Mercury in Cancer Transit

Mercury in Cancer Transit(June 21st - July 6th, 2017)

By Jamie VanZuuk

Mercury in Cancer Transit

Mercury in Cancer Transit UPDATE (from June 28th 2017) - CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY

Tomorrow Mercury connects exactly with Mars at 16° Cancer and the day after, Thursday, opposes Pluto at 19 degrees; choose your words wisely.

When Mercury and Mars mingle it can become aggressive quite quickly, and all of a sudden, you’ve said something you can never take back. In an instant. Only an instant, several words, and they’re out there, forever. This includes social media posting, as well. Any conduit involving your voice, your thoughts, your opinions, and your ideas... keep it simple, keep it kind.

With Pluto involved, there’s always a backlash, always a reciprocation. Do be mindful to to create a healthy and friendly return.

You may not notice an immediate backlash, no... but once you’re off your guard, that’s when Pluto prefers to plot. Should you speak ill of someone, expect the disease, metaphorically of course. However, if you share love and warmth and gratitude for another, may you be empowered with the same, and more.

Also, expect both superficial and profound conversations all around, including the news and social media posts (and it’ll be ever so tempting? or simply so very easy? to talk trash should you stumble upon the superficial), and these ’conversationalists’? if that’s what passes for you as conversation? will be expecting you to conform to their respective opinions... be original.

Even if it disrupts the status quo? especially so.

It’ll be profound in comparison.

Mercury in Cancer Transit - SENDING OUT AN SOS

Mercury tipped his toe in to Cancerian waters on Solstice and will swim these shores until July 5th. While in Cancer, Mercury will create a Cancerian stellium as the sun is now moving through these waters, too, illuminating all that Cancerian energies offer. And Mars, the planet of action, is in Cancer, as well.*

Three’s a crowd... or, in this case, a cast, hahaha

With all this Cancerian energy at sea and on our shores, metaphorically, it’s necessary to associate your thoughts with matters of the 4th house, such as the boundaries of your immediate family, the home front, the interiors and security of the home, your innermost experiences, and your early upbringing.

Allow me to discuss Mars quickly:

When Mars influences the 4th house, and/or Cancer, it would be reasonable to presume that the aggressive planet would cause some raucous here. Some examples would be making moves where moves need to be made, power plays within the family dynamics, passive-aggressiveness within the family dynamics, leadership within the family unit, and the overall role of everyone within the family unit. Furthermore, and conflicts being perpetuated within the dynamics of the family should come to a climax in an effort to deflate all the hot air.

Families are very complex. Families are constantly changing, dynamics within adjusting and readjusting and forever adjusting once more, and the overall health of the entire unit relies on not only the head of the family but upon each and every one of the members within.

Within families we have a patriarch, or a matriarch, the black sheep, the first son, the youngest daughter... these archetypes are powerful and their origins run so deep. Within some families, roles are almost inscribed for you, giving you no option to readjust for your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Some families cast members out, closing the doors behind the one who confronts the family name. Other families still embrace the similarities and the differences within the growing unit, preparing members to be their best. These are all powerful ideas.

Mars is the planet that fights for survival... so you can imagine that this transit will bring internal struggles to the surface, to be confronted, to be acknowledged, and to be dealt with... for better or for worse.

Mars and Cancer bring to mind issues of denial, refusing to acknowledge a truth, blaming one another and misplacing this blame upon someone rather than the issue at hand, willfully turning away from family or casting another out, and maintaining a weak and ignorant opinion toward this, that, or the other rather than bringing in, accepting the differences, and loving one another simply because love is love is love.

Remember, there’s a stellium of planetary energy occurring here now, bringing much up and out, seeking light and clarity and truth. The sun brings the light, Mercury needs to discuss, and Mars demands to act on it.

Back to Mercury, Mercury being the planet of communication... yes, you’ve guessed it: we must willingly talk these things out with one another.

Ask questions.

What holds my/this family together?

What does my/this family stand for? What do we stand against? Why?

What was forced, or denied, of me within my family unit?

What was the initial point of disconnect between myself and my family?

What do we consider the differences are between healthy needs and unhealthy needs, as well as unique differences and dysfunctional differences?

How has this disconnection continued to evolve?

How has this disconnection been perpetuated?

What would it take to reconnect myself to my family?

What sort of balance needs to be met and maintained for this reconnection to sustain itself?

Is the silence/disconnection being ignorantly perpetuated and being selfishly, and aggressively, maintained a better solution than assertively confronting the family in an effort to reconnect with love?

Now, on a happier note, Mercury transiting through Cancer also invites an opportunity to share with one another the love and loyalty you have for one another and the pride you harbor for your family name and what you all stand for in a united way.

Call your mom. Ask her how about her day, what is she looking forward to?

Mercury, it’s important to note here, is also the initiator of gossip. This transit should not be used to speak of one another with other’s in an effort to "reconnect", right? For example, there’s a misunderstanding between yourself and your brother... do not call up your sister to discuss the disconnect between yourself and your brother. Simply own up to yourself? you know what you need to do, not to mention what was originally said or done or not said or not done? and call your brother.

See how exaggerated that last paragraph became!? That’s Mercury, tangled.

Keep it simple. Reconnect with the source.

*Mars will be in Cancer until July 20th.

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