars will enter Virgo on the 6th. Mars does not prefer to move through Virgo as Virgo needs practical and constructive means of movement, preferably that which benefits all whereas Mars cares little for any of these and would rather bully through aggressively for selfish and impulsive means. Mars simply needs movement, whether it’s selfish or not... Virgo stands for selflessness. Still, Mars moves forward regardless of efficiency, and Virgo hates to waste.

However, Mars needs to learn patience from time to time, and when Mars moves through Virgo, Mars learns his lessons in patience.

Later, next month, Mars and Venus will connect exactly in Virgo (read more about this below). Mars represents what you need and what drives you forward while Venus represents what you want and what you love. When Mars and Venus unite, these two ideas become one, uniting in a most beautiful way, that really doesn’t occur regularly. It really is more like a ’wish come true’ kind of thing. Because what we need is not always what we want, while what we want is sometimes not at all what we need... and when Mars and Venus kiss, in exact conjunction, these wants and needs come together.


The Virgo New Moon at 27° will occur on the 19th and will oppose Chiron and make a connection to Ceres, asking you to learn to allow the flow of Nature; do you allow universal flow?

Do you need to control— either events or other people— thereby defying universal flow?

Yes, there’s a particular powerlessness in standing back, trusting in universal law, and allowing— allowing events to fall into place as they need to, without you pulling at the strings. Continued frustration and disappointment are conclusions when you force anything, events, feelings, reactions. Yet, if you allow the flow you will see that there’s actually a power in losing all illusion of control. Mindfully let go. You were never in control anyhow.


Venus will enter Virgo on the 20th and prepare her emotions in an efficient way and begin applying her conjunction to Mars in October.

It is important to understand that Venus and Mars have not been in conjunction since November of 2015; November 3rd of 2015 Venus and Mars were at 24° Virgo while October 5th will offer Venus and Mars at 19° Virgo.

Everything consists of cycles. Everything.

What did your heart want in November of 2015? What does your heart want now?

How do these dates between November of 2015 and October of 2017 compare? How are they different?; what remains the same?

The next time Venus and Mars will be conjunct exactly will be August 24th of 2019 at 4° Virgo and will be conjunct, also, both the sun at 1° Virgo and Juno at 0° Virgo, and make connections to Pallas Athene at 29° Libra, Ceres at 4° Sagittarius, and Uranus at 6° Taurus; commitment, loyalty, and fierce nurturing will develop by way of practical love and healthy measures of patience and selflessness.

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