The sixth house of a natal chart is a cadent one, and is traditionally ruled by Virgo sign and planet Mercury. The general life areas that the house refers to is job and service, health and personal hygiene, pets, daily routines and responsibilities.

The house reveals the individual’s type of work, but not his career. The jobs signified in the 6thhouse are those that he actually has to do, no matter if he likes them or chooses them as a life path. When adverse aspects are applying to planets present in the house, the native is usually forced by life and circumstances to get involved in such occupations.  



The sixth house is service towards others, but also signifies the individual’s servants too. Thus, his employees and his relationship with them can be also seen here, if in the end he follows his 10thhouse career potentials, and chooses to employ more people to work under him. Voluntary work and other altruistic services to the society also fall under the influence of the sixth house.

Health is closely related with the sixth house, and so are problems of the body and mind. It is a fairly unfortunate position for all malefic planets, as they directly affect both the native’s occupation and body, many times causing troubles simultaneously. The native’s health is directly tied to his work progress and surroundings, and so any difficulty that appears in his workplace can have immediate effects on his general psycho-somatic condition. One’s diet habits and daily routines are another field ruled by the house, and so does also healing and self-healing. Individuals with planets here have powers of “fixing” other people’s  bodies, souls and realities, and thus we can observe most nurses have a bunch of planets in the house and strong by placement. Natives that have the healer asteroid Chiron located in the sixth house are natural healers through non-material ways.

It is not a big surprise to see that the sixth house rules pets and small animals. They are both a part of the daily routine of the individual, and also his personal healers. Their presence in the native’s life alters his reality far more than anyone can imagine, as they do not only give him their friendship but also teach him through their behaviors. In addition, their existence in his reality alters the native’s energy, many types of them are healing their owner consciously and their characters blend, allowing transfer of archetypical behaviors and attributes. We indeed mirror the animal that is near us; the animal does exactly the same.

The sixth house is a rather challenging house, having the word discipline as its center. All daily biorhythms, even choices of clothes and sleeping hours are connected to it. As the house is ruled by Mercury and Virgo, details in it are quite important. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, but necessary for establishing a healthy daily cycle. The native has to get along well with meanings as responsibility, effort and patience, to fully handle the issues ruled by the house. The presence of heavy planets usually makes the individual a workaholic, while can also create hypochondriacs or gym freaks. Eating disorders or other types of instabilities in the daily cycle are also easily seen through the sixth house of a natal chart.

Other life fields represented in the sixth house are cleaning habits of the body and the house of the individual, and generally obligations that need to be done. Also, uncles and aunts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and habits that do not change quickly through time, and quality of the services given by the native towards his surroundings. Finally, the work environment is indicated by the house and the planets present; both the co-workers, the workplace and the atmosphere that flows in those surroundings.

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