Astrology of December 2017 and the Major Astrology Transits of the Month

Astrology of December 2017 and Major Planetary Transits of the Month

By Jamie VanZuuk

*Please also read about the major transits of the second part of 2017 - Astrology of 2017 from July to December

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Astrology of December 2017 Main Transits

Yes, oh yes, Saturn continues to connect willfully to Uranus, Mars opposing the planet of surprise simultaneously... while Mars makes an awkward connection to Neptune and moves in to Scorpio, inspiring movement, and the need for it, however cryptic the need may be.

Again, once more, if you need to review these ongoing transits, please refer to the beginning... and to the previous month.

The awkward connection between Mars and Neptune is by sesquiquadrate, which is an awkward aspect of 135 degrees, only adding to whatever confusion you’re experiencing, especially in regard to asserting yourself in a healthy manner. All the more reason to stand up, to stand tall, and to stand up for yourself. To stand up for something.

To end the year, we will see Mars applying a connection to Jupiter by conjunction in Scorpio, to see an exact conjunction at 17° Scorpio on January 5th, 2018 while connecting to the sun applying Pluto and to Ceres; these energies are beyond powerful, friends, almost ensuring that you will need to comply with an energy beyond what you’ve ever before known. Seriously, this is beyond words. Cryptic, indeed, is as much of a descriptive as I can muster at this time.

You will need grit, a gnawing grit about you, to fuel both your foundational and spiritual goals. The energies around you may ask you to do much more than you’ve ever tried to do, or something that involves something you know nothing about... try anyway.

Jupiter also makes a friendly connection to Neptune, luring you to reframe your perspective that the world and all of its universal energies are not demanding too much from you, but rather, presenting you with circumstances and situations that are asking you to prove yourself and what you have to offer back to the universe. This is yet another reason why your personal Truth is so important, so essential, so completely necessary to you: it is from your belief in what you hold within yourself that you are able to see yourself through, time and time again.

Practicing inclusiveness is key now, the more you embrace the more you’ll receive... and feel fulfilled, through and through.

This is a celestial opportunity for you to embrace, also, what you ordinarily avoid— out of fear, disdain, or distrust— and these energies will undoubtedly provide the stage for you to do just that.

Other important planetary transits of December 2017 are:

Venus in Sagittarius
Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius
Gemini Full Moon
Mars in Scorpio
Sagittarius New Moon
Saturn in Capricorn Transit
Mercury Stations Direct


Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 1st and she sings to the call of adventure and truth when in the sign of journey and philosophy. In Sagittarius, Venus prefers to explore freely, not seeking out any attachment, but rather, seeking Truth, personal philosophies, and experiences... anything keeping her from these quests will be kindly left behind.


Mercury stations retrograde at 29° Sagittarius on the 3rd and will station direct again on the 22nd at 13° Sagittarius; this stationing occurs while Mercury is conjunct Saturn, connecting to both Mars and the conjunction between Uranus and Pallas Athene in the later degrees of Aries, which opposes Mars in the later degrees of Libra, creating a t-square with Juno in Capricorn. This puts a void in the sign of Cancer, telling me that the way you treat yourself and others now means everything.

Mercury stationing retrograde, on its own, offers an opportunity to reflect, upon your Truth, your personal philosophies, and your belief systems. This is a chance to question yourself and your ideals, as well as those who advised you in these beliefs. However, while this stationing occurs in between a very potent t-square quarrel, this retrograde phase emphasizes assertiveness, strength, honor, justice, and secure foundations that exist within your broader horizons. So, yes, please, take this opportunity to reflect, to question, to research, and to contemplate, because the future you find hinges upon the truth you seek.


On the 3rd the Gemini Full Moon at 11° will involve both the sun and moon squaring Neptune at exactly 11° Pisces, creating a mutable t-square, encouraging changeability, flexibility, and adaptability. This invites a void in Virgo, inferring that should you make a list, and check it twice, even if you’re forced to cross items off to exchange them for new ones, that it would not be a waste of your time.

With all the celestial goings-on, possessing a courage to your convictions defies your own self-limiting behaviors in a very powerful way.

If you can imagine that it is through your weaknesses that you will find your strength, and likewise, that it is through your strengths that your weaknesses are exalted, you could imagine that the limitations you create for yourself are the same limitations that effectively keep you or distract you from your Truth. And, rather conveniently, your Truth demands of you to overcome your own self-assigned or actual limitations and fears.

If you can imagine such things, such crazy things... you can appreciate that energies which have been suppressed for so long are now being given a power, a voice, and an urgency to influence initiative. This is the time to stand, to stand tall, to stand for something, to stand up for yourself.

This is the time to begin, to believe, to become.

Your list, be it on paper or in your mind, should include empowerment— of both yourself and others; acceptance of your value; awareness and belief in your identity; the gumption to go forth with your vision by living your Truth.


Mars moves into Scorpio on the 10th and truly enjoys being here; Mars was Scorpio’s traditional ruler before Pluto was discovered and assigned.

In Aries, Mars is able to recklessly abandon all weight and selfishly venture forward seeking adventure, though in Scorpio, Mars is able to mature and strategically plan bold movements and blaze through challenges not selfishly, or to cater to the ego, but in an effort to defend family, honor connections and commitments, or to conquer fears... for self, and for others.


On the 17th the Sagittarius New Moon at 26° will make a friendly connection to Uranus at 24° and Pallas Athene at 25° Aries, and what you stand for as well as how you’re shaping the details of your life— both consciously and unconsciously— will matter much to you now.

Those around you may be looking to you for guidance without necessarily letting you in on it. Just in case, and always, it is wise to live by example, your light shines on others whether you’re around or not. It is essential now, too, to understand fully what you stand for, what you will not tolerate and why, and what you would sacrifice in the name of what is right, for either a friend or foe.

What is truly important to you?

Are you willing to live by example through sacrifice?

When you’re feeling directionless, where do you find foundation?

Expectations invite disappointments and the life you’re creating for yourself— through everything you’ve experienced this year— should resemble what it looks like and feels like in your mind and in your heart, not what other’s think or feel it should look like or you will risk complete heartache.

Examine the energy you are creating and sharing with others, whether you realize it or not.

What are some of the examples of good energy do you participate in?


Saturn moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 19th until December in the year 2020, Saturn being ruler of Capricorn, Saturn will be quite comfortable here.

Experience is both a Saturn idea and a Capricorn idea, as is ambition, and anything that is built to last, to endure, to go above and beyond, forevermore. Authority and respect, too, are things that both of these energies share, and duty, order, government, civil services, real estate, and mountains... then again, so is insecurity and corruption, feelings of guilt and resentment, and all of the brokenness of tradition— whether it "works" or not, as long as it makes someone some money and status, right?

Through Sagittarius, Saturn was challenging the stability and security of the law, justice, systems of civility, religion, foreign policies, and international trade.

Smiling at strangers has seriously been questioned and threatened, inviting fear and hostility. On a personal level, this transit has likely forced much inner reflection regarding your own personal truths, philosophies, and even the beliefs you’ve held on to so fiercely since childhood, providing the opportunity to embrace new perspectives, belief systems, and a new found sense of spirituality to stand for.

In Capricorn, on a personal level— as we watch old structures and old boy’s clubs and powerful systems of establishment slowly crumble, or at the very least, become more and more threatened by the inevitabilities of collapse or serious renovation to prepare for Saturn’s movement through Aquarius beginning in 2021— we will notice true tests to our own personal constitutions, as we witness the same toward our health care and our public systems, including education, social services, and military branches.

You will feel obligated to participate in your ambitions, your own authority, with issues and dynamics of control, limitations, order and organization, patriarchy, professionalism, your ideas of reality and reality itself, responsibilities, status, and your reputation... these are all obstacles that Saturn through Capricorn could potentially bring up for you to examine honestly.

Both Saturn and Capricorn do not have time or patience to spend on issues, matters, and details that do not hold weight, that do not serve a concrete purpose, and do not have a moral backing.

Our very skeletal system is saturnine in nature, and Capricorn rules the bones.

Everything that surrounds us belongs to one system of structure or another. Take a moment to ponder on that...

The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st as the sun will move into Capricorn, and therefore connect with Saturn exactly at 0° and exemplify the tone of this transit. Remember that Saturn and Capricorn are patient, long-winded, and will endure.


Mercury will station direct on the 22nd at 13° Sagittarius, squaring Neptune, allowing you to more directly share with those around you your feelings, your beliefs, but most importantly, your Truth. Once you’ve announced your Truth you will no longer be haunted by it or be rendered powerless to it.

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