The seventh house in Astrology is an angular one, and is traditionally associated with the sign of Libra. Its planetary ruler is Venus, and is considered as the house responsible for relationships and partnerships between the native and other people. The 7th  cusp is called the Descendant (or DC), and it is along an axis with the 1st house.  As the 1sthouse is the house of the self, the 7this the house of the others; every one-on-one relationship of the native is ruled by it, even the open enemies, as we will see below.

The house rules the marriage and the partner of the individual. The sign on the cusp of the house and any planets present can show a lot about the partner’s character.   


In astrology, the marriage does not necessary have to do with the wedding ceremony. Someone can be astrologically married even if a wedding never happens, but the relationship is of deep bonding between the individuals. The reason that a lot of wedding ceremonies take place during the sunset, is that in that time of the day the Sun (and possibly Mercury and Venus) are located in the sky area that represents the seventh house. Thus, the light of the Sun shines through the house of unification, giving a lot more possibilities for the marriage to be happy and stable. Transits to planets located in the seventh can indicate the beginning of the long relationship, as well as its possible ending.  In case that the seventh house is empty, the ruling planet of the sign where the 7thhouse cusp falls in is to be observed for all issues of partnership.

When slow moving planets trine or sextile by transit the planets in the house or the ruler that we mentioned above, graceful periods come to the marital life of the couple. On the contrary, squares and oppositions have a rather destructive influence and bring trouble. This would be even more intense when the transiting planet is Uranus, Pluto or Saturn. Conjunctions are even more important, but the nature of the changes they bring to the partnership is totally dependant on the planetary combination as well as the condition of the 7thhouse ruler and planets present there.

As we already mentioned, the 7thhouse is about partnerships. Being opposite of the 1sthouse, it shows our behavior towards other associates. All types of career bonds, contracts and agreements are issues of this house. The house rules the business partners and the native’s relationship with them; close business partners can become a vital part of one’s everyday reality and it is a common phenomenon that marriage-like behaviors can appear between them. This is perfectly natural and does not imply any kind of sexuality; it is quite natural when two partners pass long hours every day together to feel connected on a more stable and higher level.

The second child of the native is also a 7thhouse matter, as also are the grandparents from the side of one’s mother. Another area ruled by the house are legal issues, lawsuits and contracts, and thus people who have difficult aspected planets inside should be very careful on what papers they sign. In addition, the 7thhouse rules open enemies, and possible outcomes of the conflicts and power struggles with them. The fact that marriage and open enemies are ruled by the same house might be quite weird, but observing the ways how usually couples are functioning one might see a lot of common patterns.

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