The 8thhouse in Astrology is a succedent one, and is ruled by the zodiac sign of Scorpio and planet Pluto. It is considered the house of sex, taboos, of other people’s money, death and rebirth. It rules inheritances, legacies and wills.  In addition the house is one of the gates towards the occult world and is mostly connected with conscious magick and mysticism. The 8thhouse is the great teacher of the mysteries of life and existence. It is the realm of transformative experiences.

The house is responsible for issues concerning taxes and debts, as these are also falling under the category of other people’s money. Governmental money or bank loans are also an 8thhouse issue, and benefic planets located in the house bring ease in obtaining credit and loans. Hard aspects with malefics, though, make the procedure of repaying them quite difficult and can bring trouble to the native. In addition, the 8thhouse is ruling the spouse’s resources, and observing the planets located inside can show the financial situation of the significant other that you will bond with. Inheritances are to be seen here too, both material and spiritual.


The 8thhouse shows what we receive when other people die or transform, and many times inheritance comes when the other person is still alive but transforms himself through relinquishment of material goods, in favor of the chart owner.

The 8this the darkest house of the native’s natal chart. It rules death in all its forms. It can indicate the way the person will die, or experiences connected with death that the native will live and learn from them. Can indicate deaths of other close people, near-death experiences, occupations connected with death such as undertaker and everything connected with the realm of the dead. Nevertheless, it is wrong to be concerned about real death when you observe the 8thhouse, as it mostly refers to symbolical death and endings. A person with planets in the house could be even just attracted to death as art, and drawn towards black clothes, dark style and morbid books or music.

The 8thhouse is the house of conscious magick. It is a direct gate to the other worlds, the house of hidden mysteries and unveiling truths. The areas of the house near the 9thhouse cusp are signifying higher level philosophy and the native is drawn towards studies whose goal is to understand the meaning of life and existence. That exact place of the chart is responsible for the unspoken answers about why we exist, why we get born and why we die, and are the foundations on which the whole next 9thhouse is based. As we have already mentioned, the 9thhouse is responsible for philosophy and wisdom and abstract higher knowledge of the world. So, its quite natural that this knowledge has as first and basic question, the reasons behind the existence of everything. That is why the 8thhouse is so critical for all wisdom; it is the source of the questions and answers that give meaning to all the belief systems, to all knowledge and learning.

Sex is a mystical experience in all its forms. But when it is not used as a casual tool for fun, and is the result of a conscious bonding between two souls, sex becomes magickal. The 8thhouse is ruling exactly that: sex as a tool for entering the higher spheres, a source of extremely powerful energy that can be later used for empowering one’s self. The orgasm is a simulation of death, and many cultures indeed call it “the small death”. Magickal sex is a symbolic action, which when experienced with love, respect and soul blending can produce even higher amounts of lifeforce energy. In addition, the 8thhouse rules sexual taboos, and the symbolic breaking of one’s borders can have immediate effects on the opening of astral gates. The 8thhouse is a direct gate to cumulated collective knowledge and archetypical wisdom, as is the 12th. The difference between these gates is that the 8thcan be entered consciously through actions of the native, while the entrance through the 12this lot less controlled; the gate lays in the native’s subconscious and is more difficult to handle

The house signifies all the things that one must “let go” and sacrifice, in order to transform and evolve. A lot of times, the farewell comes with pain, but it is necessary to let things die so that we benefit through something new. Spiritual growth through this house is obtained by things we sacrifice for others; in the end the house gives us back the energy we sacrificed, of course altered. As we mentioned, it rules gifts and other people’s money; most times those gifts are karmic from this life or a previous one, and should be regarded as the attempt of the universe to balance out things. Beware though: the 8thhouse does not only gift, it also takes back. Negative karma that we have created will be paid back through it, and the stronger we hang onto money and material things, the more pain we will receive when we must let them go.

Finally, the 8thhouse rules compassions, obsessions, jealousy, manipulation, hate and other feelings related to our dark side. Any native that observes malefic planets or hard aspects between Mars and Pluto, must concentrate towards resolving these psychological issues inside him. Such kind of aspects are not a game, as they can awaken the darkest reactions, which in turn might have other difficult effects on his life. Negative feelings can create avalanches of difficult events, and the native is strongly advised to learn his dark side and try to spread light in it. Transformations in this area can create a massive change in his entire life, and eradicating such kind of behaviors can alter his reality so positively that he will become a totally other person.

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