Astrology of October 2017 and the Major Astrology Transits of the Month

Astrology of October 2017 and Major Planetary Transits of the Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

*Please also read about the major transits of the second part of 2017 - Astrology of 2017 from July to December

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Astrology of October 2017 Main Transits

Both Jupiter and Saturn will continue to connect to Uranus through the month, please refer to the Astrology of 2017 Part II section, from July to December 2017, as these energies will be felt in the forefront and in the background in varying ways.

The major planetary transits of September 2017 are:

Mercury in Libra
Aries Full Moon
Jupiter Moves to Scorpio
Venus in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio
Libra New Moon
Mars in Libra
Mars Square Saturn


Mercury moves into Libra on the 1st and will be almost ideal, and strangely appropriately, for applying the language of love. Mercury needs to communicate and Libra needs balanced reciprocation in partnerships. Mercury in Libra needs to talk about all issues involved, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Venus and Mars in Virgo at 19° from the 4th to the 7th inspiring practical measures of love, self-sufficiency, emotions that make sense, and will make a powerful connection to Pluto, then a constructive connection to Saturn, suggesting that this conjunction will be both transformative for you, and determined.

The keyword to the 19th degree of Virgo, created by Marc Edmund Jones, is elimination.

All of these life lessons you’ve either been learning, or rejecting, to allow and to stop trying to control, and to trust in All That Is and allow universal flow will come to be rather essential now.

What is it you want in this lifetime?

How are your needs and your wants coming together this time around?

Eliminate all the noise, all the urges to control, all the weight you continue to keep despite your better judgment in letting it go. Eliminate all that is unnecessary, be it someone or something that drains your energy; a job, a relationship, an unnecessary obligation, or an unhealthy habit.

Eliminate what/who takes away from your light, or keeps your from your Truth.

The 19th degree of Virgo asks you to be emotionally resilient.

In Thailand, the expression *jai yen* literally translates to "cool heart." The word ’jai’ is also Buddhist in origin and can resemble something intangible, yet present within everyone, much like Westerners would understand through the idea of spirit or soul, maybe even self. The Buddhists believe that the heart possesses one’s "pure awareness," which is necessary in achieving enlightenment. The word ’yen’ is "cool" yet it also represents, more symbolically, as patient and calming, to be in charge of one’s own temperament. Further, to lose one’s cool lends to a heated heart, which represents anger and rage, the opposite of enlightenment.

To possess a cool heart, it is my understanding, suggests that you’re able to empower yourself by being in control of only yourself in that you’re able to maintain a patient and mindful temperament, especially when the heat is on. That you’re able to allow, to accept, and to know, deep down, that you do not hold any control, that you do not know all the answers, and that you are completely content with this.

Seek out those who lift you up, who motivate you and challenge you to be your best, and who appreciate you for who you are rather than expecting you to be someone you are not, or who they wish you to be.

Seek out circumstances that speak to you, move you, and inspire you to follow your Truth.

Seek out love and a cool heart. Distract your ego and possess a cool heart.

By no means should you avoid that which you do not understand. Revel in the differences. With a cool heart, understanding and respecting the differences between yourself and that/those which ask more of you than you’re prepared to or for, look at everything in your life with a beginner’s mind in that you understand you will never know everything and accept this, gracefully.

Seek to possess a cool heart. Always.

When Venus and Mars come together, one’s wants and needs come together, too, with much more ease and aplomb and if you allow... you’ll be free of the control your own ego holds over you. Without your ego calling all the shots you can enjoy the luxuries of possessing a cool heart.


The Aries Full Moon at 12° on the 5th occurs without making any aspects, while a stellium in Libra occurs between the sun, Mercury, and Vesta and opposing the Full Moon event.

The Aries/Libra dynamic is an interesting one in that Aries prefers to go it alone while Libra prefers to have a partner, to be pair bonded to someone else. Yet, when the two come together a magical thing occurs: balance and compromise.

This Full Moon event asks you to consider, yet again, how easily you compromise, how you balance this with that and that with this, and also, this event ask you to ask yourself if you understand your own boundaries between your own individuality and your relationships.

Issues of allowing and letting go of illusions of control continue now, weaving together All That Is with everything you think you know about yourself and others... If you’re struggling with your own ego issues and these illusions of control, this Full Moon event could be rather difficult, possibly disappointing. One of the lessons here to learn is one of compromising your control in order to allow for the gifts the universe wishes to bestow upon you.

To believe in the idea that the universe is completely conspiring to do everything possible to see you through and see you succeed is only to your advantage now.

This idea does not include your unending comfort and all your wants to fall from the sky, no... rather, this idea includes recognizing your own potentials and allowing the universe to prompt situations and circumstances for you from which you are able to realize these potentials.

This idea includes owning your Truth and walking in your Way.


Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 11th finally from moving through the degrees of Libra since September 9th of 2016; yes, learning or rejecting the lessons of balance and justice, compromise and partnership in Libra to surrender now to the very deep depths of Scorpio, to learn or reject lessons about survival, the mystery of both life and death, regeneration, transformation, the secrets and truths of magic, dynamics of power, control, and authority, as well as sexuality, evolution, and the vulnerabilities of your own psyche.

Hard content. Extreme content. Unforgiving content.

Luckily, no pun intended, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, giving this transit a little reprieve, if possible.

No lie, this transit may be, well, intense. Intense is neither good or bad, in fact, anything nameable is neither good or bad. It simply is. And largely, and most importantly, it is what you make it.

It is essential here to remember that Jupiter is the jovial planet of Truth, meaning that once Truth is known, realized, then freedom can be enjoyed. Jupiter through Scorpio will influence, expand, and exaggerate all things Scorpio, inviting you to find your Truth through these opportunities.

No, intensity isn’t for everyone. Maybe for Scorpio, it comes more naturally... but this transit will be intense, Jupiter will exaggerate this, for sure. It’s best to see the opportunities in the obstacles and allow the Truths in the transit; once you recognize the Truths you can embrace for the intensity that is: knowing... or not. Sometimes the intensity comes in not knowing. Your choice.

Jupiter will move through Scorpio until November of 2018.


Venus moves into Libra on the 15th, where Venus is quite comfortable in that Venus rules Libra. This is a time to enjoy a little ease in your efforts, beauty in the basic ways, and love within the little things. Relationships and partnerships could enjoy a bit more joy or justice now, and it’s a good time to tell others that you appreciate them and that you have feelings toward them.

When Venus moves through Libra it is also a relatively compatible time for deepening commitments, legally binding commitments, and consummating commitments. When the planet of love finds itself within the sign of partnership and personal attachment, pair bonding is truly possible.


Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 17th and the emphasis on behind-the-scenes going-on over that which is being emphasized on the surface. Mercury needs to know everything, if possible, and Scorpio demands to expose anything that has been either mindlessly or purposefully kept secret, private, or hostage. This is definitely not a good time to be asked to keep anything private, as the urge to uncover what is not known is so strong. However, it is an excellent time to do invasive research or private investigating.


The Libra New Moon occurs at 26° on the 19th and will oppose a retrograded Uranus, which should deliciously impress a need for achieving a healthy detachment in an effort to see a clearer bigger picture.

With Libra, the Scales, you’re likely caught in the midst of a decision now, weighing both the pro’s and the con’s, the highlights and the shadowy realms, and are needing to find a balance... is this possible?

While you’re selflessly suspended in between these two choices, it is so important to remember this subtle word: selflessly. Obviously, you’re human, with an ego, and it isn’t really too far of a stretch to assume you’ll likely choose the side that best meets your needs, yes? However, do keep in mind that there may not be as fierce of a demand in choosing quickly as you either think, or have been told. This lunar event is a celestial opportunity to sit this one out, possibly, or at least honor the choice by truly contemplating either option with a sense of commitment and depth. To really harbor the significance of your decision, to really grasp the situation at its core will serve you now, and this will be made possible only by distancing yourself from the decision.

Libran energies, not unlike universal laws, are happiest when an equilibrium is achieved. To find the center of all things and dissolve the notions of wrong and right, evil and good, but to see things as they are, to be completely clear that these two sides inherently— and endlessly— sync together, blending perfectly. It is time now to find the center of your decision by dis-centering yourself from it.

The only true worry you should protect yourself from in distancing yourself from the decision is to be denied an opportunity to make the decision by counting yourself unavailable to making it immediately, before honestly evaluating each side... because, in the end, as with universal law, either way, pro’s will blend with con’s, good will dance with evil, and right will allow the wrong. And likewise.


Mars moves into Libra on the 23rd and is in his detriment here. Libra is ruled by Venus, so Mars is naturally a little out of place in Libra; too aggressive, too forceful for the pleasing and agreeable Scales.

However, because Mars is slowed down a bit in Libra, this should lend you a bit of reprieve in the rushed and urging environment you may find yourself in this month, especially as Mars squares Saturn near the end of the month. Keep this in mind, too, that Libran energies debilitate, on their own, the ease in ability of making a firm decision, so with Mars debilitated in Libra, Mars the planet of action and force and will, well... slowing down will not necessarily be a bad thing.

It may even manifest in a way that a decision can easily be made, after time spent with it, and then the powers that be deny you access, or conclusion, or closure, or resolve. Be aware of this: it may not be on you... there may not be an easy way through the forest no matter which route you choose.


Mars and Saturn will be squaring near the end of the month, emphasizing Mercury’s influence through Scorpio, and will work to aggressively surface wrong-doing and ill intended agreements. Immediacy will be important to you now, and will urge you to take your attention, however detrimental this may be, away from the bigger picture of the forest and on to the closest tree in your view.

Past obligations and professional responsibilities will come fiercely in to focus now, demanding your attention, especially if you’ve dropped the ball recently, or mindfully avoiding your commitments to others.

You will notice, in this scenario, if you’re needing to navigate your way through unnecessary obstacles and ridiculous efforts to prove yourself. Energies will be high, frustrations almost a guarantee; take one step at a time and remember to breathe. This, too, shall pass. But in the meantime, keep your focus, through it all, on the bigger picture, despite the distractions that try to keep you from just that... and entertain the individual trees on the way with the higher goal being: the well-being of each tree will eventually contribute to the overall health of the forest.

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