2017 Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs, Astrology of 2017

2017 Horoscopes

*The monthly astrology forecasts are written by Jamie VanZuuk and here she provides a description for months July through December. The horoscopes by zodiac signs are here and they will be published monthly, by the end of every month. If you would like to have a detailed breakdown of each month applied specifically to your natal chart for a month, 6 months or the whole year ahead, book your reading with Jamie here…

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Astrology of 2017

This month of December began a brand new way of life.

A life unknown until now.

Sure, this newness has possibly been surviving only below the surface for some time, yet, just as the light begins to shine a bit brighter each day from Solstice, for even a moment more each day, there is absolutely no way of denying it any longer.

This new way of living.

The manner in which you consolidate your year should be truthful, empathetic, and genuinely well-intentioned, for the imprints you leave as you embark upon the new frontier of the year 2017 will remain to be seen for years beyond.

I’ve been paying much attention and posting much information directed from the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus opposition, which seems to be one of the more pertinent transits of the upcoming year, or I could say apropos, or possibly even redoubtable— by a few of you who resist change and upheaval.

This particular transit will also form a square to the planet of Pluto.

Security will not be found where you have previously found it, nor will it look or feel as it once did. There will be no roadmap for the journey you are about to embark on, but more importantly, blazing fresh trails for others to follow behind is truly your only option now, should you choose to embrace the inevitable. There may not even be a manner of destination for the goals you wish to accomplish. In fact, much of the information you seek will be vague in response.

When Jupiter is involved, a larger scope of knowledge is essential. An expansion of effort, of truth, of whimsical curiosity—of everything—is needed. An abundant urge to give can only serve you comfortably. This, my friends, should be a larger focus of all you hope to be, become, betroth, or beckon upon in 2017. Because Jupiter represents the bigness of our dreams, the desire to venture further, and the openness and willingness to befriend that which is not familiar. Jupiter, my friends, will hold your hand, if you’d like.

When Uranus is involved, awakening is inevitable. You should understand that the road you had planned to travel will have its share of roadblocks, and you’ll either be forced—or inspired—to take an alternate route. The more unwilling you are to obstacles or oscillating factors, the more frustrated you will be. This particular transit urges you to be quick on your toes. You may be contagious with rebellion and hungry for the nutrition of independence. You will ultimately find your destination in a most unpredicted, unexpected, and perhaps even unrealistic way. But it is here that you will know courage. It is here you will know what risk is really worth.

And wherever Pluto is involved, major transformation follows. Your world may become turned completely upside down, but you’ll land on your feet, as is always the goal, when your intentions and your actions are born of your heart, with love. You’ll be unable to recall any nostalgia from the way things used to be, back when they were right-side up... oh, those days of comfort, when the tried and true were to be trusted and surprises were urban legend. Or, at the very least, something that only happened to "other" people. But oday is a new day in a brave, new world.

What you seek of 2017 will not be anything you can touch, see, or even know, in any logical sense. This is assured. What you seek will be something you will feel. Something like depth. Truth. A holiness that only exists in your wildest dreams.

In my attempt to be an aggressive servant of goodwill, in an effort to provide you all, dear readers, with a celestial summation of next year’s events by a month-to-month standpoint, my visions of such a synopsis were naive and vague, at best. .. still, I find it somewhat charming that—if you take anything from these ramblings of mine—that a good-intentioned and grandly direct vagueness is a large essence of what the upcoming year will offer.

Again, if you’re "in it" to win it this year, you’ll potentially be preparing yourself for great disappointment, unless of course, your joy can be enjoyed by the masses. This is especially true if money and power is involved. Money and power should be the last thing on your mind. Very soon enough these two concepts could really, so easily, look nothing as we consider them to be today. But ones character should always stand the tests of time.

The tune of Saturn connecting to Uranus, both connecting to Jupiter, will undoubtedly hum in the background—in fact, exactly, and therefore quite loudly—on the following dates: the first dates already occurred, on December 24, 25 & 26 in conclusion to the year of 2016; the following dates will be March 2nd, May 19th, September 28th, and November 11th of 2017.

Jupiter will oppose Uranus directly from January through March, exactly at 22°; Jupiter will station retrograde, then once more directly oppose Uranus again in September at 27 degrees.

Jupiter will square Pluto directly late March, early April ar 19° and again in late July/early August at 17 degrees.


2017 Horoscopes

The month of January will set the tone with a feeling of deja vu, vulnerable to the oh-so-easily revered fears over the inevitable union of hope. Also, Mercury will station and retrograde in Capricorn in December, moving back ever so slightly in to the latest degrees of Sagittarius, then directly once more through Capricorn on January 9th, giving you a chance to double-check your recent ideals, your long-held personal philosophies, your present Truth, as you know it to be before you’re off and running toward your new approach. You can then take what you’ve reflected upon and charge forward with new aims, contrived from new horizons, and enjoy alternative fortunes.

Venus will move retrograde this year, in March, however, the shadow of this retrograde will begin on January 30th at 26° Pisces to prepare you emotionally, and will also make a square connection with Saturn twice through this cycle—just another celestial hint that you be wholly involved with whatever relationships you’re claiming to be of most value to you, responding most selflessly, relentlessly. You will quickly learn and understand who in your life deserve more, less, or nothing at all, clearly differentiating, too, where exactly you stand within their lives, and in their hearts. This may be a very reassuring time for you, or, a wildly painful time. Either way, you will be certain of many things and friends and bonds you previously only wondered about.

This off-tune hum in the background you’re hearing will sound like change, like forward movement, like alternative awareness. You will hear it always, through everything that you do or don’t do, but will likely turn it up when you’re deciding to try something new. Smiling at strangers, taking a left turn when you usually turn right, or actively going out of your way to learn something about something or someone—or some community of people you know nothing about in order to better understand both this, that, and the other, and ultimately, yourself—these are all ways of conjuring the rhythm of the tune of change.

A Full Moon in Cancer at 22° on the 12th offers a renewal of energy toward initiating new, healthy routines into your life; this event will be included within a grand cardinal cross, involving, too, both Jupiter and Uranus, as they continue their own opposition. Cardinal energies need to begin, need to connect, and need to feel reborn, essentially, and with Mercury moving directly by this time, the details you will need should not be an issue. In fact, very likely quite clear.

The New Moon in Aquarius at 8° on the 27th feels somewhat isolated in that the event will not connect to anything in the skies by way of traditional aspect. The t-square so frequently mentioned between Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus are playing out, meanwhile, however, the void in this circumstance sits in the sign of Cancer, whereas we need more of a Leonine gumption to balance out the innovative opportunities being created through Aquarian means. However, this same day will see Mars moving from Pisces to his domicile in Aries, suggesting that any movement needed is truly in a forward direction now.

You will hear the hum of revolution through patient and disciplined determination, through cooperative compromise, through an awareness from within that can only be expressed through/with others.

January will offer you plenty of opportunities to assess what you need to do and how, as well as conducive conditions from which to begin, to plan for your future as long as you’re completely justified in not having any flipping idea as to how exactly you’ll achieve your plans.

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2017 Horoscopes

February will see you glorified in your efforts.

It will be then that Mars will join Uranus in Aries, after much time coasting in Pisces, swerving toward, it would seem, selfishness and away from selfless services, and is now in a home advantage, as they say. Mars rules Aries and is stronger here in his efforts. These efforts, however, tend to be self-righteous and personal rather than selfless and for the greater good, as they are in Pisces.

This said, Mars with Uranus will definitely advocate change, personal beginnings, and therefore matters that affect you directly. This transit will highlight and embolden any efforts in how you’re using the energy that hum in the background is providing you.

This will be the month that you will likely willfully embrace that hum in the background, as well as what all the vagueness I’ve mentioned means to you, personally, more specifically. More organically. More honestly.

You will feel less obedient toward societal mores, obligations, structures, or expectations. You will feel less patient and much more open to changing some of your ways, even in the smallest measures.

Jupiter will station retrograde in Libra on the 6th and will urge you to weigh the checks and balances inwardly, taking in all that you have been building thus far and really leaning into it, as well as how to go about what’s next in terms of ease, collaborative efforts, and assessing your needs more appropriately. This is especially true within your personal and business relationships. If you’re not being met halfway, it may be time to confront that with asking why, or simply making the decision on your own.

Wherever Jupiter is retrograde in your own chart is where you will need to widen your barriers and boundaries of what’s ultimately possible, and at the same time becoming much more honest with yourself than preferred.

A Full Moon in Leo on the 10th will also be a lunar eclipse at 22° just as it was last month, and for most of the afternoon will hold positioning within a kite pattern, involving both Saturn and Uranus, with the moon in the guiding placement. This suggests that your feelings may get the better of you now, possibly even making a decision for you. Yet, there will be another kite formation, involving the moon, with again Saturn and Uranus, but with Jupiter at the top of the kite. This will provide Uranus with the duty of guiding the kite, assuring feelings could be rather spontaneous. It may even be best to wait it out before coming to any major decision.

Because this event, too, is an eclipse, suggests a real intensity to the situation, a turning point before you, with big decisions to be made.

A New Moon in Pisces at 8°, again, same as last month, and also a solar eclipse, on the 26th will only make non-traditional aspects, of most importance, to Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries. This conjunction is one third of a t-square with Pluto and Jupiter, with the void being in Cancer. Again, with the eclipsing energies high, there will be a feeling of intensity, a fatedness, and possibly even a demonstrative premonition to be experienced. Really take the time here, now, to share your love, to be in the moment. Time goes by so quickly.

Some of us simply do not have the time to donate all of our free time, which is the most selfless thing we can give beyond love—our time. We have jobs, jobs which take much of our time even beyond five o’clock. We hold professional ambitions, we tend to family, friends, and colleagues, all of which take up whatever time we have left from the time we spend trying to pay the bills. So, this selflessness I speak of is really more about an idea of working toward an openness for differences, an awareness of commonality, and an urge to bridge the two.

Finding where you are and where the other intersects. This is what much of your time will be spent figuring out, as the hum in the background continues.

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2017 Horoscopes

Previously mentioned, Venus will retrograde on the 4th and make connections by square to Saturn. Lessons needing learned regarding your true worth will be offered to you. Unresolved issues will also be addressed more directly, almost forcing a solution. This transit may not be the appropriate time to act, necessarily, though for some of you, it may be. However, this transit is more of a nudge to truly, and more truthfully, look at your relationships as they really are and not only as you wish them to be.

Anyone you meet now, while Venus is retrograde until mid-April, is likely to dissuade you from any self-evaluation you are requiring, celestially, and most potentially leaving you with only more pain to show of yourself after the transit has passed. Relationships that begin during Venusian retrogrades have a way of showing true colors down the road, colors that likely hurt or somehow look nothing like what you had fallen for in the beginning.

It is also very likely that old flames will feel hot once again, old lovers or the "one that got away" may show up in one way or another, despite the time spent apart. If anything, it may be a celestial opportunity to reassess your feelings, your worth, and your value now, and in an effort to prepare these evaluations for your future to avoid making similar mistakes that take such a hit on your heart.

March may also find ways of forcing you to moderate your impulsivity, if you’ve been so inclined by reminding you of your responsibilities. Especially if you’ve been denying these obligations or dismissing them altogether. Or, it may be unbelievably easy to take charge and call shots and portray yourself as the leader. Either way, surrounding yourself with strength and good, positive energy is useful to you now and will help you as you continue to develop stamina toward your very ambitious goals. Carry on, be grateful, and show love through dedication, perseverance, and unshakeable gumption.

Jupiter will also oppose Uranus exactly within the first week of March, bringing your attention back to all the uncertainties you’re facing, all the countless possibilities abound asking you to make changes, both necessary and experimentally, and of course, the restless call for freedom. These are Jupiter and Uranus working together in harmony at their finest. The shadow side to these energies collaborating would be an abrasive and aggressive rebellion from obligations and responsibilities simply out of selfishness. Take the high road now.

The Full Moon in Virgo at, yet again, 22° will occur on the 12th and will connect by conjunction with asteroid Pallas Athene, both connecting to Saturn. Your efforts in solving problems that have surfaced can be trusted, as your solutions should offer an ease for both you and all involved. The Virgoan energy will of course be ripe for this sort of challenge, and Saturn will help provide security and stability from which to grow from in learning what you need to learn at this time.

The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th this year, the sun fresh in the sign of Aries to urge renewal and beginnings, and making a connection to only the moon in Sagittarius through this entrance to suggest a journey lies in front of you.

The New Moon in Aries on the 27th at 7° will occur unaspected, even non-traditionally. This very isolated event will summon an urge within you, needing—demanding!—to be set free. If you have not yet started something new, something, some sort of endeavor, that will expose your vulnerabilities and ask from you only that you trust... it’s time to begin.

Jupiter will also square Pluto exactly through the last week of March at 19° highlighting both the ways with which you use or abuse the powers you possess, as well as more, and even more, opportunities for broadening your horizons—if only you’ll see these as opportunity.

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2017 Horoscopes

The month of April, continuing on in to May, features Mars making a square connection to Neptune; this energy should motivate you to be brutally honest with yourself. To be in the moment, fully. Honestly. To shed any and all expectations of yourself, held even by yourself of yourself. This energy should conjure a spirit from within yourself that knows only Now.

Allow this.

This time period within the year will again call to you in aggressive ways any responsibilities you have been lax in tending to. This will be due to Mars connecting with Saturn in opposition and any responsibilities you committed yourself to back when Mars connected to Saturn by conjunction, back in August of 2016, may also present themselves to you, resurface, or demand your attentions in an abrasive manner causing frustrations for you and potential inconveniences, too. Something—or even someone—may need more from you, announcing to you by way of confrontation or conflict. Or, this transit, for you, could manifest by way of inner tensions being held so deeply or tightly within surfacing and exposing themselves physically.

Either way, you may reap what you have sown, metaphorically speaking.

This period, too, will be a turning point in one way or another. There are so many things happening, forces transmitting and transmuting, and even the aftermath of Venus moving retrograde, will have you realizing what you have and being grateful for this rather than envious or wanting more or even wanting what you do not have or cannot have.

Be humble in your pursuits and loyal to those you love.

Also up—Saturn stations retrograde on April 7th at 27° Sagittarius suggesting that inward reflection toward all responsibilities and obligations be taken into consideration, especially those asked of you through goals you have defined for yourself.

Mercury stations retrograde again, this time at 4° Taurus, on April 10th while making no aspects to anything in making this adjustment; this is for reminding you to check, double-check, and triple-check the steps you have decided to take to meet your new year goals.

Most importantly, reflecting on, revising if necessary, or refocusing on anything you rely upon for a sense of security or hold value to should be applied.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 11th at 21° will create another cardinal cross, if you include asteroid Vesta. Otherwise, this event placement will at the very least form a t-square between the sun very closely placed beside Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and then Jupiter fairly close in Libra.

Vesta, or the void, would again be in Cancer, offering a balancing between such aggressive and restless energies by reaching out in nurturing ways, sharing love and holistic remedy.

What is interesting about Vesta here, is that she has been what is called "out of bounds" since January, and will continue to orbit out of bounds until May, and means essentially, that the planet or asteroid moving out of bounds acts out more dramatically in the unique ways the planet or asteroid represents.

Wherever Vesta is in the chart is where one holds space, where mutual agreements are required, where you must always keep the fires burning. In accepting Vesta as a presence within the void is to accept that you continue to hold hope. With hope, you are always on top, even if you have miles to go.

The t-square, mentioned in the beginning, between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto ends, roughly mid-month. This is a good time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished this far and know that by simply being aware of your fears is sometimes enough to learn from why you fear what you do in the first place. Taking away this power allows you greater control, thereby offering you the means in which to grow and overcome. If you’re continuing to lack a confidence in efforts toward your goals, ask yourself—what am I really scared of?

Venus stations direct on April 15th.

Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn on the 20th at 19° and will tempt you to again take stock and make time for reflection—how are you handling all of the changes and transformations occurring in your life?

The New Moon at 6° Taurus on the 26th will occur without any aspect connections. This event will inspire you to take better care of yourself, including any health demands, dietary measures, or simply demanding some down time if you’re running yourself too long.

In May—Mercury will station direct on the 3rd.

On the 9th of May the North Node will enter Leo instilling an ambiance of confidence in striving to create a life you want to live. Your vision is clear and your patience is limited in regard to allowing others to waste your time with their drama or their needs. You know what you want and you’re determined in getting it.

The Full Moon at 20° Scorpio on the 10th makes connections to Pluto suggesting the daring quality we all possess within, that quality that makes us tick. This event will inspire you to question yourself; ask yourself if you’re fulfilling these instinctual tugs and pulls from your primal and instinctual urges toward entertaining your inner child, your inner muse. And if you’re not, ask yourself further, why not?

The t-square between Mars, Saturn, and Chiron begins on the 23rd, ending June 7th, meanwhile, a t-square between Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto plays out and a grand triangle between Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node. There’s a lot going on here. Obligation, healing, beginnings and endings, and the oh, so necessary changes orchestrating it all.

On the 25th of May, the New Moon in Gemini at 4° makes a connection to the asteroid Vesta. It is important today to reflect upon the day-to-day rituals you create, take part in, or shun each day, either consciously or subconsciously. Remember, Vesta represents the light we keep shining, where we hold hope, where we take up space to do our being. In what mercurial ways do you share your being through ritualistic means? Are you entertaining these in a way to share the celestial insights that speak to you?

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2017 Horoscopes

June could be the month that really pushes you to the brink.

Or, if you’re wise, you could agree with the powers that be to allow whatever greets you and decide willfully to agree to no set plans whatsoever. Remember; vague.

The sun will square Neptune and this energy has a tendency to blur the lines and boundaries, inspiring you to question what is fact, what is fiction, and what it all means. You may find that something has become lost, forgotten, or simply misplaced. Or, you could lose track of your direction, forget an important detail in your goals, or misplace the drive that has helped bring you to where you are today. Worry only vaguely; this, too, shall pass.

What helps this atmosphere of fuzziness, luckily, is Mars making a trine connection to Neptune, as well, offering intuitive hunches, toward whatever is lost or misplaced, or even what it all means—at least for the time being. This will assist you in keeping your balance, your direction, and your connection to the bigger idea.

The Full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius at 18° makes a connection to Ceres in Gemini while Mercury moves without making any connections to any other planetary bodies in the earlier degrees of his domicile, the moon connecting by conjunction to Saturn in opposition. You may need to protect your Truth in some way that defines the traditional structures of your life, the life that you have built for yourself.

Jupiter stations direct on the 9th at 13° Libra, activating again the Libran and Venusian circumstances in your life in really big ways.

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on the 16th at 14° which will inspire inward retrospection.

A cardinal t-square between Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn begins the 20th with the void lying in Aries. This day also offers the Summer Solstice, representing the longest day of the year. Cardinal energies need to initiate, to begin, to inspire, and with the void in Aries, a true beginning is necessary. With asteroid Juno so close by, this energy may inspire new beginnings within existing relationships, forming stronger bonds and firmer foundations, or new beginnings through new relationships.

The New Moon in Cancer at 2° on the 23rd will make connections to Chiron, Uranus, and the North Node in Leo. It’s a good time to connect with yourself, and with those you love, and to contemplate the most effective ways you show your love while the new beginnings you come upon now may offer you healing in a brand new way.

To be continued...