Astrology of November 2017 and the Major Astrology Transits of the Month

Astrology of November 2017 and the Major Planetary Transits of the Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

*Please also read about the major transits of the second part of 2017 - Astrology of 2017 from July to December

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Astrology of August 2017 Main Transits

Mars opposes Uranus while squaring Pluto, as Saturn continues to make a connection with Uranus, offering surprises and volatility, a nameless urge for freedom, and conflict/disruption.

Even if you’re not obsessing over going beyond the limitations set before you or you’re pining for an independence you’ve either never before known or want to enjoy once again, you may be pushed to the edge at this time, forcing you to think or speak or act for yourself in a way that you have never before experienced. This will feel strange, and scary, and you will not know how exactly to navigate yourself through this forest, to keep this metaphor alive... there is no script for the terrain you are exploring. You will need to look within, to believe in yourself now. You will need to listen to your inner voice and trust your inner Truth.

The essential truth beneath the seemingly chaotic atmosphere will be the choice between what is necessary and what is self-serving.

If you make decisions based on selfish intentions rather than making sacrifices, if necessary, in an effort to contribute to the greater good of the entire situation, you will undoubtedly notice the consequences. This is a celestial opportunity to right any wrongs from the past and to cleanse yourself of whatever waste or filth or unclean values you have previously held, or stood for and protected, or harbored. This is a chance to rid yourself of what has only ever held you down, even if by an invisible weight, such as hate or envy or obsessive consumption or pride or greed... so that you can walk in light, to live your Truth.

Sometimes we react to chaos with unwarranted or dramatic measure, and either way it adds to the chaos. Still, chaos exists only to create change. It’s how change becomes. When we add to this, we’re inviting only more of it. Allow the "chaos" to be only what it is—change. If we allow change, we grow. It is when we add to it or fight it that pain, disappointment, and injury occur.

Other Major Planetary Transits of November are:

Taurus Full Moon
Mercury in Sagittarius Transit
Scorpio New Moon


The Taurus Full Moon at 11°/12° on the 3rd will involve a t-square with Ceres at 12° Leo and the void at 12° Aquarius while both the moon and the sun connect with Ceres and Neptune, creating a powerful illumination upon the commitment of your Truth.

The universe needs your Truth, you know this, don’t you?

I like to believe that upon our arrival to this world, to each lifetime, we agree to a quest and this quest is meant— and determined— to illuminate Truth. I feel that this is an integral part of our interconnectedness. I also feel, within the very core of my bones, that the universe, as Paulo Coelho inspired, is conspiring to provide us with everything we truly need to achieve our Truth.

Ceres is the universal Mother, the nurturer archetype, and how you choose to nurture your Truth, your uniqueness, your inner spirit will prove to be either effective or difficult. When you empower yourselves you empower others to empower themselves, and it is through this magical universal law that we are able to remember our human heritage.

Sometimes, you need to believe in those impossible things...

Sometimes, you need to entertain those crazy, outlandish ideas that begin with, "but, what if...?"

Sometimes, you need to simply believe in the good, even if there is no proof.

What lingers within us all is a true goodness, a genuine honesty needing to shine. This lunar event asks you to ask yourself what it is that you came here, in this lifetime, to offer? Many people aim to ask one another what we do for a living, but this moon asks you to ask each other what you do to contribute, in this lifetime, to the totality and essence of the interconnectedness of humanity.

Each of us contributes a very nutritious component within the garden of humanity; we either nurture it or eradicate it.

This is where your Truth comes in. Are you living it? Cos we need your Truth. You’re a unique piece of the very puzzling puzzle we’re continually putting together.

Are you nurturing your Truth?


Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 5th and will move without making any aspects until the 11th and I think that this infers, however cryptically, to a sort of nudge to truly practice Truth, through voice, through social media, through the universal interconnectedness we share with one another.


The Scorpio New Moon occurs at 26° on the 18th and will make a connection to Chiron, calling on you to collaborate, connect or cofunction toward something larger than yourself, in particular, to that which would, or could, take you much further beyond the details of your everyday routine, down into the depths of your character, down below where angels fear to tread.

This entire year has been about, ultimately, connecting yourself to your Truth in whatever way the most effective means can connect to an end, including sacrifice, surrender, and shamelessness. Each month, each step of the way, we’re given two lunar opportunities to connect ourselves even closer to ourselves and to one another, and this lunar event should not disappoint.

"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us," anthropologist Ashley Montagu inspired; Montagu studied the manifestations and humanity of love, he also stated that "human beings are the only creatures who are able to behave irrationally in the name of reason." Montagu believed in social cooperation long before altruism became popular, knowing that love was evolutionary and quite necessary for our survival.

What I am driving at is in our lives we will meet countless events, handfuls of predicaments, and varying obstacles that are all, so very appropriately, catered and connected to strengthen you, to grow, to seize, to evolve. We are not here, in this lifetime, to crawl through the days at the beck and call of some manager or supervisor who may or may not even know our name to receive a barely sufficient income from which we consume, consume, consume... no, we are here to live! We are here to answer to a calling that each of us hears differently. A call that speaks to us specifically, that knows our name, that knows what we are capable of.

No, you do not need to answer to your call. The choice, as always, is yours.

However, if you do receive and then accept the call, you are unable to reject it.

You do need to, however, honor the call of others, especially if you’re unable to answer your own, and this is dictated upon by the interconnectedness between us all. Some of you, inexplicably, possess a wild and untamed gift from the gods, truly, that speaks volumes to the masses in particular, specific ways. These ways speak mysteriously to those listening, inspiring strength and vision and reason, laced with elixirs of moxie to undergo great feats in the name of Truth.

Through the energies of this lunar event, you have an opportunity, should you hear and accept your calling and your Truth, to take an irrevocably courageous chance... a chance on yourself, for the strength and vision of all.

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